Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1033

Volume 1 Chapter 1033 Excessive Request

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

"What's that?" Fuuko was worried.

"They should be attacked." Charlotte could see that Haruyuki who was flying in the sky was being shot.

"Let's go and save them!" Fuuko was quite anxious. Even though she believed in Kuroyuki and Yuniko, she couldn't help but be worried about them.

They nodded and went out from the train to save them, but when they were about to go out suddenly someone was about to behead Fuuko's head.


Fuuko saw a sword was about to behead her head, but suddenly that sword stopped. She looked at Sumire who used her magnet manipulation to block the attack.

Haru wasn't going to forgive this bastard and slammed his fist at the player who had attacked Fuuko.


Even though Haru had always been using his sword, his physical ability wasn't something that could be scoffed at. After being hit by Haru, the player who almost beheaded Fuuko was thrown and slammed directly into the wall causing it to turn into a ruin.

But they knew that this attack wouldn't be able to defeat their attacker.


They saw a silver giant player with a large sword and devilish appearance roar loudly toward them.

"Chrome Disaster..."

They didn't expect it to come toward them.


"Oh my, what a coincidence to meet you here." Yellow Radio smiled brightly looking at Silver Crow, Black Lotus, Cyan Pile, and Scarlet Rain who were trapped inside this deep crater.

"Don't play innocent! You were lying here to ambush us!" Yuniko simply lost her patience.

There was no way for players to be able to gather such a large group to gang them unless they had laid an ambush. One second in real time is 17 minutes in the "brain burst", unless someone had made a plan it would have been impossible to meet each other.

"What a horrible accusation. In violation of the non-aggression treaty, one of my lovely followers was attacked and lost all of their points. So we're just looking for someone from the Red Legion to take responsibility for it."

Hearing Yellow Radio, they knew very well that this player was the one who had set up everything. From the Chrome Disaster and every player who was killed by it, all of that was a plan which was set up by Yellow Radio to trap all of them in this ambush!

"The treaty states that, "If a Legion member has had the program forcibly uninstalled because of an attack that violated the treaty, that Legion can choose anyone from the offending Legion to meet the same fate."."

Yellow Radio shook his head while looking quite regretfully toward them. "But who would have thought that the person we found, by sheer chance, would be the head of the Red Legion, Scarlet Rain herself."

"I see.. so that's all this is about!" Yuniko was brimming with anger. Her blood was boiling and she couldn't wait to masscare everything in this place, but she knew that it wasn't the time for that since she had something more important to do.

"I'm so pleased that you understand."

"But the treaty also says.." Yuniko pointed her finger and said, "You can choose anyone for revenge, but this doesn't apply if the Legion master punishes the culprit by taking away all of their points."

"That's true. But I heard a rumor floating around that you tried to do that, and failed spectacularly," Yellow Radio said with a smile.

Yuniko gritted her teeth hearing that fact.

"Of course, you're free to try again. But when will the culprit appear again? When will you punish him? If you can't do it straight away, I'm afraid we'll have to make do with you after all." Yellow Radio sighed and seemed that he didn't have a choice to do this which made them more furious.

Haruyuki knew that it was a trap and told that it was better to log out, but Taku destroyed that naive thought since it was impossible to log out inside the "Unlimited Neutral Field", unless someone found a portal or gate to log out. He thought to escape to the portal or that gate, but that naive thought was broken again since the distance of the closest portal or gate was too far away.

"But he has miscalculated. Yellow Radio has created a group to hunt me down, but we have another King beside us."

Hearing Yuniko's reminder, Haruyuki looked at Kuroyukihime. There was also the "Pets" and the Sky Raker who was using a train to come to this place. As long as they could hold on until then they would come to save them.

"For that reason, Black Lotus, would you be so kind as to quietly observe the exciting carnival that's about to begin?"

Kuroyukihime raised her bladed arm and shouted, "You must be joking, Yellow Radio. Why would I do what you wish?"

"My goodness, how rebellious..." Yellow Radio sighed then raised his finger to show something. "And I even prepared a special present for you." Then he threw something to the ground which turned into a recorded video.

The video was shown to everyone and it was a video about the first meeting to create a non-aggression treaty which made them surprised, but Kuroyukihime who saw this became pale rather her heart couldn't bear it. The video was shown, but when it ended Kuroyukihime's condition became abnormal.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"

Her voice became hysterical and she started to panic, fearing someone would look at her with disgust.

