Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1041

Volume 1 Chapter 1041 School Days

Sora wanted to create a game.

Haru also wanted to create something which reminded him to take care of his girlfriends dearly. Then after a long time of thinking, he decided to make this crazy game since he felt that it was the most suitable.

School Days.

"School Days?"

Sora, Kasumi, and Megumi felt that this title was a bit generic and it seemed that there wasn't anything special about it, but they were silent and stupefied when they heard about the story of this game.

Haru told them about the story of "School Days" in essence it wasn't that much different from a normal galge, but there were a lot of special endings which made everyone who played it learn to be faithful to their partner or else their ending wouldn't be good.

Kasumi shuddered when she heard Haru's story. She hugged her own body tightly and her face flushed in excitement. "Ah! How exciting! The main character is being stabbed and beheaded by the heroine! Haru, you're a genius! How can you think about such a game!" Her eyes stared at Haru with excitement and couldn't wait to create this game as soon as possible!

Sora and Megumi also thought that this game was quite interesting since it wasn't a normal e.r.o.t.i.c game. There were a lot of good messages to everyone who played this game, but at the same time, they looked at Haru weirdly.

"What's wrong?"

Haru, who was a bit nervous by Kasumi's gaze, looked at Sora and Megumi curiously.

"Haru, tell me the truth..." Sora looked at Haru and asked, "Are you masochist?"


Haru might have married Esdeath, but he definitely wasn't a masochist. He was definitely normal and didn't have a strange fetish beside his maid fetish.

"I'm normal and I'm not a mosochist."

"But... why do you want to create such a game? Do you want to torture yourself?" Sora asked.

"Well...." Haru rubbed his chin and told them about his date with Megumi earlier.

Sora and Kasumi were surprised since they didn't expect that such a thing would happen in reality and were right when Haru and Megumi had their date.

"Was this story true, Megumi?" Sora asked.

Megumi nodded upon hearing Sora's question.

"Yes, I saw it with Haru earlier. I'm not sure about the man's condition but there was a lot of blood on the ground before."


Kasumi and Sora thought that Haru was inspired to create this crazy game because of the thing which he had seen during his date with Megumi. They had to admit that he was a real genius since this gameplan was really interesting!

"The problem is that there are a lot of e.r.o.t.i.c scenes in the game, is that alright?" Haru asked.

Sora snorted and said, "You've done a lot of perverted things on us, why should we shy away from an e.r.o.t.i.c scene?"


Haru was speechless, but it was the truth since they had done a lot of perverted things in this house.

Then they started to discuss about the endings of the "School Days", everyone seemed to be spirited to create this game as soon as possible since this game somehow reminded them of their boyfriend. They had to admit that their boyfriend was sc.u.m, but a very good sc.u.m since he didn't treat them as playthings and really loved them very much. It might be the reason why they accepted this relationship and they were very happy staying together.

In "School Days," there are 21 possible endings for the player to experience. 20 of the endings are stand alone, while 1 plays as an epilog to a certain 2 routes.

Even though Haru had said that there was a crazy bad ending such as being beheaded, stabbed, pushed to the train, suicide, etc; but actually, there were only 3 bad endings in this game. The rest of the endings were normal and there were even 2 harem endings. As long as the player in the game wasn't a stallion who would use their little brother on every hole then they would be alright.

Even though the game and the idea was interesting, there was one big problem.


It was the thing which troubled them since there were a lot of endings which meant that the work of the ill.u.s.trator would be very hard.

Unlike Haru and Kasumi who would write the story and the song, the ill.u.s.trator needed to draw every scene in the game.

Sora and Megumi couldn't do that since they weren't good ill.u.s.trators, but they could help with programming.

Haru also reminded them not to make Kosaka into their references since Kosaka was genius so it was impossible for a normal ill.u.s.trator to draw all the scenes on the game alone without a help for a short time.

Kosaka could draw the entire scene of Fate/Stay Night by herself and all of them were very high quality. Beside her, Haru didn't know anyone else since most of the ill.u.s.trations that he knew were quite normal. He also couldn't help them since his drawing style was cubistic and it wasn't suitable for a galge.

"So do you have an idea who is going to be your ill.u.s.trator?" Haru asked.

"I've an idea...." Sora thought for a while and asked, "Kasumi, lend me your laptop for a while."


Kasumi who wrote the script because her excitement stopped. She felt reluctant, but she was also curious whether Sora had an idea who they should invite as their ill.u.s.trator.

"1 minute."

"Wait, you don't need to borrow Kasumi. I've installed a hologram computer in this living room." Haru took a remote control on the table and a hologram screen appeared in front of them.

The screen was so large which startled them, and the design was so sophisticated which made them feel quite amazed.

"This...?" Sora looked at Haru and asked, "Is this a new product for your business?"

Haru shook his head and said, "No, it's for personal use. I got it from my friend."

In the end they didn't think too much. Their boyfriend was the richest man in this country and everything was possible since he had money.

Sora started to browse through the internet and entered "Egoistic Lily" on the search engine.

"Egoistic Lily?"

Haru remembered that "Egoistic Lily" was quite a famous doujin ill.u.s.trator who specialized in hentai themes.

"This person, what do you think?" Sora asked.

They looked at various ill.u.s.trations which were drawn by "Egoistic Lily" on his/her personal website. Though, they had to admit that those ill.u.s.trations were very e.r.o.t.i.c.

"Do you know this ill.u.s.trator?" Megumi asked.

"Yeah, his identity is a secret after all." Kasumi didn't think that the "Egoistic Lily" was a female when she saw those hentai ill.u.s.trations.

"It's not him, but her." Shaking her head, Sora said.


Megumi and Kasumi were surprised.

Sora took a stick which she got from Haru and pointed at the ill.u.s.trations which were drawn by "Egoistic Lily".

"I've seen someone from art club who has a similar style of drawing with "Egoistic Lily" and I've felt that this person should be "Egoistic Lily" in reality."

"Eh? "Egoistic Lily" is from our school?" Kasumi was surprised.

Sora nodded and said, "I'm not 100% sure, but I can ask her later." She looked at everyone and smiled. "So it has been decided, right? Let's make this game into reality."

They didn't look at each other and nodded at the same time since they were curious how this game would appear in reality.

"Wait, we should create a name for our circle!"


It seemed that there was still a long time before this game could be born into this world.