Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1062

Volume 1 Chapter 1062 Intruder 1

After Haru and Souma met each other, they talked to each other about what had happened.

Hearing Souma's story, Haru understood that Souma was being tasked to cook something using the ingredients which they could find in this mountain. Souma also told him that there was someone who challenged him to a cooking match which made Haru quite interested.

"So do you have an idea what you're going to cook?" Haru asked.

Souma also held a fishing pool sitting lazily on the ground. "I'm not sure."

"Well, if you want a fish then you can ask me. I've got a lot here." Haru showed Souma his bucket which was filled with fishes that he had caught before.

"Thanks." Souma nodded, but he was in deep thinking once again.

Haru didn't think too much about Souma, but then looked at Tadokoro who seemed very restless. "Calm down, Tadokoro-chan."

"Ugh... Kasugano-kun..." Tadokoro looked at Haru with a meek expression since she wasn't sure what to cook.

But at the same time, Haru was really bored. He looked at Souma who was wearing a t-shirt then Tadokoro who was wearing chef clothes. Thinking for a while, he was wondering whether it was alright for him to diguise himself as a student then joined their training secretly. Smirk appeared on his face, and thought that this idea was feasible.

Souma seemed to notice Haru's smile and felt weird. "What's wrong?"

"Well, Souma, you'll have another opponent soon."



Haru had changed his clothes into chef clothes and he blended very well together with every student in this training camp. He also wore a cap to cover most of his face. His appearance didn't cause a commotion among students since everyone was busy with themselves. He went to the empty country to start cooking.

Souma looked at Haru with a smile, but Tadokoro looked at Haru with a nervous expression since she felt that she had done something wrong.

But then....

"Yukihira Souma! Hmph! It seems that you're using a fish."

Haru looked at a young man with blonde hair who looked at Souma with an arrogant attitude.

"Why are you so" Souma looked at this young man with a lazy expression. "If I'm using a fish then what are you?"

"Fufu... do you know what this is?" The young man showed the ingredient which he used for the test. "It's aigamo!"

(Aigamo is a cross between a mallard and a domestic duck).


"An aigamo?!"

Everyone was surprised when they saw the ingredient which was used by this young man since most of them used fish as their main ingredient.

Haru shook his head and didn't care much about the fight between this blonde young man and Souma. He took flour, yeast, and egg which he had prepared and started to make his bread.

Souma seemed to be attracted to the blonde young man who started his cooking process with aigamo. His expression became serious when he saw how well this blonde young man performed in the kitchen. "Interesting!" Suddenly he got an idea and said, "Haru, lend me your eggs!"

"Don't take too much."


Souma took eggs from Haru's counter and said, "Tadokoro, let's start cooking!"

"Y, yes!"

Haru shook his head, but he was a bit interested in what Souma was about to cook. "Share some of your dishes with me."

"Alright, but you also need to share your dish to me too." Souma grinned.

"Don't worry, I've prepared a lot for you."

The blonde young man seemed to hear their conversation and then looked at Haru, who was wearing a cap. 'Who is this?'


Hinako Inui is an 80th Generation Ttsuki Academy Alumnus and a previous 2nd seat on the Elite Ten Council. She just happened to be the lecturer who managed Souma's training on the first day. Sipping her green tea lazily, she didn't expect that there would be two interesting students who would use this training camp as a cooking match. Though, she had to admit that she was quite anticipating their dish.

The blonde young man who introduced himself as Takumi Aldini cooked a dish using an aigumo which was quite rare among the students.

Yukihira Souma also didn't lose since he had grabbed her snack before.

'If it isn't delicious then I'll expel him, but I'll keep that cute girl.' Hinako's expression turned soft when he remembered Tadokoro since she had never seen such a gentle girl in her life, but then her nose seemed to smell something delicious bread, not only her, but also all the students in this training camp also smelled this smell.

Then everyone turned their attention toward this source of smell and looked at the young man who stood straight with his chef uniform and black baseball cap which covered most of his face.

'Who's this?'

They didn't remember this young man, but they knew that this young man should be one of the students.

'Bread, huh? It's interesting.' Hinako didn't think too much and quite anticipated this young man's dish since he was the only one among the students who baked bread.

Takumi also glanced at Haru, but he quickly returned his focus to his dish since it was almost done.

Souma glanced at Haru and didn't notice the cold sweat on his back. "As expected of bread master..." In his life, he had never seen someone who could bake bread as good as Haru and at the same time, he anticipated how well Haru's dish was.

'I'm going to be the winner of this match though!'


The first one who finished the dish was Aldini brothers, Takumi along with his brother served the augumo which they had cooked to Hinako to be judged by her.

"Hmm... how delicious!"

Hinako suddenly felt that she was at the opera and being held by a gentleman which made her blush. "It's good." She wiped the oil on her lips then looked at Souma and Tadokoro. "Now, I'm anticipating what kind of dish you'll make for this match."

"Don't worry, I'll finish soon."

Using eggs and fish which he got from Haru and then also a snack from Hinako, Souma created a deep-fried dish.

"There you go, Senpai." Souma had a confident smile on his face and said, "Please eat while it is still hot."

"Then I'll start eating." Hinako used his chopsticks to eat this deep-fried fish.

*Crisps!* *Crisps!* *Crisps!*

"Hmm!!! It isn't soggy and it is very crispy!"

Hinako suddenly felt that she was being tightly embraced passionately, but that image broke when the smell of bread was taken out from the oven.

The smell of the bread was so delicious that it made their stomachs feel hungry and growling.

"This is...?!"

Tadokoro was also attracted by Haru.

Everyone looked at this young man who prepared his dish very quickly before he served it to Hinako.

"I hope you enjoy it! Egg Sandwich."

Looking at the beautiful sandwich in front of her, Hinako grabbed one of them and put it into her mouth directly.


The scenery around Hinako suddenly changed, under this sunset behind the school building, she looked at the young man in front of her who bowed his head which made her confused.

"Hinako-san, please go out with me!"


Hinako was startled, even though she was in her late 20's, but it was her first time to have someone confess to her like this.

"I've always liked you, Hinako-san! I, I've fallen for you..."

Hinako blushed and felt shy looking at this young man, but when she was about to answer....

"Stop! I won't let you date Hinako-san!"


Hinako and the young man turned, both of them saw another young man appear from behind. This young man breathed quite erratically, but his steps were firm.

"Hinako-san, forget about him and please go out with me!"


Hinako was startled since she was being confessed by two young men at the same time.

"Wait! Hinako-san, my feelings are deeper than both of them! If you want to go out with someone then please go out with me!"

Suddenly Hinako was flushed when she saw three handsome young men confess to her at the same time. "Wa, wait, this is so sudden... I, I haven't prepared myself..."




Egg, Bread, and Mayonnaise stared at Hinako with gentle expression and were full of affection.

"This... is this reverse harem?!"


Hinako suddenly awoken and felt startled looking at Haru who was in disguise. She blinked her eyes cutely and stood up before grabbing his hand and raising it to the air.

"The winner of this match is him!"