Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1036

Volume 1 Chapter 1036 Reward Before Return 1

Everyone had been waiting for Haru to return since they wanted to open their reward together. Even though it wasn't their first time their reward since they had also opened it after the Grand Magic Games in the world of Fairy Tail, their reward wasn't satisfying. They had only received a point after they opened their reward which made them feel quite disappointed. Even though those points could be used to buy a lot of things, they weren't that satisfied with it since they wanted something which was more interesting.

Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane remembered what everyone had received from the reward which was why they felt a bit envious, and at the same time, they waited for him since they knew that Haru's luck was very good. If they stayed with him, then they would receive a reward for sure.

"Who is going to open the reward first?" Haru asked.

"Me! Me! Me!" Tabane couldn't wait any longer and raised her hand high.

Everyone agreed and let Tabane open her reward first.

Tabane took a deep breath and felt a bit nervous, but then her eyes shone brightly and she opened her reward. She waited for a while before she saw her reward.

[Ding! Congratulations, you've received "Khnum"]


"What did you get?" Haru asked curiously.

"Khnum? I'm not sure what it is." Tabane wasn't sure what she had received.

"Read the description, it might be an interesting ability." Haru felt that he might have heard about "Khnum" somewhere.

Tabane nodded and read the description of "Khnum".


Khnum is a Stand that confers the ability to change shape to its user. Thus, it doesn't have an appearance or a personality. It is a Stand with no combative ability whatsoever, but is useful for approaching people multiple times without them becoming suspicious.

Khnum enables the user to alter his appearance, height, weight, scent, and presumably voice at will.

To do so, the user can mold his face as if it were clay to modify it. The user cannot change his/her clothes but can alter his/her own hair, doing so to match their target. The user can freely undo his alterations, although he is never seen doing so.


"Hmm, very interesting ability." Tabane thought that it might be a perfect ability for her.

"What is it?" Charlotte asked.

"It seems to be a Stand, right?" Haru also owned two Stands: Sticky Fingers and Kiss. He wouldn't be that surprised if someone from the Chat Group also received a Stand ability.

"Stand? The same as Haru and Shinobu?" Sumire asked.

"Yes, it is also perfect for me." Tabane smiled and said, "Wait a moment." She turned her face to the side and started to mold her face.

They couldn't see what Tabane was doing, but they could see that Tabane's hair started to change somehow and when she turned back they saw she had changed into Haru.



Everyone was surprised since in front of them, they saw Haru himself, but with different clothes.

Haru had an enhanced sense, but he couldn't see the difference between himself and Tabane who had transformed into himself. He knew that Tabane's alteration appearance ability was very good, but it wasn't perfect since it couldn't copy the power of "Love's Spot" under his right eye even though there was a mole under her right eye at this moment, but if Tabane decided to change into someone else then he knew that her alteration appearance was perfect.

"How is it?" Tabane asked.

"There's no difference between you and Haru." Sumire couldn't see the difference between Tabane and Haru beside their clothes. However, if Haru activated his "Love's Spot" then she would instantly recognize who was the real Haru.

Then Tabane tried to change into Sumire and Charlotte which received an exclaim by both of them when they saw this ability since it was really perfect ability for an assasinasion.

"Hehehe, it's a very good ability."

Tabane was fugitive and there were a lot of people who had put a lot of bounty in her world, but with this ability, she could freely walk around the town without worry. She didn't think that anyone would be able to see her disguise after she used this ability. Then she was sure that using this ability, her s.e.x.u.a.l activity with Haru would become even more interesting since she could also add a feature to her body such as rabbit ears, tail, changed to a different hairstyle, etc.

Haru also thought that Tabane's ability was interesting and somehow he had the same idea as Tabane at that moment, especially when both of them just happened to stare at each other.


"Cough! Cough! Now, it is my turn." Charlotte looked at both Haru and Tabane since she had feeling that both of them had done.

They nodded and let Charlotte open her reward.

However, Haru, who had heard Charlotte's words, felt that Charlotte was similar to the Duelist on a card game or something.

Charlotte was a bit nervous then she received her reward quickly.

[Ding! You have received Doraemon's 4D Pocket]


"What did you get?" Tabane asked.

"Doraemon's 4D Pocket..." Charlotte was a bit confused and asked, "What is this?" She showed a pocket with a white color that seemed to have quite a simple design which was quite strange for some reason.

"Well, you can read the description first."

Charlotte only remembered it and started to read the description of Doraemon's 4D Pocket.


The 4D Pocket is Doraemon's default gadget. The inside of the pocket is 4D, functioning similarly like a small portal (in other terms, a 'wormhole) that allows any item to be inserted inside it without using much space. The inside of the 4D Pocket looks like a limitless, floorless room. The pocket cannot be broken, unless cut into pieces, where the items inside them may either be destroyed instantaneously or immediately spewed out. The pocket can be burned but the items will not have any effect.

It is used to store any item or relatively carriable by their strength. The 4D Pocket allows things to enter its small opening, because it may 'deform' them so they may fit (through the opening). For example, the car is virtually impossible to be inserted into it, but when someone puts it or withdraws it, the car seems to deform in shape for a while, then reverts to its original form.

Since the inside of the 4D Pocket is of another dimension (namely the 4th dimension), carrying the 4D Pocket around is like carrying an empty pocket, almost weightless.



Charlotte studied the 4D pocket with a curious expression. Though, at the same time, she realized that this 4D pocket had the same function as the IS core that was able to keep something inside which was developed by Tabane, but it was several times better.

Haru, Tabane, and Sumire were also curious about this 4D pocket, even though Tabane might have developed the same thing, but it was different after all since this 4D pocket was made in Doraemon's universe.

After observing enough of this 4D pocket, Sumire decided to open her reward since she also had been waiting for her chance.

Everyone also looked at Sumire with expectation wondering what kind of reward Sumire would get.

Sumire opened her reward then felt a bit surprised by what she had gotten.

[Ding! You've received the power of "Hana Hana no Mi"]

"Hmm... interesting..."