Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1055

Volume 1 Chapter 1055 Tumult At Fleurs De Lapin

As Haru was talking with the members of Muse, Sora welcomed the members of Tabletop Gaming Club to Haru's cafe.

"Uwoo!! Sora, how can you book this place?!" Fujiwara looked around Fleurs De Lapin excitedly. She knew about this place and she also had tasted the bread in this place in the past, but it was very hard to get and this place had always been opened in limited time. She had heard that there was a rumor that this place was owned by a billionaire on a whim, but she wasn't sure about the truth.

"Don't think too much. Let's not waste time and do our wor--" Sora was speechless since no one seemed to be listening to her.

Fujiwara went to the kitchen since she smelled something good and talked with Shiina, Iwasawa, and Yuri since she also knew that the three of them were also students in Shuchiin Academy.

Yumeko chatted with Akane and Kosaka who were sitting on the counter seat and it seemed that they were saying something which shouldn't be talked about by a minor.

Sawamura and Utaha were fighting each other. It seemed that even though it was their first meeting, their impression of each other wasn't good and they often argued with each other.

Sora sighed and sat down lazily feeling tired. She understood that it was hard to control those uncontrollable people.

"You alright, Sora?" Megumi asked.


Sora had gotten used to Megumi, whose presence suddenly disappeared all of sudden. "It's alright, but it seems that this game is going to be harder to make than I thought."

"Well..." Megumi wasn't sure what to say since she agreed with Sora's impression of this group. "Should we call Haru?"

"Now that you mention it, what is he doing in the shrine?" Sora asked.

"If I'm not wrong he has decided to become a producer for a school idol group."

"School idol group?"


Fujiwara had been observing Fleurs De Lapin and also tried the uniform of this cafe. She had to admit that it was very cute, especially the rabbit's ear parts. In her mind, the owner had a very good taste in uniform. Little did she know that it was just part of his fetish.

Fujiwara didn't expect to meet Yuri, Shiina, and Iwasawa. She didn't know much about Shiina and Iwasawa, but Yuri was quite popular since Yuri was the star in the kendo club.

Even though Yuri was only in 1st year, the captain's position in the kendo club had been held by her sooner or later and everyone believed the championship place of the tournament would be owned by her.

Yuri often trained kendo together with Haru after all. Haru, who had trained a "Breath Style" from "Kimetsu no Yaiba" could even be called a master in this world and Yuri, who trained with him, would also become a master soon or rather there might not be any opponents who could match her in high school.

Fujiwara became even more curious about the owner of this cafe. "Masami-san, who is the owner of this cafe?"

"Hmm? You don't know?" Iwasawa was a bit surprised.

Fujiwara wasn't sure, but Iwasawa gave her a cool feeling. She shook her head and said, "No, I don't know."

"It's Haru." Iwasawa's answer was pretty simple after all.

"Haru? Who?" Fujiwara asked.

"You don't know him?" Iwasawa was startled.

Iwasawa's reaction perplexed Fujiwara. "Is he very famous?"

"Very famous." Iwasawa nodded and said, "Every girl in this country should know him." She wasn't exaggerating about Haru, but his photo during the pool before had made his name very famous. Even though his photo didn't appear in the media that often, his name often appeared since there were a lot of things that had been done by him in the past few months.

"This..." Fujiwara suddenly thought of a name which startled her. "Is it him?"

"Yes, it's him." Iwasawa nodded.


Fujiwara opened her mouth wide since she didn't expect that Sora's boyfriend would be that person. She understood why Sora would reject everyone or rather she didn't think that anyone in the school would be able to get Sora. She became even more curious how Sora was able to get that person. Little did she know that Sora and that person were a pair of a brother and a sister before, but if that thing was known then it would become a huge scandal and that person had made that information disappear.

Fujiwara suddenly thought of something then looked at Iwasawa, Shiina, Yuri, Sora, Utaha, Megumi, Kosaka, and even Akane who was the teacher at her school. 'Is this his harem palace?'


Haru returned to his house and decided to take a bath. His hobby was taking baths and he also felt a bit sweaty after all. Though, when he was about to go; Sora, Utaha, and Megumi also joined him and it seemed that they had something to talk about with him.

One of the things which Haru had renovated in his house was the bathtup. His bathtup was very large and it was enough for all of them to stay together inside.

"What's wrong? It seems that you've found your enemies or something?" Haru asked.

"It's hard..." Sora sighed.

"Sora, you should kick that tsundere twintail away!" Utaha was indignant when she thought about Sawamura Eriri Spencer.

Haru looked at Megumi and asked, "What happened?"

Megumi has always been level headed and the calmest among them. Her answer was also very neutral or rather very plain?

Being asked, Megumi explained to him what had happened during the meeting of Tabletop Gaming Club and it seemed that it had become a riot since everyone was curious about his cafe.

Haru chuckled and it seemed that this club was quite fun. Unfortunately he couldn't join this club since he was in a different school.

"How? Do you want to transfer to our school? There are three of your harems here after all." Utaha tempted him.

Haru shook his head and said, "It's going to be troublesome. Think about what happens after I've transferred, I'm sure that I'll become a panda at the zoo." His identity was special after all and unlike Hyakkou Academy, he wasn't sure about the safety of Shuchiin Academy. He had also donated a lot of money to Hyakkou Academy and he was also worried about leaving Kirari alone in that school, considering how dangerous Hyakkou Academy was.

Megumi, Sora, and Utaha also thought that might be the case if Haru decided to transfer to their school, turning into a panda and attracting a lot of attention from everyone in the school.

Haru suddenly remembered something and asked, "Are you sure that you don't want to come to watch an underground concert?"

They shook their heads and didn't really want to go to a crowded place. They had rather to stay at home and play something more interesting which Haru would gladly accompany them in this game.

In truth, Utaha wanted to go, but she felt tired after she fought with Sawamura Spencer Eriri.

"Well, if that's the case then I will go with Shiina, Yuri, and Iwasawa."

Haru laid on the bathup and somehow, before he went out, the girls wanted to do something else first.