Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1051

Volume 1 Chapter 1051 I'm Your Producer 2


"EHHHHHH!!!!" The glasses girl and Rin seemed to be surprised by this sudden announcement.

Haru ignored the outburst of the two girls and continued. "It's my first time being a producer, but I'll do my best to help you."

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Everyone beside the glasses girl and Rin clapped their hands and smiled looking at him.

"I should have done this meeting earlier, but since we're students, our first priority is to study so I'm sorry to take your time during the holiday for this meeting."

"No! It's not a problem at all!"

Everyone was happy that Haru had decided to help them.

"There is something that I want to tell you later, but first, let us introduce each other since I don't know the name of some of you here." Haru glanced at the glasses girl since he didn't know the name of this girl.

The glasses girl seemed to be blushing and shy when Haru looked at her.

"Well, who is going to introduce first?"

"Me! Me! Me!" Honoka raised her hand excitedly and said, "My name is Honoka Kosaka and I'm in my second year at Otonokizaka High School! I like bread the most!"

"You don't need to tell us about the bread." Umi was speechless.

"Ehh..? But isn't it more fun that way?" Honoka seemed to be dissatisfied.

"Umi-chan, I think it is good to add some information so all of us can get to know each other quickly." Kotori commented with a smile.

Everyone agreed with Kotori.

"I, Is that so..?" Umi was a bit shy.

"Then, Umi-chan, you should introduce yourselves next!" Honoka smiled.

"W, Well..." Umi suddenly felt a bit nervous, but she calmed herself quickly and started to introduce herself. "My name is Umi Sonoda and I'm also a second year student at Otonokizaka High School. I'm good at kyuudo (Japanese archery)...."


Everyone was a bit surprised since they didn't expect a slender girl such as Umi to be good at Kyuudo.

"Y, yes, my parents own a dojo and you can visit it anytime."

"Well, I might visit it in the future." Haru was quite interested in kyuudo.

"Then, I'll do the introduction next." Kotori smiled and said, "My name is Kotori Minami and similar to Umi and Honoka, I'm a second year student at Otonokizaka High School. And, I also love to make cute clothes."

"Oh, are the clothes that you've worn during that concert being made by you?" Haru asked.


"It's very cute."

"Thank you." Kotori smiled sweetly at Haru.

Haru thought it was good to have a designer within the team since they could make their own clothes later, though, he wasn't sure why Maki and Eli were staring at him at this moment. He looked at Maki and said, "Maki, how about you next?"

"Eh?" Maki was startled and blushed slightly.

Everyone stared at Maki and Haru feeling that their relationship was a bit more special.

Eli, Nozomi, Rin, and the glasses girl also wanted to know what was the relationship between Haru and Maki since the only one who knew about their relationship in this place was only Kotori, Honoka, and Umi.

"My name is Maki Nishikino."


"That's all?"

"That's all."


Maki twirled the tip of her hair while looking away.


Then Nozomi suddenly raised her hand and seemed to have a question. "I have a question." She looked at both Haru and Maki then asked, "What is the relationship between the two of you? You seem to know each other."

"We're childhood friends." Haru didn't need to hide it since sooner or later they would know about it.



Haru wondered whether they would get bored by that reaction. "She's very good at creating music and if I'm not wrong that song during that concert is being made by you, right, Maki?"

"W, well..." Maki nodded and blushed. She glanced at him waiting for him to tell about his opinion regarding her song. Though, she would be lying if she wasn't nervous at this moment.

"It's a very good song." Haru had to admit that Maki had a talent to be a musician, but he knew that it was impossible for her to become one since she would inherit her parents' hospital in the future.

"I - Is that so..." Maki blushed, and felt very shy, however, she was very happy.


Haru wasn't sure, but his thigh was pinched by Eli. He sighed and knew that he needed to change the topic of conversation. "Eli, how about you next?"

Eli nodded and her face was quite serious at that moment. "My name is Eli Ayase. I'm a 3rd year student and student council president at Otonogizaka High School. I hope to be able to save the school from being closed."

No one expected Eli to join this school idol group, but at the same time, they realized what Eli's purpose was. However, they didn't hate it since their first intention to create this school idol group was to save their school from being closed down next year.

"Then, I'll be the next one!" Nozomi patted her large chest and said, "My name is Nozomi Tojo and I'm also a 3rd year student at Otonogizaka High School. I'm very good at tarot reading and fortune-telling." She took out her cards to show that she was serious.


Everyone seemed to be amazed by Nozomi's introduction.

"Then Rin is next!" Rin raised her hand high and introduced herself excitedly. "My name is Rin Hoshizora, nyaa! I'm very good at sports, nyaa!"

Haru smiled when he looked at this cheerful girl and he felt anyone who saw her would become very happy. This girl might have seemed quite a tomboy, but her butt was quite nice since she had been working out quite well.

"Then, how about you?" Haru looked at the glasses girl.

"M, my, my name is Hanayo Koizumi..."

The glasses girl's voice was very low and she was very nervous at the same time.

"Hanayo-chan, isn't it?" Haru asked.

Hanayo nodded with blush since her first name was being felled by a guy for the first time!

"You have a very cute voice. You should be more confident and talk louder next time."

Being praised Hanayo blushed, but she was happy that her voice was being praised and nodded. "Y, Yes." This time her voice was a bit louder than before.

"Haru, how about you introduce yourself more! You've only introduced yourself as our producer, but you don't tell us anything about yourself." Nozomi complained.


No one said anything, but they nodded and stared at Haru silently, agreeing for Haru to introduce himself more.

Haru looked at Nozomi and felt helpless. "I'll introduce myself again then. My name is Kasugano Haruka and I'm a second year student at Hyakkou Academy."

"Hyakkou Academy?!" They were a bit surprised when they heard it since Hyakkou Academy was very famous.

"I also own this shrine so you can use this place anytime for practice in the future."


It seemed that Haru's identity wasn't as simple as they thought.

"I want to talk more about what we're going to do in the future, but before that."

Haru stood up which made everyone confused. He opened the door of the shrine then they saw a girl with a twintail hairstyle with a mask and sunglasses covering her face.


They stared at each other for a while.

The girl took off her mask and sunglasses then put it into her bag calmly. Then after that, she looked at everyone and made a gesture with her hands.

"Nico Nico Nii!"

The girl tried to act as cute as possible.


They felt the temperature become cold all of sudden after they saw this girl's act.