Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1039

Volume 1 Chapter 1039 Shopping 2

Haru looked at the girl in front of him. If he wasn't wrong then the name of this girl should be Hayasaka from what Megumi called her before.

Hayaka is a beautiful, young girl with blonde hair that is usually tied up at the left side of her head with a blue scrunchie and blue-eyes.

From what he could see this girl seemed to be a Gyaru type, but well, he honestly didn't care too much.

When Haru was observing Hayasaka, Hayasaka also observed Haru since she felt that this guy was very familiar somehow. She felt that she had seen him somehow, but she wasn't sure since he wore a cap and glasses, but one thing for sure, this guy was very handsome.

"Kato-san, this is...?"

"He's my boyfriend."

Megumi smoothly introduced Haru.

"B, boyfriend..?!"

Hayasaka didn't expect the quiet girl in her class to have a boyfriend, but then she remembered Megumi's conversation with Fujiwara, Sora, and Yumeko a few days ago that Megumi and Sora had a boyfriend. She didn't think too much before, but she was surprised when she had seen Megumi's boyfriend since this guy was better than her imagination.

"Kasugano Haruka. Nice to meet you, Hayasaka-san." Haru introduced himself.

"K, Kasugano Haru---!!!" Hayasaka wanted to say something, but her mouth was covered quickly by Megumi.

"Don't be so loud."

Megumi didn't really want her date to be disturbed by people. Even though she knew that he could use magic to escape, she didn't really want him to use magic in this place.

Hayasaka nodded and suddenly remembered who this guy was. Even though Haru had worn a cap and glasses, she noticed him immediately, especially when she saw the mole under his right eye since it was his charming point. But she wasn't sure what to do since she didn't expect to meet him at this place.

Though, Hayasaka also felt a bit disappointed when she knew that Haru had a girlfriend and that girlfriend was her classmate, Megumi since she had also secretly saved Haru's photo on her phone. She knew that it was a bit wrong to save another man's photo, especially that man was her classmate's boyfriend, however, she had to admit his photo was very hot.

"Should we go now? It isn't good to stop in the middle of the street."

Haru didn't want to stay in the middle of street for a long time and he also wanted to see the inside of department store, checking out something interesting inside.

They nodded and decided to walk together since they happened to meet each other.

Haru also wanted to ask Hayasaka about Megumi's life at school since he was a bit worried that she was being ignored by a teacher and everyone in the class, considering how she usually appeared.

Megumi wasn't sure, but she could feel that Haru was thinking something rude about her which somehow made her annoyed.

Looking at the interaction between the two of them, Hayasaka felt bitter. She stared at both Haru and Megumi who seemed to flirt together ignoring her presence. In this place, she felt that she was being tortured and somehow she also wanted to have a boyfriend.

They decided to stay at the nearby cafe to talk to each other for a while since they weren't in a hurry to continue their shopping.

"So how long have you dated each other?"

Hayasaka was very curious about this matter since she wasn't sure how Megumi could date the richest man in this country. Her curiosity was very high since Haru's information was very limited and it was very hard to see him in the media after he had bought various media industries and created a huge media empire. In her mind, he was simply, a "business wizard" who could develop anything, especially the entertainment business.

"We've known each other since middle school, but we only started dating last year."

Megumi didn't think that there was something that should be hidden, and answered Hayasaka's question easily.

Hayasaka was surprised then quickly asked Megumi more questions.

Haru became a bystander, looking at the two girls chatting happily together. It seemed that girls had always been girls, they were very excited when they talked about something related to love.

In the end, they decided to go shopping together. It wasn't that Haru was complaining, but because of Hayasaka, his date plan was destroyed, but well, it didn't really matter as long as he could stop at hotel when they were about to return.

"So what are you going to buy, Hayasaka-san?" Megumi asked.

Hayasaka was a bit hesitant when she was about to say it.

"What's wrong?"

"Don't think of me as weird, alright?" Hayasaka wasn't sure, but she felt very comfortable talking with Megumi. She felt that Megumi was similar to a saint or something more in her mind.

"Of course not."

"Well, I'm going to buy computer parts..."

Hayasaka had a hobby of tinkering with a computer. She knew that this new department store had a lot of computer parts shops and she had come with an intention to check on it.

"If that's the case, then why not ask Haru? He's very good at computer related things."

Megumi didn't mind lending her boyfriend to Hayasaka to help her and in truth, she was also quite curious about Hayasaka since it felt like this girl was hiding something or acting on the school which somehow cornered her.


Hayasaka glanced at Haru who made a gesture to her to not accept Megumi's offer. Even though she was quite uncomfortable, she knew that both of them were dating each other and she was bothering their date. She nodded slowly and said, "This... I'm afraid to trouble you and both of you are on a date, right?"

"Haru, do you mind helping Hayasaka-san?"

Being stared at by Megumi's innocent eyes, Haru sighed and nodded. He had left her for a long time and of course, he really missed this plain girl, but if this girl wished for something, then he would do his best to grant her wish.

"Alright, I'll help you if you don't mind."

Hayasaka smiled when she saw their interaction and nodded. "Then... thank you." But well, she was happy that she could spend more time with them.


It seemed that Megumi was right, Hayasaka had never found someone who could talk with her about computer related things. Her hobby was quite weird for a girl after all, but it seemed that Haru didn't have prejudice about it which made her very happy.

In the end, the three of them discussed a computer together since it was more fun than they had thought.

Haru glanced at the boss of the shop and saw him playing a galge game right in the middle of the day. He was speechless, but he didn't say anything since the game which that boss played was a game which was released from his company.

"Haru, let's go."

The price in this shop was a bit expensive and they decided to visit another place.

They continued to walk and talked to each other before they heard the loud sound of ambulances.

"What happened?"

Of course, they were curious about what had happened since it was quite rare for an ambulance to suddenly come to the department store, wondering whether something bad was happening, and decided to walk toward the ambulance to see what had happened.

When they arrived, they saw a lot of crowds gathered together that seemed to discuss something.

"Excuse me, what's happening?" Haru was curious and asked random people directly.

"There was someone who was stabbed by his girlfriend because of cheating."


Haru felt very cold all of sudden.

The guy was very excited when he was being asked by Haru and told him everything. He told him that there was a guy who was stabbed by a girl suddenly in this department store. It seemed that the guy was dating two girls at the same time and when the other girl had found out about that matter, she didn't hesitate and stabbed her boyfriend.


"What sc.u.m!" Hayasaka didn't show mercy toward the guy.


Megumi only stared at Haru silently.