Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1052

Volume 1 Chapter 1052 I'm Your Producer 3


It was his second time seeing this fake cute act which somehow tightened his chest and it made him a bit hard to breathe.

Haru couldn't bear to see such a thing which somehow made him very embarrassed even though he wasn't the one who did it.

Not only him, but everyone looked at this girl strangely since they had never seen such a fake act which made them embarrassed even though they weren't the one who did it.

"Huh, Nico-chan? What are you doing here?" Nozomi was surprised.

The twin-tailed petite girl seemed embarrassed when her existence had been known by everyone. At first, she was confident in her hiding skill which she had trained in the past few years, but it seemed that this young man wasn't a normal person since he could know her hiding place in an instant.

"Do you know her, Nozomi?" Haru asked.

"She's the president of the Idol Research Club in our school." Eli looked at Nico with a strange expression.

"Eh? Is there such a club in our school?" Honoka and Hanayo were surprised. Hanayo stared at Nico with a burning gaze since she was curious about this club.


Nico felt even more uncomfortable when everyone stared at her.

"Umm.... What's your name?" Haru asked.

When Nico was asked, she seemed to regain her bearing. "My name is Yazawa Nico!" She stood up and said, "I'm here to show you what a real school idol is! And, I want to say that your school idol group is a child play!"


No one was sure what to say since this girl had shown a very embarrassing gesture, but then suddenly scolded them which bewildered them.

"Yazawa-san, isn't it? Since you're the president of the Idol Research Club then you must know a lot of things about school idols, right?" Haru asked.

"Of course! I'm a pro!" Nico patted her non-existent chest.

"Hmph! Just you?" Maki snorted and folded her arms looking at Nico.

"You...?!" Nico seemed to be annoyed by Maki's response toward her.

"Well, Yazawa-san, why don't you sit down and join us for a bit since you're very knowledgeable about a school idol." Haru offered since he felt that this girl was funny and it seemed that this girl could become a good friend of Maki.

"Since you've kindly asked me then I'll accept your request." Nico nodded and seemed quite satisfied with Haru's words.


Everyone became even more speechless with Nico.

"Hmph!" Maki was quite dissatisfied and didn't even hide it from everyone.

"You...!?" Nico also glared at Maki.

"Cough! Cough! Let's continue our conversation, but let me tell you first what I'll do as your producer."

Everyone stared at Haru and wondered what he would do for them.

"I'll do nothing."


Everyone opened their eyes and mouths wide.


"I know that you're surprised, but it isn't that I'll do nothing or rather I'll support you from behind. I don't want to control all of you and even if all of you are a school idol, you're also a student, we're not professional so it is normal for us not to be perfect, but at the same time, it is what makes you interesting and attractive in my eyes."


They blushed slightly when they heard such sincere praise.

"So what are you going to do?" Eli asked.

"I'll give you an opportunity. I know a lot of people and I can give you a chance to perform in various places and events so your popularity will soar which means that you can also promote your school that way and save your school from being closed."

Hearing Haru's words, they nodded and felt excited.

Nico stared at Haru and felt that with this young man, this group of school idols could go anywhere. She clenched her hands and looked at everyone feeling jealous since she wasn't part of them.

"Haru!" Honoka raised her hands.

"Yes, Honoka?"

"So are we going to perform in a concert soon?" Honoka asked with excitement.

Some of them anticipated it, but there was also someone who was nervous since it meant that they would perform in front of a lot of people. If they failed then....

"Don't be impatient, before you perform at various events or places, there are some things which I need to ask everyone first." Haru looked at Nozomi who acted as his secretary. "Nozomi, that board."

"Yes, boss."

Nozomi saluted and pulled a large white board from the room beside this place.

"Thank you." Haru nodded and started to write something on the whiteboard.

"What's your goal?"

Haru wrote those sentences in quite a large size and looked at everyone. "Before we start, let me ask all of you about this question since some of you might have a different idea."

"Eh? A different idea? We're going to save the school, right?" Honoka asked.

"That's true, but I want to ask all of you so I can confirm your goal first." Haru looked at Eli and asked, "Eli, what's your goal after becoming a school idol?"

"Of course, I want to save the school from being closed down." Eli's expression was very serious which made everyone think she really loved Otonokizaka High School.

Haru nodded and looked at Hanayo. "Hanayo-chan, what about you?"

"Eh? Me?" Hanayo seemed to be startled and didn't expect to be asked so suddenly. She blushed and wasn't sure what to say.

"Calm down, Hanayo-chan. Tell me why you want to join Muse, anything is fine...." Haru put a gentle expression and asked kindly. "So please tell us why you want to become a school idol?

"Hmm.... M, my goal isn't so grand to save the school or something, but m, my mother is an idol and I, I've always wanted to become one so..." Hanayo was very embrassed at this moment.

"Great, I think you'll become a great school idol with everyone." Haru praised Hanayo since she knew that this girl was really shy.

"R, Really?"

"Yes, believe in yourself. You have a cute voice and your face is beautiful so I believe that you can become one."

Being praised, Hanayo blushed, but nodded at him.

Haru smiled, but then he could see that everyone stared at him with an expressionless expression.

"Cough! Cough! Let's continue." Haru looked at Maki and asked, "Maki, how about you?"

"Someone forced me to enter." Maki pouted while looking away.


Everyone continued to stare at Haru at this moment.

"Cough! Cough!" Haru didn't expect that it would be so hard to do this meeting. "Then, let's continue the next one!"

Hearing everyone's goal and reason to become a school idol, Haru nodded and felt satisfied. He didn't ask Nico at first, but he could see that this girl really wanted to join their conversation. "Yazawa-san, how about you? If you become a school idol, then what is your goal?"

Yazawa seemed to be waiting for this moment and she stood up showing her momentum. "Of course, it is to win Love Live!"

"Love Live?"

Some of them didn't know what Love Live was, even Honoka who the one who proposed to the school idol also didn't know what Love Live was.

"You...?! Do you really want to become a school idol?!" Yazawa was furious when she saw their reaction.

"It seems that some of us don't know what school idols are, so can you explain to us Yazawa-san?" Haru asked.

"Of course!" Nico coughed then started to explain what a Love Live School Idol was to everyone.

In simple terms, Love Live School Idol is a competition between school idol groups in this country. If that school idol group can win this competition then they can get fame from the first school idol group in this country and a lot of rewards.

"So do you understand what Love Live School Idol is?" Yazawa asked.

Everyone nodded and understood what Love Live School Idol was.

"Thank you, Yazawa-san."

"No problem." Yazawa nodded and seemed satisfied with being treated politely by Haru.

"Then let us continue, after Yazawa-san has told us about Love Live then let us set up our goal."


"Haven't we said our goal before?"

They were confused by Haru's words.

"Yes. However, some of your answers are a bit different so we need to change that and make all of you have the same goal.

Haru looked at everyone and said, "Some of you want to become more confident, some of you want to become idols, some of you just want to save the school, etc.... each of you have different goals, but it's a great goal regardless, but at the same time, we need to unify it into one." He started to write down something on the white board while explaining.

"So your answer will lead into one goal and that is to...."

Haru patted the whiteboard and said, "Win the Love Live School Idol with this everyone's goal can be achieved at the same time."


They weren't sure but they felt that their blood was boiling at that moment. It felt that they were the main characters in the shounen manga who met a master along the way to make them became stronger. They felt that it was their feeling at this moment, but at the same time, they had to admit that he was very handsome at this moment.