Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 105

Volume 1 Chapter 105 I'm Not Chef..

Haru looked up and saw that this grandma was very healthy even though she was already 500 years old. He shook his head and started to fly using his light magic.

Luffy also followed with jumping into the top of the pot.

Tsunade didn't jump but walked on the side of the pot elegantly to the top.

Takimaru, Toriko, and Komatsu were stunned to see three of them.

"hahaha, interesting," Toriko also jumped to the top of the pot.

"Toriko-san!!!!" Komatsu felt that he had been left behind.

"Komatsu-kun, let's just use the stairs," Takimaru said and tapped his shoulder.

Komatsu looked at him and nodded. He felt moved by his kindness and felt that the only normal people in this room were him and this person.


Haru had arrived at the top of the pot. He could see a beautiful clear soup with a lot of monstrous size of ingredients inside this pot, "Is this Century Soup?"

Setsuno nodded, "Yes, but this is still half finished, there is still something missing."

Haru had already tried to put some of the soup into the system but it was a failure. He knew that this soup wasn't complete and needed the last ingredients. He either needed to get Century Soup in the wild or cook it by himself. Though, he knew that it was a bit impossible to do that since he didn't have that much of a patient and he wasn't a real chef.

"Wow, there is a lot of soup," Luffy wanted to jump to the pot but he was stopped by Setsuno.

"This naughty boy," Setsuno hit his head but suddenly she felt that she had hit a rubber.


"Your body is very elastic," Setsuno felt that she had hit a rubber.

"Yes, I'm a rubber human," Luffy said with a trademark smile.

"Rubber human, huh?" Setsuno didn't say anything but kept holding him in place.

Luffy didn't care and made his mouth longer. He slurped the soup with very fast movement.

"Ah, not fair!" Toriko also came and slurped the soup at the same time.

"ENOUGH YOU PIG!!!" Setsuno was angry at both of them.

Haru thought that he had enough of glutton in the group chat and thought to invite someone else. He knew that there would be a lot of characters in this expedition. He was wondering who they should invite to the Group Chat later.

"Ha....Ha....Ha...." Komatsu had arrived at the top of the pot and he was very tired but the tiredness in his body disappeared when he saw the ingredients in front of him.

"WOW!!!" Komatsu was amazed and fascinated by it.

"I have talked about it earlier but this Century Soup isn't complete," Setsuno said.

"What do you mean that is incomplete?" Komatsu asked.

"Century Soup occurs in nature," Setsuno said.


Setsuno nodded, "I have never forgotten how delicious that soup was during my young day." She smiled sweetly when she thought about it. She looked at both Haru and Komatsu, "I have tried to recreate it several times but I have never found the last ingredients but both of you could tell there was something missing in this soup."

Komatsu was troubled, "Don't ask me, I have never tasted this before."

Haru rubbed his nose and said, "I'm not sure, but it's only intuition." He couldn't tell her that he knew the information from the manga.

"Do you know why I bring you to the kitchen?" Setsuno asked.


"Of all the world's leaders, rich folks, and gourmet connoisseurs, not one has given me an opinion of my cooking, both of you are the first one who has said that to me, it got me thinking that you can complete this soup," Setsuno said.

"I'm not a chef," Haru said.

"Aw now, there is no way that I can do that," Komatsu said.

Setsuno smiled, "Don't you want to eat the genuine Century Soup?"

"I DO!!!!" Luffy and Toriko said at the same time. Both of them had a similar way of thinking and both of them were only thinking about eating.

"I'm interested," Tsunade said as she wanted to eat the real Century Soup and it was also a mission from the group chat.

"Me too," Takimaru said.

"How about you?" Setsuno looked at him.

"Of course, who doesn't want to taste the real Century Soup?" Haru said.

Setsuno smiled, "Good, right now is the perfect time to do that, the Century Soup only appears once every 100 years, you can't find such a better time."

'She is really hundreds of years old....' Takimaru, Haru, and Tsunade thought.

Setsuno ignored their gaze and continued, "Right now, there is a man with detailed information about the Century Soup, he has gathered Gourmet Hunter from all over the world to get ahold of that soup!"

Setsuno looked at everyone, "I'm sure that everyone here will come to join the group expedition and at that time try to taste the genuine Century Soup." She looked at both him and Komatsu, "Go find out what is missing and cook up the finest batch of the Century Soup the world has ever known!"

Toriko was confident and excited at the same time. He believed that he could get that Century Soup.

Komatsu was overwhelmed by the development of this conversation. He only wanted to eat but suddenly he needed to join the expedition to find the Century Soup.

Haru wasn't sure how to respond to her since he wasn't a chef at the same time he also didn't know most of the ingriedeints in this world. But his group would be the ones who got that Century Soup.

"ALRIGHT, LET'S GET THAT CENTURY SOUP!!!" Luffy raised his hand.

Tsunade nodded in agreement.

Takimaru also clenched both of his hands.

Their adventure started from here.