"S - Senpai?" Haruyuki was worried by Kuroyukihime's state.

"I'm.... I'm..." Kuroyukihime's eyes turned dim before she fell to the ground.


Haruyuki panicked and checked Kuroyukihime's condition.

"Zero Fill..."


"Lotus, I didn't realize...." Scarlet Rain sighed. She told them that "Zero Fill" was a condition where the player and the conscious within the game was separated because of trauma and what had happened to Kuroyukihime.

"Hahahaha...." Yellow Radio laughed loudly. "I thought that betrayal would still be weighing on her. However, it's absurd that she's aiming for Level 10 if that's how weak minded she is." He raised his hand and shouted, "Prepare for the attack!"

Then all the players who had surrounded the deep crater raised their weapons to start their attack.

Haruyuki, Yuniko, and Taku gathered together with Kuroyukihime in the middle of them since she passed out after watching that video.

"Damn..." Yuniko was about to take out her huge armament, but she was stopped by Taku.

"Stop, Red King! If you activate your weaponry, you won't be able to move! We should retreat to the Sunshine City's Leave Point now!"

Even if they knew that the "Pets" were their ally, they might also betray them. They felt that it was safer to retreat rather than wait for the the "Pets".

"Haru, I'll be a cover! Protect, master!"


"If they defeat the Red King then it'll be our King next! We can't let that happen no matter what!" Taku shouted.

Haruyuki carried Kuroyukihime in his arms and started to run together with Yuniko and Taku.


"Open the fire!"

Then a barrage of weaponry was shot toward them.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

"Let's go!"

Yuniko hurriedly retreated along with Taku and Haruyuki, but it was harder than she had thought.

Then Haruyuki was shot and his HP was depleted, making him scream in pain. He only realized that when he was hit inside the "Unlimited Neutral Field", it was twice as painful as a normal match.

Missiles were shot toward them making it even harder for them to escape, but they didn't stop running and kept running toward the crater's edge to escape.

Haruyuki believed as long as he had reacted to the crater's edge then he should be able to bring both Kuroyukihime and Yuniko to escape from this crater.

Yellow Radio chuckled when he saw their struggle. "What a waste of struggle." He opened his palms and used his ability. "Silly Go Round!" He created the illusion of a merry-go round at a target, making said target assume that the world is spinning.

Haruyuki became confused when the world spun around. "This...?"

"This is just an illusion! Just close your eyes and run!" Yuniko reminded Haruyuki, but then she was attacked again.

Even so, it had become harder to escape after Yellow Radio used his ability.


Yellow Radio laughed loudly, but suddenly....


The Thunder struck down a group of players.



Everyone stopped for a moment since this thunder was very powerful.


Yellow Radio was startled, but then his gaze focussed on the five players who walked calmly toward them.

"Yo, Yellow Radio, is it our first time meeting with each other." Haru walked together with Fuuko, Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire. On his shoulder, there was something, but some players ignored it since his presence was very hard to ignore.

"Ocean Stingray..."

Yellow Radio's expression turned ugly.


Yuniko, Taku, and Haruyuki were happy when they saw the "Pets" and Fuuko.

"Yes, this is our first meeting, Ocean Stingray." Yellow Radio calmed himself down and smiled. "I know that you want to become Level 10, so how about we divide both of them? I'll take the Red King and you can have the Black King. Fair, isn't it?"

"You...?!" Yuniko was angry.

"Yellow King, I didn't come to hunt them down." Haru ignored Yuniko and talked with Yellow Radio.

"Oh, then what are you here for?" Yellow Radio asked this question, but he was ready to use his ability.

"Yellow Radio, give me a face and let them go." Haru asked directly without shame on his face.


In that very moment, the battlefield turned quiet since Ocean Stingray really asked for an excessive request.

'Give yourself a face? Who are you?!'

Such a thought was in their minds, but they didn't say it out loud rather they were waiting for Yellow Radio's response.

Haru knew that this quest was impossible to be granted by Yellow Radio, but he felt that it was enough to stun them for a while and it could give Yuniko, Haruyuki, and Taku to escape, but they didn't do so and waited naively as if he came to save them which made him annoyed.