Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1063

Volume 1 Chapter 1063 Intruder 2

Souma and Takumi couldn't accept such a result when the winner of the match was someone else beside the two of them.

"I can't accept this!"

"Haru, let me taste your bread!"

Souma decided to taste the bread directly to see how good it was.

Haru had prepared enough bread for them. "Just eat it. I'll go back now." He wanted to return to his room. He hadn't checked where his room was since he went out to play directly after he arrived in the resort.

"Wait! What's your name?" Hinako asked since she didn't expect to meet a student who was very good at baking bread.


Waving his hand, Haru directly escaped since he was sure that everyone would notice that he wasn't a student in this class.

"Kasugano?" Hinako looked at the attendance list, but she didn't see his name. "This...?" She looked at Souma and asked, "Do you know him?"

Souma, who was being asked, felt a bit awkward since he wasn't sure what to say, but in the end, he decided to tell the truth. "...He isn't a student."



After asking where his room was, Haru was guided to the deluxe suite inside the resort. His belongings had been put inside and he didn't need to worry about anything else. Entering his room, he was told that there was a private hot spring pool which he could enjoy anytime. He thanked the beautiful receptionist who hurriedly went away after she had guided him. He felt confused, but didn't think too much and decided to enjoy the hot spring tool.


Erina had done her training early and she was about to go to her room. She was also being guided by the receptionist to the deluxe suite.

"I wonder where is Haru..."

Erina thought to call him after she had washed her body in the private hot spring pool inside her room since she didn't want him to smell her sweaty body.


Hisako massaged her shoulders since the training was harder than she had thought.


Hisako turned and saw Alice which made her put on a wary expression.

"Hisako, let's go to Erina's room."


"I've heard that there is a private pool inside Erina's room. We can enjoy our time together there."

"But..." Hisako was tempted, but she was afraid to bother Erina.

"Don't worry, don't worry, I'm sure that she'll be happy with us and you can also help her to relax since I'm sure that she's quite tired with the training."


Hisako thought for a while and nodded. She was worried that Erina was too tired and wanted to help her relax.

With that plan, both of them moved toward Erina's room after Alice had grabbed the spare key from the poor receptionist, who didn't dare to reject Alice.


Haru was about to take off his pants, but noticed that someone was coming to the bathroom. "This?" Even though Kenbonshoku Haki could notice someone's presence, it didn't mean that he was able to see the appearance of that person. Though, he sighed in relief when he heard a familiar voice.


Erina hummed happily and was about to enter the bathroom, but then she saw a n.a.k.e.d man in front of her.


"Yo, Erina."


Erina's face flushed red, then observed his body from up to down.



After calming herself, Erina stared at Haru who had covered his lower body with a white towel. Her face blushed since it was her first time seeing his n.a.k.e.d body, though, she had to admit that his body was very good.

"W, why are you here?" Erina asked while trying to calm herself.

"Well, it might be the surprise which your grandpa has prepared for you," Haru said simply.


Erina staggered and speechless. She pondered for a while and felt that it was possible. She looked at him in blush and asked, "S, so we're going to stay in the same room?"

"You're not okay with it?"


Erina blushed, but then she shook her head. "....I, I'm okay with it...."

"So what are we waiting for? Let's enter the bath, it is starting to get cold." Haru really wanted to enjoy the hot spring pool.

"Wait! You need to wash your body first!" Erina hurriedly stopped him.


What is Haru's hobby? It is taking a bath.

Haru peeked at Erina through the mirror in front of him. He saw her wash his back with a blush on her face.

"I, Is it good?" Erina asked shyly.

"It's good. We should do this kind of thing soon." Haru felt regret that he didn't know that Erina had such a talent before.


Erina blushed and hit his back, but smiled secretly. She would be lying if she wasn't interested in that kind of thing, but she was afraid that it was too early.

Haru had to admit that Erina was too e.r.o.t.i.c which made it hard for him to control himself. That smooth skin, beautiful face, large bosom, and a healthy size of butt; he was really glad that this girl was his fiancee.

Erina noticed something standing proudly between Haru's legs which made her blush. "H, Haru, that...."

"I'm sorry, you're so charming." Haru sighed since it was simply impossible to stop the anaconda from standing up.

"I, it's alright..." Erina blushed and felt happy secretly since he was attracted to her, but at the same time, she was very nervous. She hurriedly cleaned his body with water and said, "I, it's done! H, hurry up and get out now." She couldn't hold her embarrassment at that moment. She wanted to stand up, but she slipped because the floor was slippery.

"Watch out!"

Haru hurriedly stood up and caught Erina in his arms. He sighed in relief, but then noticed the distance between them was very close to each other. He couldn't hold his desire again and looked at Erina with a hot gaze. "Erina..." His voice was hoarse and looked at her full of desire.

"H, Haru...." Erina was shy, but looked at him with full expectation.

Haru was about to steal her lips, but suddenly....

"Erina, we're coming to play!!!"


Haru and Erina stopped and looked at each other.

"I also brought Hisako! Let's take a bath together!"


"Hurry up and hide!" Erina began to panic. She knew that if Alice knew what they were doing that Alice might tease her for a long time.

Haru had headache at Alice who always caused both of them trouble. If this continued then he didn't mind teaching Alice a lesson first before Erina.

Erina thought for a while then looked at the hot spring pool. "There!" She pulled Haru's arm and brought him to the hot spring pool.


"Erina, where are you?"

Alice and Hisako entered the private bathroom and saw Erina who was sitting on the private hot spring pool alone in quite an awkward position.

"Why are you here?" Erina asked with an annoyed expression.

"What's wrong? We're worried about you! Let's take a bath together!" Alice forgot to ask about Erina's position and quickly answered Erina's question.

Her intention was good, but Erina didn't appreciate this kindness at that moment.


Before Alice and Hisako entered the bathroom, Erina had tried to hide Haru by telling him to hide inside the water, but she felt that wasn't enough and decided to sit on top of him.

Erina's position was a bit unnatural and it seemed that she was trying to hide something. She knew that it was impossible to push both Alice and Hisako and could only tell him to wait. She noticed something big which came out from the surface of the hot spring which made her blush. "Y, You... calm this down!"

"Don't ask for something impossible." Haru was also helpless since he couldn't control his anaconda.

"Then how should we hide this?" Erina asked in a panicked voice.

Haru thought for a while and said, "Take off my towel to hide it."


"Erina! We're coming!"

Erina gulped and could only do what she was told. Taking off Haru's white towel, she covered the thing which poked on the surface of the water.

"Why are you on the edge? Come here."

Alice and Hisako entered the private hot spring pool while looking at Erina who was sitting on the edge of the pool.

"Nothing. Just hurry up and get out!"

"Don't be shy, don't be shy, let's talk about the training camp while we're here."

"Erina-sama, are you tired?"


Looking at Alice's relaxed expression and Hisako's worried expression, Erina wondered how to chase out both of them as soon as possible at this moment.