Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1054

Volume 1 Chapter 1054 I'm Your Producer 5


"Yes!" Nico looked at everyone with a serious expression as if about saying something important. "What the fans want from idols is an exciting, dreamlike time! To give the fans what they want, idols need an appropriate character and you girls don't have it!"

"I disagree with that, Yazawa-san."

"Hmm?" Nico looked at Haru who disagreed with her opinion. She felt a bit uncomfortable and asked, "Really?"

"Yes, I can show you an experiment." Haru sat down, turned his head, and stared at Maki.

One minute... two minutes, with the passage of time, the atmosphere in this shrine gradually changed.

Eli, Nozomi, Kotori, and Umi felt inexplicably jealousy in their hearts. Though, Nozomi was more open-minded looking at Haru curiously wondering what this guy was trying to do.

Rin and Honoka's eyes were wandering around, no one really knew what the two fools were thinking, but Honoka felt slightly uncomfortable for some reason which made her strange.

Hanayo was quite hesitant to speak as if she wanted to stop Haru's rude action.

Maki's delicate and graceful face had turned red at this time. If you had a special effect then it was estimated that there would be smoke on her head.

Just when the embarrassing atmosphere was about to reach the limit, Haru finally spoke softly with a smile. "Maki, your haughty face is very cute."


After a deadly tranquility, Maki burst out suddenly, "I said that I'm not haugthy! You're a pervert! Pervert! I'll ignore you again!" She was very embarrassed at that moment. If he did it when they were alone then she wouldn't mind, but he did this act in front of everyone which made her very embarrassed.

"Did you see it?"

Haru seemed to enjoy Maki's reaction and looked at Yazawa Nico who seemed to be stunned. "This kind of haughty character, if you said that this wasn't a character then, I'm not sure what it means to establish good character."

So this is the reason!

The remaining seven Muses looked at each other, and a thought flashed in their minds at the same time.

'Maki-chan is so pitiful!'

Everyone thought at the same time.

Maki blushed and stared at Haru with a glare and somehow, she wanted to bite him!

"Well... well.. This is barely a pass."

Nico was quite reluctant, but she had to admit Maki's character was very good, but she hadn't lost this battle. "But the remaining seven people have no characteristics at all!!"

Haru didn't object and smiled. "Then can you show us an example? You might already have a character, right?"

"Good question!"

It seemed that Nico had been waiting for this moment and stood up. She stepped back for a bit and turned her back to the crowd. "I'll show you an example so pay attention!"

Looking at her serious expression, Haru suddenly had a bad feeling all of sudden.

"Nico Nico Nii!"

Nico, who turned around, made her voice as cute as possible, but in their ears, it felt so fake and somehow very embrassing to look at. "Nico Nico Smile, straight to your heart! Yazawa Nico-Nico gave you a smile! Call me Nico-smile! Love, Nico!"


Everyone was stunned.

Haru had seen it before, but the effect didn't decrease or rather it was harder than before. It made it difficult for him to breathe, he wanted to cover his face, but he knew that it would be rude. Looking at Nico, he had to admit that he was quite amazed by Nico's determination to act cutely even though it was so fake in his eyes.

"What do you think?"

Looking at everyone with a disdainful expression, Nico ignored everyone's stunned gaze and asked Haru's opinion.

"Very... very unique and unforgettable!"

Haru had a hard time answering, and he didn't lie since Nico's action would be very hard for someone to forget in their entire life.

"But why do I feel that you're looking down on me?" Nico looked doubfully at Haru.

"That's just your imagination..." Waving his hand, Haru really told Nico the truth.

"Do you think that I'll believe what you say?" Nico pointed her finger at Haru and said, "Then show me! Come here and do the same thing as me here!"

"....I can't do this, and why should I listen to you?" Haru firmly refused.

"That's right, after all, Haru is a boy. That action is too difficult to be done by a boy." Everyone at Muse also helped Haru and added. "We can do the same action as you did earlier."

"No, it should be him!" Nico gritted her teeth and said, "Aren't you going to join my club? If you want to join then tell him to do the same actions as me!"

Everyone in Muse who was helping Haru spoke earlier, and immediately looked at Haru.

"Haru, please!"

Haru was speechless and asked, "What about our friendship?!" He felt ashamed when he asked this question, but he had a thick face after all.

Rin: "What's that?"

Hanayo: "Can you eat that?"

Umi: "Haru, please help us!"

Kotori: "Please, Haru!"

Maki: "Hmph! Just do it!"

Eli: "You've promised to help me, right? Then you should do it."

Nozomi: "Haru, do you want to break your promise?"

Honoka: "Don't worry, I've prepared everything." She held her smartphone and was ready to record Haru's action.

"Don't record it!"

Haru grabbed Honoka's smartphone and sighed. He didn't really want to do it, but he had promised to help them after all. "Well, it is just a very short action after all, do you think that I don't dare to do it?"


What happened next was something that he didn't want to recall anymore in his entire life. In short, he felt dizzy and almost collapsed, but everyone was very excited at that moment.

"Nico-chan, please join us!" Honoka suddenly invited Nico.

"Eh?!" Nico was startled.

"Yes, Nico-chan!"

"Nico-chan, you've a lot of knowledge about an idol and we're an ameteur after all."

"Please guide these lost lambs!" Haru added.


Nico didn't cry. She tried to hold back the tears on her eyes since she was very happy. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and looked at everyone arrogantly. "It'll be tough."

"I know! Becoming a top idol takes a lot of effort!" Honoka said.

"You don't know!" Nico stared at Honoka and reprimanded Honoka. "You're way too naive! You too! And you!" She pointed her finger at both Kotori and Umi. "You're all here too!" She looked at everyone while folding her arms.

"Listen, an idol's job isn't to show people their smiles, but it's to make people smile! Never forget about that!"

Haru smiled and was satisfied with Nico as a new member, but he felt tired. Suddenly his arm was poked by someone who made him turn his head.

"Thank you." Eli smiled sweetly at Haru.

"No problem."

Haru was happy that he could help Eli.

Then at this moment, Muse has been completed! And Haru's journey as a novice producer has just begun!


While Haru was helping Muse; Sora, Megumi, and Utaha were in Haru's cafe talking about the development of the game, it seemed everyone was more into playing in this cafe than talking about the meeting.