Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1042

Volume 1 Chapter 1042 Love's Problem 1

Haru wasn't sure what kind of name was suitable for their circle (group), but he decided to leave it to Sora, Megumi, and Kasumi since it would be more suitable if they were one who named the circle when they were the one who had decided to make it.

The three girls were spirited, but they couldn't think of a name for their circle somehow.

It was quite late and they decided to think about the name of their circle tomorrow.

While it might not be related, they had eaten a lot of things and it was necessary to burn those calories.

Luckily, they had the perfect workout for that.


Haru was in the student council room writing a game plan for "School Days".

The atmosphere of the school was quite festive since it was almost time for the school festival. Everyone was very spirited and they were very excited about it. Luckily, he didn't need to help since he was a member of the student council and he could leave his Traditional Culture Research Club to Yuriko to manage it.

However, Yuriko kept glaring at him since he gave her heavy work which made her helpless. She often threatened him that she was going to steal this club from him, but he only smiled and told her to steal it since it didn't really matter which made her sigh wondering whether he trusted her so much or if he was just too lazy.

However, Yuriko was happy about that fact.

Besides writing the "School Days" game plan, he was also preparing for another attack. This time he wasn't the only one targeted at Euros and Gold, but he also targeted one company in this country. He realized that there was something wrong with this company and if he wasn't wrong then this company would have an accounting scandal, the same scandal which had happened on Enron, one of the biggest energy companies in the US.

Enron Corporation is an American energy, commodities, and services company based in Houston, Texas.

It was a very big company, but in 2001, it had gone bankrupt because of the fraud which had been done by the executives of the company along with the accounting company. That scandal was so big since the value of Enron had exceeded $60 billion, but in a single moment, that company had become worthless and became bankrupt because their deceit was uncovered.

Haru had found a similar company in this country which had done the same thing as Enron and the name of that company was Olympus Corporation.

Olympus Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of optics and reprography products. Olympus was established on 12 October 1919, initially specializing in microscopes and thermometers. It holds roughly 70-percent shares in the global endoscope market.

Haru was interested in this company and wanted to own it, but well, the price was quite steep for him at the moment.

However, he had a chance to buy this company while also profiting a lot of money which was quite a big deal. He had told Ritsu, Seri, and Ayase about this plan which startled the three of them since if what Haru had them told was true then it would become one the biggest scandals in this country.

After becoming a mogul, Haru had made a plan to buy various companies to enhance his influence in this world.

Haru had become a mogul and owned various media companies such as television, radio, newspaper, magazine, game, etc; and this time he was going to reach out his hands toward pharmaceutical industry, energy industry, clothing, optics, game console, etc (but let's discuss that matter later).

Haru had always wanted to buy Nentendo after he had created Pokemon.

Nentendo's performance had been quite sluggish in recent years, and they didn't have a new game which could attract consumers to buy their game consoles. Their stock price had been falling and he thought about buying that company since he believed after he bought it the performance of Nentendo would lead everyone to gawk.

Well, enough of that, since Kirari seemed to be interested in his game plan. He couldn't continue writing on his laptop since Kirari was sitting on his lap.

There were only four people in the student council room: Haru, Kirari, Ririka, and Sayaka (Kirari's secretary), but Kirari didn't care much and sat on his lap.

Sayaka sighed when she saw Kirari was flirting and acted very spoiledly with Haru which somehow made her jealous. She might have gotten used to it, watching them, flirting with each other, but she hoped that they could do it somewhere else and she also hoped that no one would enter this room since she didn't want the prestige of the president to be damaged since Kirari and Haru were doing a shameful act in this sacred room (Kirari is sitting on Haru's lap).

Ririka didn't care much since she often heard Kirari's m.o.a.n when Haru came to the house. Even though she knew what they were doing, she couldn't do anything, or rather she was curious whether it was really good or not.

Ririka stood next to Haru and also read the game plan curiously wondering what kind of game it was.

"Haru, this game is very interesting," Kirari said while smiling brightly at Haru.


Haru couldn't be happy hearing that praise since he was sure that Kirari was interested in the bad ending of School Days.

"I'm happy that you like it."

