Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1030

Volume 1 Chapter 1030 Disaster


When everyone was confused by Yuniko's words, Kuroyukihime and Fuuko were startled.

Kuroyukihime stood up from her seat showing an unbelievable expression and couldn't believe what she had heard.


Fuuko nodded and agreed. "Yes, I've seen it destroyed before."

"Two and a half years ago I witnessed the last Chrome Disaster and that armor, and confirmed its destruction."

"Then why has it appeared again?"

"Umm... What is Chrome Disaster?"

Chiyu and Haruyuki seemed to be clueless and confused about what they meant by Chrome Disaster.

Kuroyukihime and Fuuko looked at each other and nodded.

"Haruyuki, can you go and get four cable link leads? It's quicker to show it to all of you."

"No, it is alright to just bring three. We have one here." Fuuko tucked Haru's shirt and received a nod from him. He took out a cable link lead which they usually used.


Looking at how close Fuuko and Haru were, Yuniko sighed at how short her first love was.


When seven of them were connected to a cable link lead, Kuroyukihime showed a video of Chrome Disaster which happened two and a half years ago.

They could see how powerful it was, but at the same time, they saw that it was being slain by Black Lotus, showing that the Chrome Disaster had been killed and it shouldn't appear in this world again.

In the early days of Accel World, there was a tyrant named Chrome Disaster who terrorized the Accelerated World. When the Seven Kings of Pure Color put an end to him, as Brain Burst uninstalled, Chrome Disaster proclaimed that his legacy would return to haunt Accel World. His words proved true, as his Enhanced Armament, the Armor of Catastrophe, remained intact despite his loss of Brain Burst and came to possess the next Burst Linker it came into contact with, creating even more carnage. The armor possessed four different Burst Linkers before finally being destroyed by the Black Lotus.

Then the video was over and they returned back to reality.

"How cruel..." Chiyu gasped when she saw a lot of players die because of Chrome Disaster.

Kuroyukihime told them that she and other Kings had finished Chrome Disaster. She had even confirmed that it had disappeared, but that answer didn't satisfy Yuniko. "Then how can you explain to me this situation?"

Yuniko stood up and faced Kuroyukihime. "The fact that a fifth one has appeared and is rampaging around!"

"Who is the fifth one? Is it one of the Kings?"

"He's not one of the Kings! The fifth is one of mine! A member of the Red Legion, Prominence. He was called Cherry Rook. He was a good guy....."

Haru shook his head when Cherry Rook got a good guy card from Yuniko. From her conversation, he could tell that this Cherry Rook seemed to be in love with Yuniko, but that love seemed to be unrequired.

Yuniko continued with her story and told them that the ability of the current player who possessed the Chrome Disaster was a bit similar to flying ability.

"Hmm... I understand why you want Haruyuki."

"Huh? What do you mean?" Haruyuki was confused.

Yuniko moved closer to Haruyuki and smiled. "It's simple. I want you to catch Chrome Disaster for me, Onii-chan."


Then they continued to talk about the condition and the reward which they would get if they were helping Yuniko to get the Chrome Disaster.

"So when is it?" Haru asked.

"Probably tomorrow evening." Yuniko sighed.

"I see. Then we'll see each other again tomorrow after school."

After they had made an appointment they decided to go back since it was already dark.

Haru and Fuuko went to the parking park of the building since he needed to send Fuuko back to her house.


"Thank you." Fuuko smiled and received a helmet from him.

Haru started his motorcycle and Fuuko sat behind him. She hugged his waist and asked near his ears, "You're not a lolicon?"

His expression turned ugly when he heard this question. "No, I like it big."

"Hmm..." Fuuko smiled with a bit of blush on her cheek. "You pervert." She hugged him tighter and knew that she didn't need to worry that much about Yuniko.

"You're ready?"


Fuuko nodded.

Haru drove back Fuuko to her house. He knew her parents since he often sent her back home. He wasn't sure, but he felt that Fuuko's parents loved him so much. It might be because it was hard to search for a son-in-law who could accept Fuuko's situation. He was different, but he was sure that if it was someone else, when they knew that Fuuko didn't have a leg then their feelings might change. Whether they put a disgust or worried too much, that would cause trouble to Fuuko since she only wanted to be treated as normal. She didn't want to be treated specially, only normally the same as everyone else.

However, there was big trouble which would happen soon.

Before he wanted to say something important to Fuuko, but it was hard to mention it. But this time, Chrome Disaster had appeared and his quest in this world would be over soon. Then at that time...

"What's wrong?" Fuuko asked.


"Really? Nothing?" Fuuko was skeptical.


Haru sighed at how sharp this girl was, but it was hard to tell her. "Nothing. Your chest is awesome. I can feel it on my back."

Fuuko blushed and wanted to slap him, but then she asked, "Is it good?"



His motorcycle parked in front of her house, Fuuko stepped down from his motorcycle with a blush wondering why she had done that before. Though, at the same time, she was happy that he showed an attraction to her. She knew that she was different from normal people since she had lost her leg, but he didn't treat her differently and she loved that part of him. She wanted this kind of day to continue and spend her time together with him. "Do you want to enter? My mom should cook something right now."

Haru felt conflicted looking at Fuuko. He sighed and knew that he needed to tell her. He stared at her right into her eyes and said, "Fuuko, I've got something to talk about with you."

Fuuko was a bit startled and looked at him with a bit of worry. "W, what's wrong?" She wasn't sure, but she felt something bad was about to happen.

"I'm sorry, but I need to move to the United States soon."

Haru couldn't tell her that he was going back to his original world and told her a lie that he was going to study at a university in the United States.


Fuuko couldn't believe what she had heard. She forced her smile and asked, "Y, you're joking, right?"

Shaking his head, Haru said, "No. I'm serious."

"With everyone?"



Haru pondered for a while and said, "Three days later. So tomorrow might be our last time to play tog---" He didn't finish his words and he was slapped.



Fuuko tried to run back, but it was hard when she was using a prosthetic leg. She was about to fall, but she was caught by a strong hand.

"Be careful. Don't run so suddenly."

Haru felt very bad, but what could he do?

"Don't touch me!"

Fuuko tried to push him away, but he didn't let her go and hugged her in his arms.

"I know that it is my fault for not telling you and I've been very indecisive to tell you about this matter earlier, but please believe me that I'll come back in the future."

Of course, Haru would come back since he wouldn't give up on a such a cute girl such as Fuuko.


Haru didn't hear her response, but suddenly she asked him a question.

"When are you going back?"

"I'm not sure. A few months, years?"

"You....!" Fuuko looked at him and asked, "Do you love to play with me that much?"

"No, of course not."

"....But you're going back?"

"Yes, without a doubt."

Haru stared at Fuuko and held her. "Believe me. I'll be back. If you have a man at that time, then I'll steal you from him."

"You're unreasonable!"

Fuuko blushed, but was also happy at that time.


Her chin was being raised by him, but she didn't do anything, only closed her eyes. It was her first time, but she felt that it felt very good. She hugged neck tightly and started to cry since she knew that they would be separated. She was afraid for him to forget her, especially when there were a lot of girls who were by his side.

Separating their lips, Haru looked at her and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Your first kiss is mine now."

Fuuko ignored his words and grabbed his head to kiss him again.

Haru didn't mind, but somehow he needed to escape from this place since he could see Fuuko's father seemed to glare at him as if wanted to murder him.