Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1043

Volume 1 Chapter 1043 Love's Problem 2


Ririka and Sayaka were speechless by Kirari's advice.

Sakura blushed upon hearing this advice. "K, K, Kissing?!"

Sayaka couldn't handle it anymore and knew Kirari's advice was a bit wrong. "Kirari-sama, if I've to say kissing is a bit too reckless."

"Why not? It's the fastest way to confirm your feelings and it also feels good."

Kirari was confused while looking at Sayaka.

"F, Feels good?!" They were blushing hearing Kirari who was so open about this matter.

"Haru, what do you think?" Kirari asked.

"Kissing is a good choice, but there is a question which needs to be asked before that." Haru knew that Kirari gave advice to Miharutaki based on her experience, but frankly, Kirari wasn't a normal girl and it was hard to make her into a reference.

"Oh, what kind of question?" Kirari was curious.

"Miharutaki-senpai, have you known Miboumi-senpai for a while or only lately?" Haru asked.

Hearing this question, Sakura said, "We've known each other since childhood."

"Oh? Childhood friend? Then you get engaged to each other? How romantic." Haru smiled.

Sakura blushed and waved her hand, but she felt happy. "Don't tease me."

But Sayaka and Ririka felt a bit bitter when they saw Sakura's eyes which were full of love. They had to admit that Miboumi was one of the lucky guys to have such a girl beside him.

"Then the next question, do you love him?" Haru asked.

Sakura stared at Haru and nodded. "Yes, I love him."

Haru nodded and asked, "But does he love you?"


When Haru asked this question, everyone turned silent. It was quite normal for an engagement to happen between two rich families, even if they didn't love each other since they were forced by their family to marry each other.

"I, I'm not sure." Sakura fell into doubt and wasn't sure about Miboumi's feelings toward her.

Haru had to admit that Miboumi was a very lucky guy to have such a lovely girl such as Sakura to love him.

"Just kidding, of course, he loves you. If I had such a beautiful fiancee like you then I'd be blessed in my entire life."

Haru didn't want Sakura to be sad and lightened the mood, but then he felt that his waist was pinched by Kirari and he was also glared at by her. "But I've a wonderful fiancee now and with her beside me, I feel that I'm the happiest man in this world." He also kissed her hair tenderly to calm her down.

Kirari smiled, but pouted. "So you're not blessed?"

"I'm blessed. I'm blessed. I've been blessed my whole life because I've had you as my fiancee," Haru quickly said.

"That's good." Kirari snuggled into his chest and wanted him to spoil her.


Sayaka, Kirari, and Sakura were speechless when they saw the strong and merciless Kirari would act coquettish at this moment, but at the same time, they felt bitter since they didn't have a man beside them.

Haru patted Kirari's head and said, "Miharutaki-senpai."

"Y, yes!" Sakura blushed since she remembered what Haru had told him before.

"It might be my personal opinion, but we, a man, are pretty simple. You love your fiance and that's enough. What you need to do is to tell him, even if his heart is similar to an iceberg, I'm sure that it is going to melt."

'Especially when you're so hot.'

Haru wanted to say that, but he decided to keep it in his heart.

Unless Miboumi was a sc.u.mbag then Haru believed that Miboumi was going to be moved by Sakura's love. Though, there had always been an exception and Sakura might be rejected, however, that chance was quite small, especially when Miboumi and Sakura were childhood friends.

"B, but how am I going to tell him?" Sakura asked with a hopeful expression. She thought that Haru might have an idea at how she was going to confess.

Haru wasn't sure, but it suddenly had turned into a discussion at how Sakura was going to confess to her loved one even though at first, they were discussing something else.

"You love him, right?"


"Then just tell him that."


"I, is that all?"

They were skeptical when they heard Haru's advice.

"That's all. If you think that is not enough just kiss him." Haru thought that Kirari's idea was very good.

Hearing Haru's advice, Kirari nodded furiously since she thought that her idea was very good.

"K, Kiss him?!" Sakura was startled by how it suddenly returned to the kissing plan again.

"I'm not sure whether you've watched a romance manga or tv drama, have you?" Haru asked.

Sakura shook her head and said, "No, I don't have a hobby to watch television beside the news and I've never read romance manga." It was something normal since for someone from high society to use their free time to learn rather than wasting their time, especially Sakura was a very strict girl.

Haru thought that this girl was too strict with herself and felt that she should relax somehow. "Sayaka, if I'm not wrong you've bought my "Weekly Venus" before."

"E, eh? I, I'm not buying something like that?!" Being asked, Sayaka, of course, couldn't tell the truth. She was known as Kirari's secretary and she couldn't embarrass Kirari by reading something embarrassing such as shoujo manga, even though she loved it. She knew that Haru had made two manga magazines for both shoujo and shounen. She loved to read both of them, but she couldn't tell the truth.

"Sayaka..." Kirari stared at Sayaka.


Sayaka sighed and took out "Weekly Venus" magazine which she had bought before. She gave it to Haru with a blush on her face.

"It isn't embarrassing to read a manga." Haru reminded Sayaka.

"I, I know." Even so, Sayaka was embarrassed.

Haru gave the manga magazine to Sakura .

"I have never read this." Sakura frowned when she saw a manga magazine. She might even disdain it since what she usually read was classic literature.

"You're too strict with yourself Miharutaki-senpai. You should relax yourself. I'm sure that you often have a backache."

"Eh? How did you know?" Sakura was startled when Haru found out that she often had a backache.

Haru glanced at Miharutaki's big b.r.e.a.s.ts and knew that it was the reason why this girl often had a backache, but he couldn't tell the truth. "It is because you're too strict with yourself. In my view, you're like a wooden stick. You can't bend, but once you bend, you're going to break."


"You should be more open-minded with yourself," Haru said.

Sakura looked at "Weekly Venus" before she sighed. She took it in her hand and said, "Thank you, I'll go out now." She walked away from the student council and closed the door. She wasn't sure whether this manga could help, but well, she would try it.


"Is that alright, Kirari?" Haru asked.

"What's wrong?" Kirari asked.

"I'm making your enemy become stronger." Haru knew that Sakura was part of Miboumi's group and that group wanted to overthrow Kirari's position as student council president.

Kirari smiled and said, "It's alright. I'm really anticipating what they're going to do later."

Haru could see that this girl was somehow very excited when there was a strong opponent in front of her. He hugged her beautiful waist and said, "Don't be hard on yourself, alright?"

"You're the one who is hard, though."

Kirari moved her butts and slowly teased him.


Haru couldn't deny it.


Sayaka and Ririka weren't sure what they were talking about and only titled their heads. Though, Haru was glad and thought that he needed to punish this naughty girl when they had returned later.