Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1034

Volume 1 Chapter 1034 Give You A Face?

'Give you a face?!'

Yellow Radio was furious by this unreasonable request, but he also knew that Ocean Stingray had an ability to ask this request, especially when he saw Maroon Owl, Sunset Lop, Lilac Deer, and Sky Raker beside him. He knew very well about those four players, especially Sky Raker since she was part of Black Lotus's Legion in the past.

Yellow Radio's mind moved very quickly, he knew that it was a rare chance for him to take both Red King and Black King, but with Ocean Stingray in front of him, it had become hard to take his prey. If he could take a step back then he wouldn't mind giving Red King or Black King to Ocean Stingray since it was a very smart move. Once he had gained the friendship of Ocean Stingray, he was able to start his plan to become Level 10, then by the end, he could end Ocean Stingray's life. He felt his future was bright, but reality was harder than his dream.

No one knew that the "Pets" had cleared the Imperial Palace beside Fuuko and Kuroyukihime which made everyone think the power of the "Pets" was so so. Even though Ocean Stingray had become Level 9, but they believed compared to the Six Kings of Pure Color, there was still a gap of power between them.

Everyone was waiting for Yellow Radio's response, but Yellow Radio laughed loudly. "Haha... Give you a face? Who are you? But.. I'm not an unreasonable person." He walked toward him and everyone gave him a way. "Take three of my attacks. If you can receive three of my abilities then I can give you permission to take them away."

Hearing Yellow Radio's words, everyone from Yellow Radio's Legion became excited when they thought that they would be able to see the power of Yellow Radio.

"You...?!" Yuniko was furious, but she didn't move and looked at Ocean Stingray.


"What?" Yellow Radio seemed to hear something wrong.

"I said that you're an idiot." Haru didn't even have politeness in his words.

"You...?!" Yellow Radio was furious.

"I've given you a chance to let you go back together with your minions, Yellow Radio, but..." Haru shook his head and it was as if his expression showed a very regretful expression. "You didn't appeareciate it." He looked at him and said, "In my eyes, all of you here are weak."


Everyone was stunned, before they became furious.


"I'll make a hole in your body!"

"Boss, kill them!"

Yellow Radio was silent for a while then smiled. "I see.... So let's not give them mercy! Show them the power of the Crypt Cosmic Circus!"



Then the battle continued and the members of Yellow Radio's Legion started their attack toward both Yuniko's group and Haru's group.

One was trapped inside the crater and the other one was right beside them.

"Hehehe, this is what I like, there's no holding back! Let's fight!" Yuniko laughed then shouted, "Invincible!" A huge armament suddenly appeared behind her and she equipped herself with it, but even so it didn't stop the players from Yellow Radio's Legion from attacking her.

Taku and Haruyuki were helpless, but they also started to fight, or rather, Taku was fighting while Haruyuki tried his best to wake Kuroyukihime up.


"It seems to be a very fun fight." Fuuko smiled while sitting in her wheelchair.

"You're not going to step down?" Sumire asked.

"This is enough since all of you are here." Fuuko thought that with all members of the "Pets" it was very easy to decimate every member of the Crypt Cosmic Circus.

"Haru, are you going to fight against Yellow Radio?" Charlotte asked.

"Well, I'm curious about him since I haven't fought against him or any of you want to fight him?" Haru asked since he thought that they were interested in fighting against the Yellow King.

They shook their heads and didn't show that much interest in fighting against the Yellow King.

"Then, I'll handle him."

"Do you want me to change the terrain?" Tabane asked.

"Leave it like this, if you change it into an ocean then they're going to lose very quickly and it won't be fun."

"I heard you!"

Yellow Radio was fuming in anger and said, "Then, let's start our duel, Ocean Stingray!"

"That's what I've been waiting for, Yellow Radio!"

Haru gave the person on his shoulder to Tabane. "Take care of this guy first."

"Alright." Tabane received the player on Haru's shoulder.

Haru then took out his sword and dashed toward Yellow Radio.

'He's fast!'

Yellow Radio thought so, but he could handle it.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

Everyone stopped when the battle of Yellow Radio and Ocean Stingray had started. Even though they wanted to continue their battle, it was very hard when the two Level 9 players were fighting each other. The effect of their fight was very big since there was a lot of debris which scattered around and the shockwave from their confrontation blew away some of weak players. It was a very shocking battle which left anyone unable to look away.

Yellow Radio started to feel pressure from Ocean Stingray as the speed of the confrontation became faster. He snorted and used his ability directly.

"Deceit Firecracker!"

Yellow Radio performed a backflip and then an explosion happened on Ocean Stingray. He thought that it would be able to give him an upperhand, but Ocean Stingray seemed alright and went out from the smoke of the explosion unscathed.


Yellow Radio felt the danger and quickly used his other abilities. "Silly Go Round!" Creating the illusion of a merry-go round at a target, making the said target assume that the world is spinning, it was one of his strongest abilities!

Haru stopped his movement and saw the world spun.

"Hahaha, how is this?! It is 100 years too early for you to fight me!" Yellow Radio laughed loudly from the various directions which made it hard to grasp his position, but....

"Water Breathing Six Form..."

A large amount of water suddenly came out from Haru's body then very quickly he used his ability.


Haru fiercely twisted his upper and lower body, creating a whirlpool that cuts anything caught in it.

Not only Yellow Radio, but everyone who was being caught by this whirlpool was trapped and their HP quickly decreased.

The players who were caught by this whirlpool knew that if they didn't escape then they would die soon.


They kept screaming, but Yellow Radio also wasn't in good condition either since he didn't expect that Ocean Stingray's ability would be this troublesome. He thought that Ocean Stingray's ability was all close range combat, but he didn't expect there to be one which was very troubling him.

However, when Yellow Radio was busy, fighting against Ocean Stingray, he also realized that the rest of the "Pets" were also attacking his members. He was really angry, but he was helpless.

"Retreat! Retreat for now!"

Hearing Yellow Radio's voice, all of the members of the Crypt Cosmic Circus started to run away since the "Pets" were too strong!


Yellow Radio escaped from the whirpool and stared at Ocean Stingray who had just happened to stare at him. "This time, I'll let you go!" He quickly ran away along with everyone since he realized that the Chrome Disaster had been caught by him which startled him. He knew that his plan had failed and he let out a long sigh.

Haru didn't chase after him and looked at Yuniko, Haruyuki, Taku, and Kuroyukihime who were in a very bad state which made him sigh. Though, he would forgive them this time since it might be the last day that he played "brain burst".