Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1061

Volume 1 Chapter 1061 Meeting By Chance

Haru: "Yajima-san, is Tartaros going to start?"

Yajima: "Yes, but don't worry since I've made preparations."


Everyone seemed to be surprised by Yajima's words.

Tartaros was one of the three most powerful Dark Guilds in the world, forming a third of the Balam Alliance, alongside Oracin Seis and Grimoire Heart. Being comprised mostly of Etherious, Demons from the Books of Zeref, Zeref refers to the guild as his "bookshelf".

The goal of Tartaros is to use a weapon called Face to wipe out all Magic from the continent.

Yajima wouldn't let that happen and told the Magic Council about Crawford Seam who had betrayed the Magic Council. He had made a prevention and he thought that it should be alright.

Gintoki: "Yajima, from what I know the plot won't be destroyed that easily."

Korosensei: "I agree with Gintoki. Even if you've made a prevention effort the plot won't stop. Even if the Magic Council has caught the traitor, it won't stop Tartaros's plan to use Face to wipe out all Magic from the continent."

Everyone knew very well the power of plot was invincible, it seemed that they were able to prevent it, however, it was just an illusion.

Yajima: "This...?" He was flabbergasted and only realized the seriousness of this matter.

Yajima: "Then what should I do?"

Kuroneko: "You should defeat all the members of Tartaros."

Tsunade: "You've got that aircraft, right? If I'm not wrong, the firepower of that aircraft is very strong. Just blast the headquarters of Tartaros using that aircraft and everything is over."

Reading Tsunade's reply, everyone agreed since it was the fastest way to erase the crisis in Yajima's world.

Yajima: "The problem is... I don't know where they're hiding."


Haru: "It should be alright. Group Chat might create a quest for us to help you defeat Tartaros later."

Yajima: "Hmm... then I don't need to worry too much."

Then everyone started to discuss about the strength of each member of Tartaros and who would be suitable to be sent for this quest.

Esdeath: "Is Tartaros strong?"

Haru suddenly received a private chat from Esdeath. Thinking for a while, he was wondering who was stronger between Esdeath and the member of Tartaros.

Haru: "I'm not sure, but they should give you some fun."

Esdeath: "Interesting."

Haru could see that his wife was interested in fighting against the Tartaros. In his mind, the only people who could fight against Tartaros in the Group Chat were Kouha, Luffy, Teppei, Esdeath, Korosensei, Tsunade, and himself. Though, well, he was also quite curious about the power of the Tartaros. He also wanted to test his power after all since he hadn't gone on a fight for a while.

Then suddenly he remembered something.

Haru: "Tsunade."

Tsunade: "What's wrong?"

Haru often went to Tsunade's world from time to time to check the construction of his business in her world along with visiting her since he felt that sometimes he had wronged her.

Haru: "If there's a quest, do you want to go with me?" He thought since he had gone together with Esdeath and Tabane, he should also go on the quest alone together with Tsunade since she was also one of his lovers.

Tsunade: "Are you sure?"

Haru: "Yes, if there's a quest next then we'll go together."


Looking at the private chat which was sent by Haru, Tsunade smiled while looking at her smartphone.

"Tsunade-sama, what's wrong?" Suzune could see that Tsunade was in a happy mood which made her curious.

"Nothing." Tsunade shook her head and ignored Suzune.


Suzune knew that Tsunade was talking with her young lover using that smartphone. Suddenly she felt very bitter since she hadn't found a boyfriend until now, but looking at the stack of doc.u.ments on her table, she was wondering whether she had time to search for a boyfriend in the near future.


Haru smiled as he chatted with his lovers from in the Group Chat. As he chatted, he also caught a fish and put those fishes in the bucket. He felt a bit hungry and created a bonfire nearby using dry wood which he found in the surrounding area. After he had made the bonfire, he grabbed one of the fishes from the bucket and cleaned its scales and innards before sticking it into a stick. Lightly seasoning it with salt, he grilled that fish on the bonfire which he had created before. Then he took another fish and repeated the same process.

Looking at the three fishes which were grilled on the bonfire, Haru was thinking about the members of the Group Chat. The number of members of Group Chat had increased from the past year, in the beginning there were five members, but now, it had increased to 15 members.

Haru didn't need to worry about his world since it was very peaceful, but it was different for Teppei, Yajima, and Tsunade.

'Gods, Zeref, and Madara.'

Those threes were something he needed to watch for.


Shinobu was in her room while chatting with Kuroneko. The relationship between the two of them had become closer since Kuroneko often sent her a strange manga which showed a relationship between the male members of the Group Chat. At first, she was a bit disgusted by it, but slowly she started to enjoy it. Even though some of them were enjoyable, there was also one which was very weird, such as a manga about triangle relationship between Haru, Kouha, and Korosensei. When Kuroneko showed her that manga, her eyes almost became blind since it was so disgusting.

Shinobu sighed and asked, "Kuroneko, can I ask you something?"

Kuroneko: "What's wrong?"

Shinobu thought for a while and felt that it was too embrassing to ask this question, but then she decided to change the question.

Shinobu: "I've a friend who likes someone, my friend seems to like this guy, but I'm not sure how to help her. What should I do?"


Shinobu nodded and felt that she was very smart when she changed her question.

Kuroneko: "You're not talking about yourself, right?

Shinobu blushed and hurriedly replied, "Of course not! It's about my friend! Of course, it's not me!"


Kuroneko: "It's easy."

Shinobu: "How?"

Kuroneko: "Just kiss him."


Shinobu realized that her friend was really unreliable sometimes.

Kuroneko: "Right, I've another manga, do you want to read it?"


Shinobu was skeptical, but she decided to ask first.

Shinobu: "There's no Korosensei, right?"

Kuroneko: "No, this time it is Teppei."


Shinobu held her head and wondered how her friend's head was working.


Haru was eating grilled fish lazily. He had a lot of free time which made him wonder what he should do in his entire days.

"Should I visit that body builder community?"

"Huh? Haru?"

"Oh, Souma? What are you doing here?"