Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1057

Volume 1 Chapter 1057 Underground Concert 2

(BGM: Manami Numakura - Climber's High!)

"The place I believed I could reach was so high, so distant

The promise loses its sense of reality, and your words fade."

The voice of the vocalist was so magnetic and it attracted everyone's attention. In this dim environment they let loose all their stress in their bodies and danced together.

Haru looked around the stage wondering whether this band had been signed into a company or not. If not then he might as well get this band into his company. He could see the potential of this band and their song was very good. Looking at Yuri and Shiina who also danced together beside him, he smiled, but then he noticed something.

"Shiina, Iwasawa, I'll go for a bit."

"Huh? Where are you going?" Iwasawa stopped and asked.

"I'm going to Yuri since she's a bit late. I'm a bit worried." Haru turned, but his expression turned ugly. "Shiina stays with Iwasawa together, don't wander around."

Shiina nodded and felt a bit worried somehow.

Iwasawa wasn't sure, but she nodded at Haru's words.


From inside the toilet, Yuri could hear music along with loud cheers. "Hmm..." She closed her eyes and had to admit that the song was very good. She was wondering whose band it was and wanted to go back quickly. She washed her hands in the sink before drying it with her handkerchief. She walked out from the bathroom, but someone suddenly called her out.

"Miss, your skirt is a bit hiked up"


Yuri hurriedly checked her skirt, but it seemed that she was alright. "Huh? It's not?"

"Ah~ sorry, sorry. I must have seen things. I apologize~"


Yuri suddenly noticed three men who stood before her. She frowned before walking away, but her hand was grabbed.

"Don't walk away, miss! How about you play with us for a bit?"

"Yeah, we've got a lot of interesting games here."

"Let's go! Let's go!"

Yuri frowned since she could smell that they were drunk and forcefully tried to get away. "Let go of me or I'll scream!" Her voice was loud at that moment.


The man shouted loudly right beside Yuri's ear, but no one seemed to hear him.

Yuri was a bit frozen and her body was shaken. It wasn't her first time being threatened, but it made her remember her past. Her shoulder was being wrapped forcefully, but her power was too weak and she was scared, so she was unable to escape.

The three men laughed pervertedly looking at Yuri.

"Good, let's follow u--"


But suddenly they heard a loud noise which startled them.

The two men turned and saw that one of their friends had been slammed into a wall and it seemed that their friend had a broken nose and teeth. His face was so bloody that his face was almost disfigured. They looked at the man who was holding their friend's hair who happened to stare at them.

"Yuri, close your eyes for a bit."

Hearing this voice, Yuri felt calm, but then she heard a loud "slam" noise and opened her eyes slightly seeing a fight between Haru and the men who wanted to kidnap her.


The music continued and no one seemed to be disturbed by the matter which happened on the side of the venue.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*


The two men lay losing consciousness and lost almost all of their teeth. The man who wrapped his hand on Yuri's shoulder was being punched mercilessly by Haru.

"H, Haru, stop!" Yuri regained her voice and hurriedly stopped Haru since she didn't want him to kill someone.

"Wait for a bit." Haru stopped and looked at the man. If it was in another world, then he would kill him directly, but this world was different after all. He was sure that Yuri wasn't the first victim and there were a lot of girls who were being harmed by the three of them.

However, it wasn't a problem for him, but in front of his girl, he needed to maintain a gentleman act and civilize image since he wasn't a barbaric man who would solve every problem by killing someone.

"Hey, can you hear me?"

Haru slapped the face of the man to wake him up.

The man couldn't open his eyes normally, but he could see the demon in front of him.

"You better look at me when I'm talking to you. That girl over there is my woman."

Yuri blushed when she heard his overbearing tone and at the same time, when she was with him, she felt a sense of security and she might be addictive to this feeling.

"If you ever see her again, don't talk to her. You can relay this in great detail to all of your friends, too. And feel free to come for revenge. I'll just slaughter all of you and all of your kin." Haru grabbed his collar and forced him to look at him.

"Believe me, I've a million ways to let you disappear from this world. You hear me?"

"...G - Goddit..."

Haru pressed some part of the nerve on the three males. It was a technique which he learned from Teppei to make someone have an erectile dysfunction so with this they wouldn't harm any women in the future. Though, at the same time, he had made a note to his people to send those three along with their friends that was related to this kind of incident to Tokyo Bay. He stood up and said, "Shall we go, Yuri?" He grabbed her hand and walked away to the toilet.

"What about an ambulance?" Yuri asked.

"Don't worry, they won't die."

"Um... is it really alright to leave them like that?"

"It's really okay." Haru sighed and looked at Yuri. "Next time, let me accompany you, alright?"

Yuri nodded with a blush looking at his worried face, but then she realized that his clothes were full of blood. "That... blood!" She became worried looking at the blood which was covered in his clothes. "Here's a handkerchief! You can use it to wipe away that blood." She took the handkerchief from her bag.

"It's alright. I can take off my hoodie. I'm wearing a shirt underneath."

Yuri almost had a nosebleed when she saw him taking his clothes, but then she noticed a tattoo on his body?

"What?" Haru asked.

"Is there a tattoo on your body?"

"Tattoos? Where?" Haru showed his body and that it was clean without any tattoos.

Yuri felt weird, but she thought that she might be too tired.

"Let's go back. I'm sure that both Iwasawa and Shiina are going to be worried." Haru took her hand again and Yuri didn't fight back following his back while holding his hand tighter.

'My woman...'

Yuri smiled sweetly and her steps became lighter walking beside him.

"Why are you smiling?"


For the three men, Yuri had already forgotten about them since she was happy with him beside her.