Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1040

Volume 1 Chapter 1040 Shopping 3

They saw a man who was being brought inside the ambulance by the medical staff.

The location of the incident hadn't been cleared and they could see blood from the man and a knife which was dropped by the woman who had stabbed the man.

When the police arrived, the woman was caught and was being apprehended directly.

The process was quite fast and everyone returned back when this matter was over.

But Haru's back was dripping with cold sweat since he remembered the nightmare he received after he played with "brain bursts". Listening to Hayasaka, he knew that she didn't show an emphatic attitude toward the man who had been stabbed by the woman.

"Haru, why do you think that kind of thing is happening?" Megumi asked calmly.

Hayasaka stopped and looked at Haru.

"Do you mean the reason why the girl has decided to stab her boyfriend?" Haru asked.

Megumi nodded in response.

"If I have to say then the girl should love her boyfriend so much that she's hurt when she knows that her boyfriend has cheated on him and the mind of the girl is quite extreme and sensitive so she has decided to take a dramatic measure by stabbing him..... or she is just crazy."

Haru sighed and was really afraid the same thing would happen to him. Thinking about Brandish, he was worried about his future.


Megumi and Hayasaka nodded, and thought that the girl was crazy even if the girlfriend hated the boyfriend for cheating, stabbing the boyfriend was little too much, right?

"Alright, how about we go back? Hayasaka, do you want to go back with us?"

Haru wanted to change the topic of conversation and he didn't want to talk about this sensitive matter. He also knew that they wouldn't be in the mood to continue to shop after what had happened before.

"Well... is that alright?"

Even though Hayasaka seemed quite calm, she was a young girl after all. It was her first time seeing such a thing in her life and her body was a bit shaken.

Megumi nodded and said, "It's better for you to go back with us. It might be dangerous if you go back alone." She was also worried when she saw Hayasaka's pale expression.

"Then, I'll accept your offer." Hayasaka nodded and sighed in relief since she had met both of them.

They went to Haru's car and sent Hayasaka back to her house. They didn't know about Hayasaka's house before nor about her life, but when they saw her living in such a large house in Tokyo, they felt a bit surprised since the price of land in Tokyo was very steep.

However, they didn't think too much since they knew that most of the students who were studying at Shuchiin Academy had rich parents.

"Thank you very much." Hayasaka bowed her head.

"No problem, see you at school." Megumi smiled.

Hayasaka nodded and said goodbye to Haru too.

Haru waved his hand and told Hayasaka to be careful.

Hayasaka got out of his car and didn't enter the house before his car started to move away. She looked at the car which disappeared in the distance before walking to the house. She was about to enter the house, but she was stopped by her master.

"Hayasaka, who is that?"

"It's my classmate, Kaguya-sama."


Hayasaka then told her master what had happened in the shopping mall. The cold face of Hayasaka's master fluctuated a bit which made her smile since it seemed that she could make this ice queen melt with a scary story.


When Hayasaka had returned to her house, Haru held Megumi's hand tenderly inside the car.


"What's wrong, Haru?"

"I know that I'm sc.u.m and I've done a lot of things which might be unforgivable in the eyes of people toward you, but my feeling hasn't changed." Haru stared at Megumi and said, "I love you and I'll make you happy." If he was asked why the man who was stabbed before decided to cheat on his girlfriend then he couldn't answer since he had done the same. Even though in his mind, it might be different, but the nature was the same since he had dated another girl even though he had a girlfriend.

"I know." Megumi smiled and said, "But you need to cherish all of us so you won't have such an ending in the future."


Haru was speechless, but his expression was serious and nodded. "Yes, you can count on me. I'll treasure you for my whole life."

Megumi smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. "I love you, Haru." She smiled and seemed to want to be spoiled by him.

"I know," Haru said with a smile.


Megumi was speechless and stared at Haru coldly.

"I mean... I love you too, Megumi." Haru smiled cheekily at this moment before kissing her lips.

Megumi received his kiss and felt content for their date. Even though there was trouble during their date, she was satisfied with this ending.


When Megumi and Haru had returned home, Haru was in deep thinking. He was thinking of creating something to give him a reminder to treasure his girlfriends more.

"What's wrong? Why are you so serious?" Kasumi asked.

"I'm thinking of making something...." Haru said unsurely.

"Oh, what is it? Are you going to make a game again?" Kasumi asked curiously since she felt that this guy was planning something fun.

Haru thought for a while and it seemed that it was quite good to make a game since Summer Comiket was about to be held soon.


"So what game is it?" Sora was also interested.

Haru looked at Sora and asked, "You're interested in a game?"

Sora didn't hide anything and nodded.

"I've thought about joining the Game Club in the school."

"Game Club? Is there such a club?" Haru asked curiously since he didn't expect such a prestigious school such as Shuchiin Academy to have such a club since he thought that there would be only a sport, drama, or literature related clubs in such a school.

"There's a game club, but I remember that isn't the official name, right?" Kasumi said while looking at Sora.

Sora nodded and said, "Yes, the official name is The Tabletop Gaming."

"Tabletop Gaming? Then you won't play a computer game."

In his mind, tabletop games were different from computer games, especially galges which he wanted to make for Summer Comiket.

Waving her hand, Sora said, "It's alright. You don't need to think too much as long as I enter that club, I can do something about it." She was confident in her ability and she was also interested in making a game, especially when she heard the total sales of Fate/Stay Night which had been created by both Haru and Kosaka. Her loved one was working in the game industry and she also had an interest in it.

While she was in high school, Sora wanted to do something and thought about making a game or something fun.

"So you're really going to make a game again?" Megumi asked after she brought tea for everyone.

Haru's throat was quite parched and he was thankful for Megumi for preparing tea for him.

"So you have an idea?" Kasumi was also interested.

"I've an idea, but it is hard to search for ill.u.s.trators, especially when Kosaka is very busy at this moment."

Haru let out a sigh when he thought about his drawing skill since his sense of artistic was quite different from normal people.

Kosaka was developing a new game which was created by both of them. It was simply impossible to ask her to create this game which he thought on a whim.

Sora thought for a while and said, "Don't worry, I might be able to get someone from the art club, but tell me first what your game idea is."

Haru didn't mind and said, "The name is pretty simple and that is....

"School Days."