Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1050

Volume 1 Chapter 1050 I'm Your Producer 1

1 May.

In the early morning, everyone was working in the cafe.

Sora and Megumi had to admit that the wage in Haru's cafe was very high and it was the reason why they were working quite hard during their holiday.

Haru was serving the customer with a smile and no one would think that he was a billionaire at that moment.

Yuri, Shiina, and Iwasawa were happy with his presence which made Sora and Megumi realize that Haru might add his harem again in the future.

Utaha and Kosaka didn't help them and they sat lazily on the counter seat drinking coffee in the early morning.

Most of the people who came to this place were housewives around the neighborhood and girls which made it hard for a male to enter this place.

It wasn't Haru's intention to make it that way, but he didn't complain about it.

"Right, Haru, is it alright for me to use this cafe for meetings?" Sora asked.

"Oh? Meeting?"

Sora nodded and said, "I've found the team and I want to make the game soon."

Kosaka raised her head and asked, "You want to make a game?" She glanced at Haru since she had never heard about this matter.

"Sora wants to make a game so I support her." As long as Sora wanted something then he would do his best to help her.

"What kind of game?" Kosaka was quite curious. She knew that she couldn't make another game since her hands were quite busy with another game. She had to admit that her speed at making money was very fast, but compared to Haru, she was nothing after all. However, compared to her situation in the past, it was several times better.

However, Kosaka had never wanted to change and felt comfortable with her life right now, but if there was something which she wanted to change then it was her relationship with the man in front of her.

"You can read the gameplan later, but the members of Tabletop Gaming are going to come later, is it alright to use this place, Haru?" Sora asked.

"Why not?" Haru didn't really mind and agreed.

"That's good." Sora nodded and said, "There's no male members for your information."

Haru smiled and said, "That's something informative to know." He was wondering whether there was another harem protagonist in this world, but he had never seen one after all.

"Haru, are you free tonight?" Iwasawa asked.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"I want to see an underground concert. If it's alright, can you accompany me?" Iwasawa wanted to make her own band as soon as possible and thought of going to an underground concert venue since she might have found a talent there, but she was a girl after all and she wanted someone to protect her.

"Underground concert?" Utaha seemed quite interested.

"Do you want to come too?" Iwasawa asked.

"If he decides to go then I'll go too." Utaha looked at Haru with a smile since she was too lazy to walk.

"That's alright, I'll accompany you." Haru looked at everyone and asked, "Does anyone else want to go?"

They didn't have that much of an interest in music, but then Shiina and Yuri raised their hand.

"Shiina, do you want to go?" Haru was a bit surprised.

Shiina nodded in response.

"I'll go out too." Yuri thought that it was her chance to be with him.

"Then tonight, let's go out together." Haru thought that he should also bring GT-Robot too later since it might not be safe to bring a lot of beautiful girls to such a place.

"Right, don't try to flirt with the members of Tabletop Gaming Club later." Sora reminded him.

"I won't." Haru sighed and said, "I'll go out after this."





Haru was in his shrine after his work at the cafe was over. He changed into his samue (work clothing for Japanese monks) and waited for everyone.

"Haru, your tea."

"Thank you, Nozomi." Haru sipped his tea calmly and asked, "Is the progress smooth?"

Nozomi sat down beside him and nodded. "Yes, we have eight members now!" She seemed to be quite proud at this moment and acted a bit coquettish since she was very happy. Before she was quite a loner, but this time, she had a lot of friends beside her.

"You didn't knead their b.r.e.a.s.ts, right?" Haru knew that Nozomi had a bad hobby of kneading a girl's chest which somehow made him jealous, but he was a male after all and he couldn't do such a thing unless that person was his girlfriend.

Nozomi chuckled and asked, "Are you jealous?" She raised both of her hands and moved it strangely. "If you want, I can touch yours too."


"I don't have b.r.e.a.s.ts." Haru was speechless.

"No, your chest is amazing!" Nozomi was about to knead Haru's chest, but her wrists were caught by him. She looked up at him and asked, "What are you doing?"

"No, I should be the one who is asking you that question!" Haru glared at Nozomi and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm about to knead your b.r.e.a.s.ts!" Nozomi's expression was very righteous as if kneading Haru's chest was similar to a hero's act.


Haru chopped Nozomi's head since this girl was very stupid.

"It hurts!" Nozomi held her head and pouted at him.

Haru shook his head and sipped his tea while reading a newspaper. He could see his name there, but that was alright since the news about the Olympus Corporation scandal was being leaked slowly and he was about to make a big profit from it.

Today might be Saturday and the market was closed, but he needed to lay the groundwork before ripping apart this company.

Nozomi looked at Haru who was reading a newspaper and sat closely beside him. She blushed and felt as if they were husband and wife, but she sighed since she knew that he loved her best friend not her.

"Excuse me, nyaa!"

Suddenly they heard the voice of a girl from the outside.

Nozomi smiled and stood up. "Oh, it's them, wait here, I'll take them inside."


Haru nodded and kept reading the newspaper. He could see the photo of Ritsu and Seri in the newspaper. The picture of Seri and Ritsu often appeared in the newspaper since both of them were usually the ones who handled Haru's business and their appearance was very beautiful.

While he was reading, it was at this moment that two girls entered the shrine.

"Ah, it's the bully, nyaa!"

Haru raised his head and saw two girls who he had seen in the past. "Oh, glasses girl, nyaa-nyaa girl."

"I'm not nyaa-nyaa girl, nyaa! I have a name, nyaa! My name is Rin Hoshizora, nyaa!" Rin was similar to an angry cat looking at Haru.

The glasses girl was very shy and hid behind Nozomi.

"Haru... what did you do to both of them?" Nozomi shook her head with a helpless expression.


Haru looked at this girl with a speechless expression. 'Say the one who wants to knead my chest earlier.' He shook his head and said, "Welcome, welcome, please sit down and make yourself at home."

The change of attitude from Haru made the glasses girl and Rin seem to be a bit surprised, but they nodded and sat down right in front of him while looking around curiously.

"Is this your home, nyaa?" Rin asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, I own this shrine." He looked at Rin and asked, "Did you come because you've joined Muse?"

"Eh? How did you know, nyaa? Are you an esper, nyaa?" Rin was surprised.

"Help! Help!" The glasses girl seemed to be panicking for some reason.


Haru suddenly had a headache and wondered whether this school idol group would be alright.

"Haru, we're coming!"

Then Honoka, Umi, Kotori, Maki, and Eli entered one by one. It seemed that they met each other by change along the way.

Maki and Eli sat beside Haru which made everyone realize that their relationship seemed to be close to each other.

"Uumm.. um... Honoka-senpai, who is he?" The glasses girl had been very curious about Haru's identity. Even though she had seen him before, she didn't know about him at all, but when Honoka was about to answer....

"Cough! Cough! I know that some of you might know me already, but some of you don't know me so I'll introduce myself." Haru stood up and gathered everyone's attention on him.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka and I'll be your producer from now on!"


Rin and the glasses girl who didn't know him opened their mouths wide since it was their first time to know about this matter.