Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1047

Volume 1 Chapter 1047 Come Join Us

Under this orange sunset, two beautiful girls walked next to each other, holding each other's hands, and talked to each other with sweet smiles on their faces. The relationship between the two girls was very close and their relationship was more than friends, but they weren't lovers.

Sora and Megumi walked next to each other toward the art club.

"So you're going to invite one of the legendary beautiful female students to our school?" Megumi asked.

Sora was speechless and asked, "Where did you hear such a legend? Why I've never heard such a thing?"

"It's because you usually ignore a lot of people after all." Megumi looked at Sora with a light smile and didn't seem to reprimand her for her actions.

"It's alright. It isn't like they're going to affect my life when I ignore them. If they cause me trouble, let's see what Haru is going to do with them." With a "hmph", Sora didn't think too much about the people who talked about her behind back. Of course such a thing was normal since it was impossible for her to be liked by everyone since there were also people who were jealous of her. But even so, she didn't care since she had a lot of people who supported her and she also had the best brother and lover at the same time.

"Well.. That's true. Haru is a sis-con after all." Megumi could imagine what Haru would do if someone caused trouble to Sora after all. He was the richest man in this country and there was a lot of things which could be done by him. She rubbed her chin and asked, "Sora, what is Haru's dream?"


It was a simple and straight answer, but Megumi nodded. If someone asked her what her husband's job was then she would answer the richest tycoon in this country in the future.

"This is the art clubroom."

Sora stopped and looked at the art clubroom. It was empty and there was no one inside. She didn't hesitate and entered this room directly.

Megumi also followed and looked around the clubroom. She could see a brush, paint, canvas, etc. There were also a lot of paintings which were placed inside. It might be made by an alumnus or a member of the art club. There were also a lot of trophies which were placed inside the cabinet. Even so, she had heard that the art club was going into a downturn and there weren't many members within the club.

"If I'm not wrong, one of the most popular girls in our grade is also part of his club, right?"

"That girl is our target."

"Eh? Really?" Megumi was surprised.

Sora nodded and looked around to see whether she could find a suspicious place. "Yeah, I've only met her once, but the style of her painting is similar to "Egoistic Lily" from the website which we have seen before."

"....." Megumi didn't think too much if one of the students in this school was a famous hentai doujin mangaka, since her boyfriend had also created an e.r.o.t.i.c game. She also searched the surrounding area and noticed a door within the clubroom. "Sora, that place."


Sora then noticed a door which was hidden beside a cabinet. It was so unnoticeable that no one would realize that there was a door in that place. "Let's go to that place."

Megumi nodded and walked toward the door.

Sora was about to open the door, but it was locked. "It's locked."

"Let me try."

Megumi had learned various ninja techniques from Shiina and she had even overtaken Shiina's ability. She took out a small pin from her pocket and opened the door without trouble.


Sora opened her mouth wide looking at Megumi's action.

"It's open," Megumi said plainly.


Sora nodded and didn't think too much since she knew the more she thought about this matter, the more she felt that she would turn stupid.

Sora entered the door, but then she was surprised when she saw what was inside. Megumi was also quite surprised to see what was hidden inside this room. Both of them could see a lot of paintings scattered within the floors and various places. This place was very messy, but they could feel how hard this person was to train her ability to draw.

Sora took one of the ill.u.s.trations on the floor then raised her eyebrow since it was a drawing of a beautiful girl, or rather it was the ill.u.s.tration of Saber from "Fate/Stay Night" which was made by both Haru and Kosaka.

"These ill.u.s.trations are very good." Megumi praised.

"It's good, right?" Sora nodded and felt that she had found the right person.

When both of them were looking around the room suddenly there was a sound of something dropping which made them turn abruptly.

"Y, Y, Y, Y, You...!"

Sora and Megumi saw a beautiful girl who seemed to be panicking and couldn't utter a single word from her mouth.

"Sawamura Spencer Eriri. If you don't want everyone to know that you're drawing something lewd then you need to follow us." Sora smiled looking at this blonde girl.

'It's over....'

Sawamura thought at that moment.


It was what Sawamura thought, but she didn't expect to see that there were a lot of people who seemed excited discussing her drawing. Her face was blushing when she thought that all of them knew about her secret. Looking at her surroundings, she knew very well that almost all of them were famous beauties in this school, especially Sora, Utaha, and Yumeko. But even Megumi, Fujiwara, Gigako, and Maki were also beautiful girls which made her feel a bit surprised. She was wondering what kind of club this was since she could see a lot of tabletop games on the shelf and table. There were also a lot of snacks and beverages there.

"Sawamura-san, here's a cookie, why don't you try it?" Fujiwara offered with a smile.

"T, Thank you, Fujiwara-san...." Sawamura would be lying if she wasn't nervous, but there was nothing that she could do since her secret had been known by those girls. She was afraid that her high school life would be over when everyone knew that she was an ill.u.s.trator for H-Doujin manga.

Still, she took the cookie and ate it quietly.

Sawamura had felt something bad before and decided to come to the art clubroom, but she didn't expect the situation to be worse than she had thought.

"Sawamura-san, please read this." Sora gave the gameplan to Sawamura.

"This..?" Sawamura looked at Sora with a doubt. Even though she only knew about Sora, she knew that Sora was very popular because of her beauty. She didn't have a bad impression of Sora since their condition was similar. Their chests were small, after all, and she felt like they were kindred spirits.

"It's a gameplan. Please, read it."

Sawamura took the gameplan unsurely and read the title which was named "School Days". She didn't think too much and thought that it might be some boring game, but she didn't say it out loud. She knew that Sora held her secret and she could only humor her for a while, but the more she read, the more she became excited about this gameplan since she had to admit that the story was amazing. Her eyes shone brightly and asked, "W, Who has written this?!"

"So will you join us? Let's make this game together as ill.u.s.trators on our team." Sora invited Sawamura directly.

It was Sawamura's first time to know each of them, but it was her first time to have otaku friends, especially when all of them were girls. Not only that, all of them were famous for their beauty and didn't even lose to herself. If this was a light novel, then she was sure that it could become one of the best selling books.

Sawamura was a lonely girl and had always hid a secret about her otaku hobby, but she didn't expect to meet a friend with a similar hobby, especially when all of them had similar conditions. Looking at the gameplan, she knew that this game would become a big hit for sure. She looked at Sora and nodded.

"Let me join!"

Sora smiled and her team was complete. The only thing she needed to do was create this game before Summer Comiket.