Haru sighed, but then the door suddenly opened which startled them.


Haru, Kirari, and Sayaka looked toward the door and they saw the Beautification Council president, Sakura Miharutaki suddenly enter this room.

Sakura has knee-length dark blue hair that is worn in a ponytail by a white ribbon with bangs parted in the middle, blue eyes and an expression that is almost always stern as she rarely smiles.

But that expression was broken and turned into blush when she saw Kirari who was sitting on Haru's lap. She quickly closed the door and pointed her finger at both of them.

"Y, You, how can both of you do something so shameful in this room!"

Sakura flushed in embarrassment and didn't believe what they had done in this room, but she also knew that she couldn't damage the image of student council and hurriedly closed the door.


Haru, Kirari, Ririka, and Sayaka were surprised since they didn't expect such a cute reaction from Sakura.

Kirari chuckled and looked at Sakura with a smile. "Miharutaki-senpai, both of us are engaged to each other. This is something normal to do between us."

"What?!" Sakura didn't expect to hear that both Kirari and Haru had gotten engaged to each other since it was very big news.

Haru was very popular and without a doubt since he was the richest man in this country, handsome, etc; but then Kirari's popularity was also high since she was the heir of Momobami Clan and also the president of Hyakkou Academy. But at the same time, it made her curious. She sat down in a chair near both Haru and Kirari asked.


"Yes, right, Haru?" Kirari turned to Haru.

"Yes, we are engaged." Though, Haru wasn't sure what to say since he had gotten engaged to two girls.

Kirari smiled sweetly and kissed Haru's cheek which made Sakura blush furiously.

"Y, You should stop doing such a shameful act!"

Kirari looked at Sakura with a smile. "If I'm not wrong you should have been engaged too, right?"


Sakura's heart thumped and nodded, but then she quickly became depressed.

"What's wrong? Are you unhappy with your engagement?" Kirari asked curiously since she thought that it was interesting.

It wasn't uncommon for someone to be unhappy with their engagement since Kirari was also the same before. In the past, she was almost engaged to a stranger who she had never seen and didn't care much.

However, she met him and fell for him, but there was a hurdle between them since the gap between the two of them was very huge.

Haru's status was quite low when compared to Kirari's status before so that was why it would be hard for her family to accept him, but she had decided to be with him since she loved him. She would be with him no matter what, however, she didn't expect him to become the richest man in this country in a year of time which made her happy and knew that her man was amazing.

This time, when Kirari saw Sakura who had gotten depressed because of the matter of engagement, she became curious and wondered whether Sakura was unhappy with her engagement.

"No, no, I'm happy with my engagement, but h, he's too cold with me." Sakura wasn't sure why she told them about this matter. It might be because she was jealous at how close Haru and Kirari were, and it might be because she wanted someone to hear her.

"If I'm not wrong Miharutaki-senpai should be engaged to Miboumi-senpai, right?"

Sayaka didn't expect Miboumi to act cold to his fiancee, especially when she knew that Miboumi was very famous in this school and when she saw both Haru and Kirari, she thought that a lot of couples would act the same too, though, it seemed that wasn't the case.

Miboumi's fame was quite high since he didn't discriminate against a normal student and the "housepet". He even helped the "housepet" which made his fame even bigger than Kirari in the eyes of "housepet".

But of course, Kirari's fame was bigger in the eyes of normal students.

Though, Sayaka didn't think that Miboumi could match against Kirari, especially since Kirari had a very powerful fiance on her side.

Sakura nodded and told them about her problem. She wanted to act as a lover with her fiance, but her fiance didn't even see her which made her sad. She also heard that her fiance was also starting to get closer to a new student in the first year which made her annoyed and hated that new student.

Hearing Sakura's complaint, Kirari nodded and somehow could feel empathetic toward Sakura's feelings.

"So what should I do?" Sakura wanted to act like a lover, but her fiance was very cold to her.

"It's easy." Kirari smiled.


Haru looked at Kirari and somehow didn't think that this girl had good advice for Miharutaki.

"What should I do?" Sakura asked with a hopeful expression.

"Just kiss him." Kirari smiled proudly with her advice.