Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1060

Volume 1 Chapter 1060 Free Time

"Your friend?" Alice asked.

Haru nodded and said, "If you're not careful then you might lose against him."

Alice frowned and snorted. "Hmph! I've been training together with Erina since my childhood! There's no way that I'll lose against such a random guy!"

Even though Erina didn't say anything, she had to admit that Alice's cooking ability was great and she didn't think that Alice would lose against anyone in the 1st grade beside her.

"I didn't say that you were weak, but you shouldn't be too arrogant. There has always been a hidden master in this school." Haru looked at Erina and said, "Have you heard that I've had a duel with Erina before?"

"Eh?" Alice was surprised, but then she looked at Erina.

Erina blushed and hit Haru's arm to remind her about the thing which happened in the past. She had to admit that Haru's cooking ability was superb, but she wouldn't admit that he was better than her, especially when he wasn't coming from Tootsuki Academy.

"It's real?!" Alice was surprised since Erina's reaction, she could tell that Haru really had a cooking match with Erina which surprised her. She was curious about the result and asked, "How is the result?"

"It's a secret! You don't need to know!" Erina grabbed Haru's arm and said, "Let's go!"

Looking at Erina and Haru who had gone away, Alice hurriedly chased after them. "Erina, wait!!!"


"Haru, welcome!" Dojima welcomed Haru with a smile.

"Oh, Dojima-san, it has been a while!"

Both of them hugged each other since their relationship was quite good.

Dojima had seen him enter the hotel with another girl beside Erina, but he had never said anything about it which gave him a plus point in his heart. Dojima also knew that it was great to know the richest man in this country and at the same time Haru's muscle was great. "Right, there's a body builder community who booked our hotel this time. You might able to meet someone interesting here."

"Really? Then I'll go there later." Haru would have a lot of free time since Erina would spend her day training. He didn't want to bother her and thought that he should spend his time on other things.

"So you're here to accompany Erina-sama?" Dojima asked.

"Yeah, but she'll be busy in the day after all. It's good to know that there is something interesting to do around here."

Erina and Alice didn't accompany him since both of them were busy with the training camp during the day. Though he was able to see them in the evening when the training had ended.

Dojima nodded and said, "Yes, there are a lot of things such as fishing, hunting, etc. You should try a lot of things in this place."

Haru nodded and said, "Right, please keep my identity a secret, alright? It's troublesome when someone knows that I'm here."

"Don't worry." Dojima knew that with Haru's identity as a billionaire, there were a lot of things which might cause trouble to him.

Haru thought for a while and asked, "Dojima-san, can I have a request?"

"What is it? As long as it is within my power then I'll help you."

"It's like this...." Haru whispered something to Dojima which received a nod from him.

"It's something easy to do, but you mustn't let anyone know about your identity."

"Don't worry." Haru smiled and said, "Then, I'll go fish in the river."

"Then please have an enjoyable stay here." Dojima smiled and looked at Haru's back who was about to go to a nearby river.

"Dojima-san, who is that?"

The alumnus who came to teach the students during the training camp were a bit curious about the relationship between Dojima and that young man.

"Hmm...." Dojima knew that he couldn't tell Haru's real identity, but looking at his underclassman, he knew that it was their chance to get an investment. "I won't tell you about his identity, but if you can make him interested then he might give you an investment for your restaurant." He knew that the only thing which Haru didn't lack in this world was money and with the media company behind Haru, it was possible to turn any restaurant into very popular.


One of the alumnus with coral-colored hair and glasses looked at Haru's back with a serious expression.

"Shinomiya-senpai, what's wrong? Do you want to open a restaurant in Japan?"

"Hmph! It's not your problem!"

"What?! What's with that tone? I'm asking you kindly!"

Both of them started to bicker with each other, but then an elderly man came to remind them. "Ladies and gentlemen, it is time."

Hearing the words of the elderly man, they nodded and walked together toward the hall where the students had been waiting for them.


Erina stood up proudly while folding her arms. Her expression was so serious that no one dared to come close to her beside Hisako and Mito who were her closest aides.

"Erina-sama." 2x

Erina nodded at both of them.

Hisako looked around and asked, "Where's Haru-sama?"

"He should be playing around the resort. I'm not sure where he is, but he'll come back to his room when the training is over." Erina was quite impatient and wanted to get back at him as soon as possible.

"Haru-sama?" Mito seemed clueless about this name.

"It's Erina-sama's fiance."


Mito opened her mouth wide and looked at Erina with a surprised expression. "E - Erina-sama, do you have a fiance?!"

"You don't know?" Erina asked back.


Mito blinked her eyes and became curious. "Arato, who is this Haru-sama?" She thought that Erina's fiance should be quite amazing since she could see that Hisako was quite respectful before.

"Hmm... it's hard to explain, you might as well see him lat---" Hisako's words were cut since the teacher had come to hall to start the training camp.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen." At the top of the stage, there was an elderly man who was clearly the teacher in this school. When everyone saw this elderly man, everyone stopped talking and looked at him with a serious expression since they knew who this elderly man was and if they made him angry then the consequences wasn't something that they could afford.

"Pay attention to the stage. I'm going to explain the outline of this training camp...."

The elderly man started to explain about the rules, times, and various things about the training camp then he also introduced the guest lecturers who came from a far place to judge them.

Every student in this place looked at a group of people who came to the stage with amazement since those group of people were the alumus of Tootsuki Academy which meant that they were an elite among elite that won through the one-digit passing rate.

"You, the one with the scar over there!" One of the alumnus suddenly pointed his finger at one of the students.

"Me?" Souma was confused.

"Oh, sorry, the one beside you."

The boy beside Souma was startled when he was pointed at by one of the alumnus.

"You're expelled."


It seemed that this training camp was harder than they had thought, it was what every student thought at that moment.


But the matter of training camp didn't really matter to Haru. He had changed his clothes into an aloha shirt, short, and straw hat. He brought a fishing pole, bucket, and folding chair to the nearby stream around the resort. Sitting lazily on the chair, he started to fish and sighed. He couldn't get used to this free time and wondered whether there was something fun happening later. Taking out his smartphone, he decided to ask about something which might happen on the Group Chat.