Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1058

Volume 1 Chapter 1058 Band And Traning Camp

After that event, Haru was wondering whether he was too timid to accept more girls since he was afraid to make his girls unhappy and at the same time, it was impossible for him to manage too many girls. He shook his head and decided to follow the flow since life was impossible to predict after all.

"Where have you been?" Iwasawa asked. She was quite curious since Yuri and Haru had been gone for almost 15 minutes which was quite a long time. She was a bit worried, but she knew that they would be alright, especially when Haru was an Onmyouji. If there was trouble then he could scare someone with his ghost and she also knew that he was very strong since he also often worked out on the Fleurs De Lapin.

"Nothing, there is a c.o.c.kroach and Yuri seems quite scared earlier."

Yuri felt a bit weird, but she also nodded since she knew that what had happened before wasn't something that should be talked with them since it would worry them.

"C.o.c.kroach ?" Yuri stared at Haru with amazement, but she nodded regardless since she didn't want to make everyone worry for nothing.

But then Haru noticed three new girls beside Iwasawa and Shiina. "Who are they?"

"Oh, right!" Iwasawa seemed to be excited and introduced the three of them.

Hisako, Miyuki Irie, and Shiori Sekine. It was the name of the three girls in front of him, Haru had to admit that they were quite beautiful and felt that it might be good for Iwasawa to invite them to create a band together, but he shouldn't be in hurry since they only met each other for the first time.

The three of them stared at Haru in a daze since they had never seen someone so handsome.

"Well, let's stay together. It's dangerous for girls to be alone in this place." Haru offered since such a thing had just happened to Yuri.

They nodded and agreed to stay together and watch the concert together.

Haru thought that he should get a chance to talk with The Hedgehogs, after that, there were also various bands which made him feel strange such as Detroit Metal City. It was a metal band with a very crazy song. If he wasn't wrong, the title of the song would be "Satsugai (Murder)".

Yuri frowned since she didn't like such a song, but Iwasawa and her three friends somehow could appreciate this band.

Then the concert was over and they decided to go back, though Haru just happened to see "The Hedgehogs" when he was going out with everyone.

"Ah, the Hedgehogs!" Iwasawa was excited and quickly ran to their direction.

"I'm your fan!"

The Hedgehogs smiled looking at Iwasawa who was very excited and they were also happy that they received such a fan.

"Have you signed with a company?" Haru suddenly asked.

The female vocalist looked at Haru with a frown since she felt that she had seen him somehow.

"If you haven't, then take this, it might be a great help for your career. Your song is very nice." Haru gave the female vocalist his card name before he walked away with everyone.

The female vocalist accepted Haru's card name and looked at Haru curiously since his aura was different from normal people.

"Hey, who is that?"

"Let me see his card name."

The rest of the members were curious after all.

"Wait! Wait! Let me see it too."

Even though they seemed quite famous in this place, they were only popular underground. Of course, they wanted to develop further, but they didn't expect to meet someone that they didn't expect.

"Kasugano Haruka?!"

They hurriedly looked up, but Haru and his group had disappeared.


"I've been wanting to ask this question, but how long are you going to hold hands with each other?" Iwasawa asked Haru and Yuri who had been holding hands together.



"So I don't need to bring my car?"

"You can go with me later." The girl looked at her boyfriend and asked, "You've brought your clothes?"

"I've brought it with me."

"That's good."

The one who talked to each other was Haru and Erina.

Erina had invited him to come to the training camp of Tootsuki Academy and he didn't mind accepting it. It was a six-day, five-night trip and he would go out with Erina together in this training camp.

"Do you have any information about this training camp?" Haru asked.

"Here's the guidebook." Erina gave Haru the guidebook for the training camp.

"Tootsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp?"

Haru could see that the cover of this guidebook was quite friendly which made him wonder why Erina was looking at him with a naughty smile.

Erina was wondering how Haru's reaction was after he found out how strict this training camp was.

Sitting lazily on Erina's bed, Haru started to read the guidebook of the training camp. His intention to join this training camp was to accompany Erina since this girl might be lonely and he was also quite curious about the lesson at Tootsuki Academy.

When Senzaemon heard that he was going to go to the training camp, he was more than happy to accommodate him and even prepared him for a surprise.

Haru didn't know what kind of surprise it was, but well, he looked forward to it. Reading the guidebook, he could see that it was a pretty normal training camp with various lessons which were being taught by alumnus from Tootsuki Academy, but then he was quite surprised when he saw the last page of this guidebook.

"Eliminating at least hundreds of students by the end of the week? Is this true?" Haru asked.

Erina nodded and was happy to see his reaction. "Of course! Only an elite can stay in this school!"

"Hmm.... interesting..." Haru had to admit that the way Tootsuki cultivated their students was very interesting, but at the same time, it also made the brand of Tootsuki even louder. With such prestige, he was sure that Tootsuki didn't need to worry that money wouldn't come toward them or rather everyone would beg Tootsuki to receive their money since with the brand of Tootsuki, no one would worry that customers wouldn't come.

"Are you going back?" Erina asked with a blush.

"What do you mean?" Haru asked.

"You're going to take up early tomorrow so you can't be late...." Erina was very shy.

Haru smiled and asked, "So is it alright to stay with you? I'm not a morning person so I might need someone to wake me up."

"We - well, I'll wake you up tomorrow, so you're going to stay here, right?" Erina was happy.

"Yes, I'll sleep here with you."

Erina blushed and embrassed, "B, but you can't do something perverted!"

"Then I won't do it."


Erina pouted and didn't expect that Haru would follow her words. If he wanted then... but suddenly she was pulled by him. "Kyaaaa!" Her body was hugged and the distance between them was so close. She could feel his breath and his masculine smell.

"Erina, you're so cute..."

Erina's ears reddened and her eyes were misty looking at him. "D, don't bully me too much..."

Haru didn't expect that this girl was too tempting. He was about to eat her lips, but then....



Haru and Erina stared at each other for a while.


Erina was furious, but she didn't move since she wanted to be hugged by him more.

"Haru, I need to teach her a lesson."

"Shh... ignore her..." Haru ignored Alice and kissed Erina's lips.

Erina was a bit surprised, but quickly responded. As expected of God's tongue, she was very good at using her tongue, but it was too early to fight him.


"Haru!! Erina!!"

Alice wanted to enter Erina's house forcefully, but she couldn't do it, especially when she saw an electric wire which protected Erina's house. There was also a big sign which was placed right on the entrance of the house which annoyed her.

[No Alice!]

"Am I a wild dog?!"

Alice was mad, but then stared at Erina's room. "Hmph! There are five days to go anyway." She knew that Haru would follow them to the training camp and at that time, she could have fun with both of them.