Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 106

Volume 1 Chapter 106 Bar Heavy Lodge

Haru came out of Setsuno's restaurant together and went to the next place.

They went together to the gathering place of the expedition for the Century Soup.

"Where is the place?" Tsunade asked.

"It should be at the Bar Heavy Lodge," Takimaru said.

"Heh, it's been a while since I've been there," Toriko said, reminiscence about his young days.

"Have you been there before?" Haru asked.

Toriko nodded, "Of course, most of the Gourmet Hunter has been there." He looked at his group, "Are you three a Gourmet Hunter?"

"No, I'm a pirate," Luffy said.

"I'm a ninja," Tsunade said.

"I'm a novelist," Haru said.

"Pirate!" Komatsu was startled.

"Ninja?" Takimaru titled his head.

"Novelist...." Toriko twitched his lips.

Komatsu, Takimaru, and Toriko had never thought that three of them were gathering of misfits.

"Though both me and him are doctors too," Tsunade said while pointing her finger at him.

Haru nodded, "Yes."

"Hahaha, let's go, let's hurry up and go to that place!" Luffy was excited about this journey.

"Can you fight?" Toriko asked. He looked at three of them but only felt that three of them were harmless.

"Of course," Luffy nodded.

Toriko didn't say anything but suddenly punched Luffy.

Luffy, who had been training with Rayleigh for a short time, was still unable to learn the observation haki perfectly. He had learned it and could see it but it wasn't perfect. He didn't dodge his punch but received it with a smile since he knew that it was useless to attack him with a fist.

Toriko hit him but he felt that he had hit a rubber.

"Hahaha, your punch isn't going to hurt me, I'm a rubber man," Luffy laughed.

"Hahaha, you're very good," Toriko smiled.

Haru shook his head when he saw this scene.

Tsunade moved her head closer and whispered, "Is he the MC of this world?"

Haru nodded in response, "Yes, he is, his personality and brain are similar to Luffy." He felt that Toriko wasn't that much better from Luffy since in his head was only food and eating.

"Do you have an idea about who we should invite in Group Chat?" Tsunade asked.

Haru thought for a while and said, "The journey is quite long, it isn't going to be late after we have succeeded in our mission."

Tsunade nodded, "Good."

Haru looked at Takimaru and asked, "Takimaru, what is so special about this Bar Heavy Lodge?"

"Hmm, this is a special place where both client and Gourmet Hunter gather together, Gourmet Hunter will often to come to this place to search for jobs and gossip, the client is also searching for a talented Gourmet Hunter," Takimaru explained to him about what was special about this place.


They didn't need to walk for a long time and they had arrived in the Bar Heavy Lodge.

Haru opened the door and saw a lot of people there.

They were very rowdy but they became quiet when they saw Toriko.

"T - Toriko!"

"One of the Four Heavenly Kings!!!"

"I can't believe that I can see Toriko here."

Luffy looked at him with a smile, "You're very famous."

"Hahaha, let's go, let me introduce you to the master of this bar, he is also a broker too," Toriko said.

Haru was looking around at the people in this place. He could see that most of them had a huge body and had stronger strength than a normal a.d.u.l.t.

"We have become the center of attention," Tsunade said.

"Isn't it because your b.r.e.a.s.ts are very big?" Haru said. He knew that most of the men in this place were looking at Tsunade. She was quite beautiful even though her age was quite old but more importantly, her b.r.e.a.s.ts were very big. She was an enchantress and made the most of the people who wanted to talk to her.

Tsunade looked at him with a smile, "Do you want to touch it?"

Haru shook his head, "Let's do that later."

Tsunade was surprised when she heard his answer.

"What is with your reaction?" Haru frowned.

"I'm surprised that you don't jump right away to my b.r.e.a.s.ts?" Tsunade was very surprised and suddenly realized something, "So you only have an interest with your little sister?"

"I don't have sister complex!!" Haru said with an annoyed expression. He looked at her and said, "Let me fondle those naughty b.r.e.a.s.ts to prove it." He didn't really want to touch it but this woman was provoking him.

"Hey, beautiful, why don't you stay with me?"

Someone suddenly appeared between him and her.

Tsunade and Haru frowned, looking at him.

This person has a huge and muscular body. His height is similar to Toriko but his appearance is fiercer.

"My name is Bourbo, I'm a Gou-."

Before he finished his words, he was punched by Tsunade.


Tsunade punched him and made him fall to the ground, "Hmph, annoying." She walked beside him and said, "Let's go, Haru."

Haru didn't feel sorry about this person and also walked to his group.

The bar was silent when they saw a famous Gourmet Hunter was beaten like nothing by this woman. They knew that this woman wasn't normal and might be some famous person. They looked at her with a serious expression and knew that she would become a powerful competitor in this expedition.

"Hahaha, Tsunade, you're very strong," Luffy praised and said, "Become my crew, Tsunade!!"

Tsunade laughed, "Good, at that time, let's get this One Piece or something." She had thought about her retirement plan and decided to play around in a lot of worlds. She had found a lot of interesting things after she joined the Group Chat and it would be a waste to not use it.

"Yeah!!!!" Luffy nodded with a smile.

Tsunade looked at him, "Buy me a lot of alcohol when I'm playing in your house."

"Sure," Haru nodded. He thought that the bill of the card would explode when she came to his house.