Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1032

Volume 1 Chapter 1032 Trap?

Even though everyone said "Burst Link!" at the same time, but Chiyu didn't join them.

Chiyu sulked and stayed in Haruyuki's living room eating a lot of sweets. She wanted to join them, but she hadn't reached Level 4 which meant that she couldn't go to "Unlimited Neutral Field".

Chiyu sighed and looked at everyone who had entered the game. She was wondering what she should do before they returned.


Everyone had been teleported to the "Unlimited Neutral Field".

"So where is he?" Sumire asked.


"What is "Unlimited Neutral Field"?" Haruyuki asked.

Taku pushed his glasses and explained to Haruyuki what was "Unlimited Neutral Field" since it was Haruyuki's first time to be here.

Haruyuki was startled and couldn't help but complain. "If there is such a place, why don't you tell me? If I know such a place then I can level up a lot of times!" Even though he needed to spend 10 Burst Points to enter "Unlimited Neutral Field", if he stayed in this place for a long time then he should be able to level up a lot of times. It wouldn't be difficult for him to become Level 9 by then.

"You shouldn't do that." Haru interrupted.

"What?" Haruyuki was surprised and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I agree." Kuroyukihime looked at the horizon and said, "I recommend you shouldn't spend that much time in this place."


"Because it might cause a disturbance in your time perception. If you stay in this place too long then you might forget your appointment tomorrow, or forget what time, etc...." Taku explained why it was dangerous to stay in this place for a long time.

"Worse case, you'll become a different person when you come back."

"This..." Haruyuki was startled, but he quickly knew that he shouldn't play in this place too long.

Haru looked at Haruyuki and said, "It's natural. Your body won't age, but your soul will."

"Soul age?"

"More importantly, we should get moving." Yuniko reminded them. "When we accelerated we had two minutes of real time before. Cherry's train was due to arrive in Ikebukuro. We've got plenty of time but..."

"You're right."

"But how are we going to Ikebukuro? Are we going to run?" Haruyuki asked.

"Don't be stupid! Why else should we bring you?"


Yuniko looked at Kuroyukihime and smiled. She quickly hugged Haruyuki's waist and said, "You'll hold me, right? Onii-chan."



Haruyuki realized that the distance between him and Kuroyukihime was very close.

"What are you talking about? I'll be the one who you'll hold tight. After all, look at my arms and legs." Kuroyukihime showed off her bladed arms and legs.


"Rain, you can hold Silver Crow's leg or something!"

"Don't be kidding! It's your fault to have such an avatar's design! You should use a train by yourself!"

"What did you say?!"

Kuroyukihime and Yuniko were in an intense confrontation.

"Then how about---" Taku was about to say something but...

"No one is asking you, Four-Eyes!"

"Mind your own business, Professor!"


"I see...."

Taku squatted down on the ground while drawing a circle in a depressed manner.


Haruyuki cried out for his best friend.

Haru shook his head when he saw the appearance of harem protagonist beside him. "Then, we'll take the train first." He looked at Sumire, Charlotte, Tabane, and Fuuko. "Is that alright?"


"Flying is tiring."

"The train is the best."

"Let's go!"

Haru looked at Haruyuki, Kuroyukihime, and Yuniko. "Then, we'll go now."

Haruyuki didn't have a chance to say anything since he saw Haru and his group jump down from this building.


Haruyuki, Taku, Kuroyukihime, and Yuniko looked down and saw Haru, Tabane, Sumire, Charlotte, and Fuuko landed safely on the ground before walking toward the train. They looked at each other and decided to stop arguing with each other before taking a flight toward Ikebukuro first to catch Cherry Rook.


Inside the train, the five of them were sitting together while playing a card.

"So the four of you are going to the United States?" Fuuko asked.

"Yes, we have to go study."

"The professor has recommended it to us and it is a rare chance so...."

Fuuko understood and Haru had told her before. Even though she knew that it was painful, it was their decision. She could only support them even though it would be lonely in the future.

"Well, don't be sad. All of us will come back in time to see you, right?" Sumire looked at Haru with a knowing expression.

"Yes, all of us will." Haru nodded.

Fuuko smiled and was happy when she heard it, but then, she could talk about that later since there was something more important. "So what do you think about this Chrome Disaster?"

"Do you want to hear it?" Charlotte asked.

Fuuko raised her eyebrow and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, don't you think that it is weird when Black Lotus has told that she has destroyed Chrome Disaster yet it has appeared once again on a different player."


"It's a trap." Tabane simplized everything.

"What?!" Fuuko was startled and asked, "Who?!"

"It might be one of the Six Kings, but it might be someone else. After we have seen them then we'll know who they are." Haru calmly explained.

"Then why don't we tell them?" Fuuko asked.

"If we told them then the players who planned all of this wouldn't come out," Sumire said.

Fuuko was startled and asked, "So they're bait?"


Their silence answered everything.

"Well, you don't need to worry since we can massacre them easily." Haru tried to calm Fuuko.

Fuuko nodded and said, "Well, I'm not worried since they're not too weak for me to worry. There are also two Level 9 players there."

They nodded, but they knew very well that Haruyuki, Kuroyukihime, Taku, and Yuniko would be at a disadvantage.


Haruyuki, Taku, Kuroyukihime, and Yuniko were in the sky to go to Ikebukuro, but suddenly someone shot them down.

"What happened?!"

"Is this a Chrome Disaster?"

"No, it is too early and Cherry Rook doesn't have this ability."

Haruyuki was troubled since he needed to avoid the bullet which was shot at him.


"I'll handle this." Kuroyukihime swept down her arm and destroyed the missile.

They knew that it was too dangerous to stay in the sky and they needed to land.

Haruyuki hurriedly landed himself on the ground since it was hard to fly with a lot of people. Quickly lowered the altitude, they were being greeted by a bombardment, Taku hurriedly let go of Haruyuki's legs then landed on the large crater.

Kuroyukihime and Yuniko also let go of Haruyuki and landed on the deep crater. They tried their best to hold their ground to not slip down from falling into this deep crater.


Haruyuki slipped and his body rolled downhill until he landed inside the crater.

Kuroyukihime and Yuniko stabilized themselves quickly and realized that they had been trapped. Inside this crater unless they were able to fly it was very hard to get out, especially when they could see a lot of players had surrounded them.

Then they suddenly saw a figure of Yellow Radio, the Yellow King, standing on the top of the crater looking down on them.

Yuniko quickly realized what had happened. "You...! You Punk! You planned this all along, didn't you, Yellow Radio!"