Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1046

Volume 1 Chapter 1046 Tabletop Gaming Club Ready To Conquer The World 2

Of course, after being told that the game plan which was brought by Sora would be worth at least a billion yen, everyone became serious and curious. They weren't sure whether they could become a help, but Sora didn't mind to show them what kind of game which she along with Utaha and Megumi would make later since they would use this clubroom later.

Maki, Fujiwara, Gigako, and Yumeko read the title of the game plan which was named "School Days". They didn't think that there was anything special nor weird about this name since this title was generic, but somehow, they raised their eyebrows when they knew that it was a galge.


"Yeah, it is a galge."

They didn't expect that they would create a galge rather than a normal game, but they didn't have a comment since they didn't have prejudice about it. Rather, they knew very well how profitable galge was since all of them were coming from well off family. Reading the gameplan, suddenly their faces turned into blush and if they could add a side effect there would be smoke coming out of their heads.

"T, this...?!"

"My, my...." Yumeko blushed, but she kept reading since it was a very interesting game.

"S, Sora-chan! T, this, this game is...?!" Fujiwara's face blushed in embarrassment and looked at Sora with shame.

"Yes, it is an e.r.o.t.i.c game." Sora nodded.


They didn't expect Sora to admit this matter directly which somehow made them dumbfounded.

"B, but we're a minor!"

Under the law of this country, unless they're 18 years old, it is forbidden for them to buy something which is related to p.o.r.n such as DVDs, videos, AVs, eroges, etc.

"Yes, we're a minor, but is there a law which stipulates a minor to not be able to sell an eroge?" Sora asked calmly.

"This..?" Fujiwara couldn't answer, rather she knew very well that there wasn't such a law which stipulated minor to not be able to sell an eroge.

"Keep reading, what do you think?" Sora asked since she also wanted to know the response of normal people.

They looked at each other for a while, before nodded. They were all friends and of course, as a girl in puberty, they were also interested in this matter. They quietly read the gameplan again with a blushing face. Reading the game plan, their expression was ugly since they knew very well that the main character was sc.u.m, but then when they read three of the endings....

They were surprised.


"This ending?"

They didn't expect there to be three endings which made them dumbfounded or rather they felt that those endings were interesting since the main character of the game would be stabbed, beheaded, pushed to the train, etc.

They were from a Tabletop Gaming Club after all and they had played one or two galges out of curiosity, but they didn't have that much of interest in that kind of game, however, this game plan would them curious and they wanted to play the game when it was ready.

Yumeko smiled and looked at Sora with a smile. "This game is interesting." She didn't care much about the hentai scene, but she had to admit the bad endings of this game were very interesting.

"So my intention to join this club is to create this game. I hope that you don't mind me borrowing your clubroom for it."

Waving her hand, Maki said, "It's alright. This game is very interesting."

"That's good." Sora nodded.

"But before that can I ask you who has made this plan?" Fujiwara asked. She knew that Sora wasn't the one who made this game plan and it must be someone else. She was wondering whether that person was a student in this school, if so then that person must be perverted, that what she thought at her mind.

Poor Haru that he didn't know someone had marked him as a pervert, but he didn't really mind since he was a pervert after all.

"It's my boyfriend." Sora didn't hide it and told them the truth.


They were speechless when they heard it.

"Is it Haru?" Yumeko asked curiously.

"Yes." Sora nodded.

Yumeko wanted to ask whether Haru was also dating someone else, but she decided to stop asking since she felt that it might be a bit too much. She looked at Utaha and Megumi and wondered what the relationship was between the three of them, but somehow she could feel that the three of them were dating Haru at the same time, but she didn't feel that surprise since she could tell that guy really could do that. She could see that the relationship between Utaha, Megumi, and Sora was quite good and somehow, she was quite interested in this matter.

Yumeko tapped her lips and wanted to meet him again somehow, especially when she thought about the gamble between the two of them.

"Haru? Who is that? Is he from this school?" Fujiwara's love radar rose and out of nowhere she wore a detective costume with a pipe in her hand. She felt that she was cool, but in everyone's eyes, she seemed stupid.

"No, he's from a different school." Waving her hand, Sora changed the topic of conversation. "Keep this game plan a secret, alright?"

They made a "shut their mouth" gesture and nodded. They had been trusted and they also wouldn't tell anyone about it since they didn't want to be labeled as perverts. This project would become a secret project of Tabletop Gaming Club and they had decided to stop accepting more members after this since the more people who knew about this matter, the more chance that this matter would be leaked to the school. If the school knew that they planned to make an e.r.o.t.i.c game then even if it wasn't a crime, the school would call their parents without doubt. At the same time, this secret made them excited since they felt like naughty girls for some reason. They were also curious about Sora's boyfriend and wondering who this guy was since that guy could make such a wonderful gameplan and conquer this cold girl.

"Right, I'm planning to invite one more member to be part of our Tabletop Gaming Club." Sora suddenly remembered.

"Eh? Who is it?"

"I'm not sure, but that person is going to be our ill.u.s.trator for this game."


They nodded and knew that it was necessary to search for an ill.u.s.trator to make this game.

Fujiwara raised her hand and asked, "Is it a boy or girl?" If a guy was being invited into this club then without doubt that guy would become a harem protagonist since there were a lot of beautiful girls in this club.

"It's a girl." Sora reassured Fujiwara, but Fujiwara was stumped and asked, "Is it alright?" Fujiwara doubted that a female student would accept to help them create this e.r.o.t.i.c game.

"You don't need to worry, I'll handle this matter." Sora put back the gameplan on her bag and said, "Then, I'll get that girl now." She looked at Megumi and asked her for help.

Megumi nodded and didn't really mind.

"Utaha, how about you?" Sora asked.

"I'll go back." Utaha yawned, but her eyes were burning in excitement when she thought that she would be able to give Haru a surprise later.

Sora knew what this girl was planning, but she didn't think too much since she would do the same when she returned.

"Umm, Sora-chan, can I ask you something?" Fujiwara asked.


"Is this game a real experience?" Fujiwara asked with a blush.


Sora thought for a while and asked with a smile, "What do you think?"

If this was a real experience then Haru would be stabbed to death by Sora since Sora loved him so much....


Haru shuddered and had a cold sweat on his back.

"What's wrong? Did you catch a cold?" Eli asked with a worried expression.


Haru was wondering whether he had made an enemy without noticing. Though, he didn't think too much and continued to talk with Eli and Nozomi about the school idol.