Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1059

Volume 1 Chapter 1059 Regular Of My Eatery

A large number of buses lined up together giving a feeling of oppression to the people who looked at it.

A salaryman who was about to go to work was surprised when he saw this scene.

"Isn't this number of buses ridiculous?!"

"What kind of mammoth school is this?!"

The group of buses didn't stop and moved toward the direction of mountain which was the location of the most prestigious culinary school in this country, Tootsuki Academy.


Souma stood together with his friends from the Polar Star Dormitory. "Sigh... why can't I open that tomb?" Recalled the tomb which he had found last time was a very rare fermentation dish, he really wanted to test it, but he wasn't allowed. Even the gentlest upperclassman, Satoshi Isshiki, reminded him that it was also forbidden from secretly opening that place.

"Yukihira-kun, that isn't a tomb! And, that is also owned by someone important." Tadokoro remembered.

"Who is this guy anyway?" Souma looked at Tadokoro and said, "It isn't Haru, right?" The only guy that he knew was powerful enough was Haru since last time, he had asked Haru's identity to his dad which made him speechless. He hadn't seen Haru after Haru had sent him to the school, but he knew that Haru was also busy, and he also understood why Haru was busy. Though, in this school, regardless, he didn't think that anyone could be as powerful as Haru since in his mind, Haru was his rival.

"Yes, the one who owns that place is Kasugano Haruka." Tadokoro nodded upon hearing Souma's statement.


Souma was speechless when he heard it. "This...?" He suddenly remembered the relationship between Haru and the queen of Tootsuki Academy. He scratched his head and didn't think too much in the end. He also gave up opening that tomb and decided to call Haru later when he had returned from the training camp since he was curious about the taste of kiviak.


"Why are you here?!"

"Why not? I'm late for the bus, so I'm going to go with you."

"Just get another car!"

"No, I want to stay together!"

Haru looked at both Erina and Alice who were arguing with each other. "If you're not in hurry then you might be late later."

Erina gritted her teeth and said, "Don't cause too much trouble."

"Aye, aye, sir!" Alice saluted with a cheeky smile.


Erina gave up on Alice, but Haru was wondering how the genes of the Nakiri family would be this good since Alice's cheeky smile was just too cute.

"Right, where is Arato?" Haru asked. He thought that Eriri's secretary would join them.

"Hisako is going with the bus." Erina entered the car and said, "We should be in hurry or else, we'll be late for sure."

Haru also entered the car right beside Erina, but then Alice also came and sat beside him.

The three of them sat together and he was sitting right in the middle of them.

"Why are you sitting at the back? Go and sit in the front seat!" Erina hurriedly hushed Alice away.

"It's better that we're sitting together, right? We can play a game along the way." Alice smiled and didn't care much about Erina's outburst. She looked at Haru and asked, "What do you think, Haru?"

"Well, I don't mind, but sitting in the middle is quite uncomfortable."

Even though this car was a luxurious sedan, the back seat was usually sat by two people. It was possible to sit down with three people, but the person who sat in the middle seat would be very uncomfortable, especially when Haru was very tall and he couldn't stretch his legs in this position.

"Alice." Erina looked at Alice and the answer was obvious.

"...." Alice knew that if this continued then she might be really kicked out. She thought of a way then got a good idea. "Then how about this?" She stood up and said, "Haru, sit over here."

Haru moved his butt toward the left and sat on the left part of the sedan since he thought that Alice would sit in the middle, but he didn't expect this action.

"See? With this the trouble is over."

Sitting on Haru's lap, Alice smiled and felt that she was very smart.




In the end, they changed their car into a limousine since it was bigger, but because of that they were quite late.

As usual, Haru was sitting between Erina and Alice who seemed to be having fun playing Uno which he had brought before.

"Haru, you're really not going to join the training?" Alice asked.

"Is it possible?" Haru asked.

Erina nodded and said, "If you want then I can give you permission to join the training, but you need to be serious, alright?"

Waving his hand, Haru said, "Forget it. I'm too lazy to train. It's a resort, right? It has been a while since I've been on holiday so I'll go see around the resort while waiting for you to end your training."

Erina nodded and didn't really mind. "Well, you can hunt, fish, swim, etc. There are various things which can be done at the resort."

Haru moved his head closer and whispered, "Including the thing which we have done in your room?"

"W, Well, after my training is over, right?" Erina was a bit shy and answered softly.


Alice was annoyed that she was being ignored. "Hey! Don't forget about the game! Or I'll win this game!"

Erina snorted and said, "You're 10 years too early to win against me!"


Haru shook his head and thought that the two sisters were really close to each other.

"Right, Haru, is your kiviak done?" Alice suddenly asked.

Haru slapped his forehead since he almost forgot about it. "If you don't remind me then I really forget about it." The kiviak which he had buried near the Polar Star Domitory should be done and he forgot to take it out.

"After the training is over, I'll accompany you to open the kiviak." Alice smiled.

"Wait! I'll accompany you too!"

"Alright, alright, we can go together then. Erina, you forgot to say that...."



"Erina, you lost!"


Erina couldn't accept it and said, "One more time! This time, I'll win!"

"Erina, you're 10 years too early to defeat me!" Alice shook her head and felt helpless.


Erina blushed, but at the same time, her fighting spirit became stronger. "One more time!"

Looking at Erina, Haru thought that he shouldn't let this girl have a gamble in the future.


Looking at the humogious and luxurious buildings in front of him, Souma was dumbstruck. Then his expression turned into helplessness.

"As expected from a rich school...."

If Souma saw a helicopter or something then he wouldn't be surprised anymore later.

"Huh? Souma?"

Souma heard this familiar voice then turned his head with a surprise expression. "Haru!"

Haru walked out of the limousine with Erina and Alice looking at Souma with a smile and asked, "Oh, you haven't been kicked out of the academy?"

"What do you mean?" Souma looked at Haru with a helpless expression.

"Just kidding, well, good luck on your training, I'll be staying here as a guest."

Souma nodded and said, "I'll show you the result of my training!"

"Good, I can't wait for it. Then I'll go first, your friends seem to be waiting for you." Waving his hand, Haru left together with Erina and Alice.

Souma looked at Haru's back and would definitely make him dumbstruck with his cooking.

"Just wait!"

Souma was about to go to his friends, but his friends came by themselves.

"Souma!! How the hell, did you know him?!"

Souma looked at Yukino who was very excited for some reason which made him confused. "He's a regular at my eatery?"


Yukino somehow felt very complicated at that moment.