Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1045

Volume 1 Chapter 1045 Tabletop Gaming Club Ready To Conquer The World 1

After school, Sora and Megumi didn't go back immediately, but went to their club which was known as one of the strangest clubs in the school, Tabletop Gaming Club.

"Sora-chan! Sora-chan! Let's go!" Fujiwara pulled Sora's hand which made Sora sigh.

Megumi was walking beside them and smiled.

No one could blame Fujiwara since she didn't expect Sora to join her club. There were only three members inside Tabletop Gaming Club before, and this time there were three new students who would join this club.

Sora, Megumi, and lastly...

"Hmm... I'm also curious about this club." Yumeko touched her lips and felt a bit curious.

"Don't worry, Yumeko-chan. There are a lot of games inside the club." Fujiwara was happy that three of her classmates had decided to join her club.

"I've heard that there are two members beside you, Chika-chan." Megumi looked at Fujiwara curiously.

Fujiwara Chika nodded and raised her two fingers. "Yes, there are both Gigako and Maki Maki."

"Gigako and Maki Maki?" Megumi, Sora, and Yumeko had never heard those names, but they had to admit that it was quite a weird name.

"So what does the Tabletop Gaming Club do?" Yumeko asked.

"Of course, we're playing a game! There are a lot of snacks too!" Fujiwara patted her large chest trying to reassure them that it would definitely be fun to join her club.


Sora frowned when she looked at Fujiwara's large chest, but she calmed herself when she remembered Haru loved her petite chest.

"But why do you want to join this club, Sora-chan?" Fujiwara asked.

If someone asked why Fujiwara was interested in Sora then the answer was because they were classmates, she was sitting right in front of Sora, and lastly, Sora was just too adorable!

In her classroom, Sora was sitting on the protagonist seat, number two from behind and right on the side of the window. Though, she definitely wasn't a harem protagonist.

Fujiwara also felt that Sora was very mysterious and wanted to know her. And it was also fun to see her disgusted face toward her which made her shudder and happy for some reason. She definitely wasn't a masochist, but Sora was too attractive after all.

"I want to make a game."

Sora didn't see any reason to hide her purpose in joining the Tabletop Gaming Club. She was too lazy to create a new club and it was better to join the existing one within the school. She also had checked that the only members were female and she didn't need to worry too much about guys. It wasn't that she was narcissistic, but the same as Haru, she was very popular after all, and it was too troublesome if someone confessed to her all the time.

"Making a game?!" Fujiwara and Yumeko were a bit surprised.

"I'll talk inside the club room since it is a bit noisy here," Sora said.

They nodded and left the class toward the club room since they were also curious about the game which wanted to be created by Sora.

When the four girls left the class, the guys and the girls sighed since the three of them were the most popular girls in the school after all.

Chika was very bright and her chest was very large which made her very popular among guys.

Sora was petite and cute. Her cold expression also made anyone shudder in excitement.

Yumeko was too e.r.o.t.i.c. They weren't sure why, but she was very e.r.o.t.i.c!

Megumi... her presence was too thin and she was the least noticeable among everyone. She might not join the three most beautiful girls in her class, but if someone looked at her closely they would notice that she was a very beautiful girl and it was very calm to stay with her. Unfortunately, her heart and body belonged to someone.

Hearing the conversation among the four girls, there were some students who also wanted to join the Tabletop Gaming Club, but they didn't know that club wouldn't accept any members soon.


Yumeko, Megumi, Fujiwara, and Sora entered the clubroom of the Tabletop Gaming Club, and they saw three students there.


Fujiwara was surprised when she saw that there was another student, but this student surprised her since her identity was also a very popular girl at this school.

Kasumigaoka Utaha.

"Kasumi, you're so early," Sora said.

Kasumi nodded and said, "I've been waiting for all of you here." She yawned and felt a bit sleepy. She spent most of her time at the school sleeping so she could retain her stamina at night to play a friendly match against Haru. This time, she was going to make a game with all of Haru's harem members and she loved the idea of this game so she was so excited at this moment.

"Utaha-san is also going to join us."

President of Tabletop Gaming Club, Kozue Makihara smiled since her classmate showed an interest in this game, but at the same time, she was curious about the three girls beside Fujiwara.

Fujiwara smiled and thought that this club had become even more lively. She clapped her hands and her face was full of smiles. There was even a pink aura and flower which suddenly appeared around her head showing how happy she was.

"Let us introduce ourselves to each other!"

No one rejected and they started to introduce themselves to each other.


After they knew each other's names, Fujiwara asked, "So Sora-chan, what kind of game do you want to create?"

Everyone was also looking at Sora curiously and only Megumi and Kasumi knew what Sora was about to say.

"The reason why I've decided to join this club is to create a game so I hope that you don't mind, President." Sora looked at Maki.

Waving her hand, Maki said, "No, it's alright. As long as it is a game, everything is alright."

"So what kind of game does Sora-chan want to make?" Fujiwara asked curiously. She had been very curious for a while and wanted to know what kind of game that Sora wanted to create.

Sora took the gameplan which was made by Haru and looked at everyone. "I've brought the game plan, but I hope that no one is going to disclose about this gameplan since it is very precious."

"Precious?" Beside Kasumi, Megumi, and Yumeko, the rest looked at Sora with doubt.

Sora ignored their gaze and continued. "If you don't want to help then it is alright since I've planned to make this game with Kasumi and Megumi. But one thing that you need to know, we'll sell this game on Summer Comiket."

"Summer Comiket?"

Of course, everyone knew very well about Comiket since it was the holy land of every gamer since it had only happened twice a year.

Yumeko was silent, but she could tell who had written that gameplan since she knew the relationship between Megumi, Sora, Kasumi, and that person.

"If it goes well, then it isn't a problem to get billions of yen from this game alone."

"Billion of yen?!"

Hearing that number: Fujiwara, Maki, and Gigako were startled. Even though their parents might have that much money, it was their parents' and not theirs. If it was only a million or two then they wouldn't be surprised, but a billion would startle anyone after all.


Suddenly the atmosphere in the Tabletop Gaming Club became serious and this club might become the strongest club within this school.