Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1049

Volume 1 Chapter 1049 Smart Corpse And Stalker

Haru smiled and rested his back on the wall. "What do you mean, Senpai? Do you want to overthrow my girlfriend's position as student council president?" He felt that it was too funny for Miboumi to make him fight Kirari.

Miboumi's expression was calm and he shook his head. "No, of course not. I'm not going to make you fight against your own girlfriend."


"I hope that you'll sit on the sideline as I fight against her."


Haru was surprised that Miboumi decided to tell him the truth. He smiled and said, "You sure are interesting, Senpai. So you want me to do nothing when you're doing something to my girlfriend? Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I know that it is impossible to invite you to my group, and if you want you can even create a new group and destroy my group." Even though Miboumi hated to admit it, he knew that he lacked the power and charisma which was owned by Haru. If Haru wanted then his group would be destroyed in an instant, but he was lucky that Haru didn't seem to have an interest in his group.


It is, known as Zenshoukai, is the name of a group led by Aoi Mibuomi. Full-Bloom's collective purpose is to destroy the Student Council so there won't be any discrimination inside the school. Though, of course, their purpose wasn't as righteous as that since they also had their own interests.

There were a lot of privileges which someone could get by becoming the student council president, and Miboumi wanted to own that position by himself, but he knew very well that it wasn't that easy. For him, Kirari was easy since her image wasn't good in the eyes of the students, but Haru was different since his popularity was very high. He had always had a headache thinking about how to solve Haru since he didn't see a chance to win.

Miboumi's first intention was to see Haru's view regarding the "housepet" system, but it seemed that he had found something more than he had thought. He found out that Haru hated this system and thought that it was his chance. He knew that it was impossible for Haru to join him, but it might be possible to make him became a bystander in this battle of thrones.

Haru might hate the "housepet" system, but he knew that it was necessary since in this school was similar to a small capitalist country where the weak were eaten by the strong.

If the weak couldn't pay their debts and were not being treated harshly, then they would act very shameless, they wouldn't pay their debts, and acted very unreasonably, even though, they knew that they were wrong.

(Note: I have an experience where my friend asks me to lend him money, but when I ask him back, you know... you don't need me to explain, right? Sometimes, good intentions aren't going to be paid with the same good intention, or rather they will treat you badly. If you ask them to pay the money, they will act unreasonable, block the number, act as if they don't owe you money, and do a lot more. Fortunately, I don't lend him too much).

"It seems that you're not as good as everyone, though." Haru smiled.

Miboumi shook his head and said, "For you the position of student council is only a small matter since you're the richest man in this country, but for me, this position is important." He felt that lying would be impossible in front of Haru so he decided to be as truthful as possible. It might seem weird, but in front of Haru, he felt that he was being seen.

Haru thought that Miboumi was interesting somehow. "I thought that you were going to invite me."


"If you really invite me, then I might create a similar organization such as you, then steal all of your members."


"But you're more fun than I thought." Haru smiled and patted Miboumi's shoulder. "Then try your best." He didn't say anything anymore and left him waving his hand. Well, he might have acted like he didn't have an interest, but he was going to destroy Miboumi's plan later.

Looking at Haru's back, Miboumi knew that Haru's mind was very hard to predict, but who was he? Could he guess the mind of the genius? Of course not, though, at the same time, the reason for his headache had disappeared somehow.


Polar Star Dormitory.

Souma was about to search for a wild herb and vegetable for his new dish. He had heard that there would be a training camp which would be held soon. He had heard that it would be quite sparta training, but at the same time, it made him curious and anticipated this training.

Souma was searching for wild herbs and vegetables together with Tadokoro and Yoshino around his dorm. Even though he was quite knowledgeable, there were a lot of things which he didn't know about such as wild herbs and vegetables, but Tadakoro explained to him kindly.

"Tadokoro, it seems that you know most of the herbs and vegetables in this place."

"Yes, in my hometown, I've often gone to the mountain to get various herbs and vegetables." Tadokoro seemed to be very happy when she talked about her home and suddenly she got homesick.

"Tadokorochii! You're very cute!" Yoshino hugged Tadokoro tightly.

Souma ignored their interaction and went deep into the jungle near his dormitory, but suddenly he stumbled into something. "What?!" He almost fell down on the ground, but then he felt cold when he saw that he had stumbled into a gravestone.


"Yukihira, what's wrong?" Yoshino asked, but then she realized the gravestone which was dropped by Souma. "H, Hiiii...!!!!" She became very scared and hugged Tadokoro beside her.

"Is there a corpse here?" Souma frowned, but he calmed himself. Then he read the name on the gravestone. "Takeshi?" He didn't expect that he would see a murder scene right near his dormitory which made him a bit scared.

"T, Tadokorochii! Yukihira! Let's get out of here!" Yoshino was crying since she was very scared.

"E, Everyone calm down, it isn't a grave." Tadokoro calmed everyone down.

"Huh?" Souma and Yoshino looked at Tadokoro since it seemed that she knew something about this grave.

"This is a special fermentation dish."

"Special fermentation dish?" 2x


Otonokizaka High School.

There were eight girls who stayed on the rooftop of this school and it seemed that they were talking to each other.

Honoka, Umi, and Kotori looked at the five new members who had decided to join their school idol group.

"I'm happy!" Honoka was very happy since the number of members had increased.

Eli folded her arms and said, "Don't forget about our meeting with Haru tomorrow, alright?"

"Yes, President!"

Everyone nodded and it smiled since it seemed that they moved forward because of his help.

Maki glanced at Eli and wondered what Eli's relationship with Haru was.

"W, who is this Haru?" The soft voice girl asked with a low voice. It seemed that she was very shy.

"Nyaa?" Another girl with short hair, titled her head in confusion.

"He's our first fan." Honoka smiled when she thought about Haru. Though, at the same time, she started to drool when she thought about the bread which was baked by Haru. She was wondering whether she could ask him for a new type of bread when they meet tomorrow.

"Honoka, you're an idol! You need to maintain your figure! You can't eat so carelessly!" Umi reprimanded.

"Umi-chan, how did you know I thought of food?" Honoka was surprised.

Umi snorted and said, "You've got a drool in your mouth. Of course, I know about this."

"Eh?!" Honoka hurriedly wiped the corner of her mouth.

Everyone laughed together and the atmosphere among them was very good, but little did they know that there was a girl who was eavesdropping on their conversation.

"The location is Kanda Shrine, right?"

"Yes, if you don't know the location we can meet up at the school entrance."

This girl who eavesdropped on their conversation wrote down a note. "Kanda shrine, huh?" This girl snorted when she heard their laugh since she wanted to say that being an idol wasn't a game, but at the same time, she was jealous at how close they were. She sighed but quickly ran away when she heard that those groups of girls were about to go in her direction.

'Kanda shrine, I need to see who their producer is.'

Honoka, Umi, Kotori, and everyone didn't know that they had gotten a stalker who would follow them tomorrow.