Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1064

Volume 1 Chapter 1064 Curiosity 1

The shape of the hot spring pool was quite strange, it might be round, or it might be oval, but the strangest part of this pool was that there was a slight hollow on the edge of the pool.

Haru's position was quite unnatural. He needed to hide from Alice and Hisako and the only place which he could use to hide was on the hollow part of the pool, but even if he hid there, he would be found out instantly if Erina didn't use her own body to hide him. He was submerged into the pool with only his nose appearing on the surface of the pool, but that wasn't the only thing which appeared on the surface of the pool.

To hide Haru, Erina sat on Haru's stomach while using her body to cover his head, but even so, she couldn't hide his anaconda which stood up proudly. It was her first time touching it, but she didn't expect to touch this beast under this situation. 'But this is too big...' It was very hard for her to hide his anaconda. It was also the reason why he had told her to take off his white towel to cover his anaconda. Her face was reddish and the temperature of the hot spring made it worse.

"Can you make it smaller?" Erina, of course, knew that there were two states of the male reproductive organ, one was the flaccid state and the other one was the hard state, at this moment, his anaconda was at the hard state!

"Don't ask for something impossible! If I don't show a reaction then I'm not a man!" It was simply impossible to stop his reaction, especially when the shaft of his anacaonda was being squeezed by Erina's trained thighs and its head was covered by her hands. Unless he had a problem in that area, then it was simply impossible for him to not show reaction.

"You...!" Erina blushed furiously and felt happy, but at the same time, she knew that it wasn't the time for that. She bit the lower of her lips really hoping for Hisako and Alice to go out as soon as possible.

While Erina was trying to hide Haru, she couldn't hear the story which came out from the mouths of her cousin and secretary since she was in a critical situation nor was she in a mood to hear their story!

The only thing which she was glad about was the steam of the hot spring was quite thick and the light in this place wasn't that bright which made it possible to hide him, but at the same time, she was worried about him since he needed to submerged to the hot spring pool for a long time.

"Erina, Erina, did you hear me?"

"W, what's wrong?" Her thoughts were broken, and she felt slightly nervous when she was being asked.

"Didn't you hear me?" Alice pouted since it seemed that Erina ignored her.

"I'm sorry. I might be a bit tired." Erina gritted her teeth and hoped for both of them to leave.

"Erina-sama, are you alright?" Hisako was worried and was about to go help Erina.

"Don't get close!"


Erina's voice startled Hisako and Alice.

Erina blushed and knew about her mistake. "I, I mean I might need some time alone, can you two leave me for a while?"

Hisako became even more worried but nodded. "If there is anything please call me Erina-sama. I, I'm always ready for your calls."

"Thank you, Hisako." Erina smiled and nodded.

Hisako decided to leave, but Alice looked at Erina in doubt.

"Erina, where's Haru?"

After being asked so suddenly, Erina was startled and wasn't sure how to answer.

"Just tell her that I'm meeting my friend earlier," Haru quietly whispered.

Erina heard his whisper and said, "He might visit his friend and will come back soon."

"Hmm... is that so?"

Alice nodded and her white skin had started to turn red since she wasn't used to the hot temperature in this hot spring pool. She had been living in Northern Europe after all and the temperature in that place was cold most of the years.

"Then, I'll go back first."

Alice stood up and noticed the thing in front of Erina which was covered in a white towel. She blushed before walking away and at the same time, she snorted.


Alice became a bit annoyed and walked away.

Looking at Alice and Hisako who had left her, Erina sighed in relief.

"E, Erina..."

Erina hurriedly stood up and looked at Haru in worry. "H, Haru, are you alright?"

"I'm alright, but I need to get out now."

Haru's condition was alright, but he needed to pretend that he wasn't alright. He was going to ask what this girl wanted to do, but then noticed that the eyes of the girl were staring at the thing between his legs. "Want to touch it again?"

Erina blushed furiously again and shouted, "NO!!!!"


Haru couldn't stay calm since his anaconda stood up proudly. He couldn't release the white liquid within his anaconda since Sora, Megumi, Utaha, nor Kirari were beside him.

Haru hadn't eaten Erina after all, and he also didn't think that he should eat her in this place since she needed to do a training camp tomorrow. If he ate her tonight then she would be unable to do the training tomorrow which might affect her score at the school, but at the same time, it was very hard for him to calm himself.

It felt like there was delicious meat in front of him, but he couldn't touch it nor eat it. He could only smell it and looked at it which made him feel that it was torture itself.

Haru took a deep breath and covered the thing between his leg with a pillow before looking at Erina who was drying out her hair. "Erina, do you want me to help you?"


Erina stopped and looked at him in surprise.

"Come here."

Haru tapped the bed telling her to sit beside him.

Erina was a bit shy but nodded. She still remembered what had happened during the hot spring pool which made her unable to calm down.

As Haru dried her hair on the dressing table, Erina could see his pained expression, wondering what she could do to help him. Sitting on his side, she let him dry her hair tenderly. She felt very comfortable, but then she couldn't help but ask in a jealous manner. "You seem to be quite used to dry girl's hair." She knew that she had four girlfriends beside her which made her jealous.

"Really? If you praise me then I might have a talent in this area..."

"Hmph!" Erina pouted, but then she heard his voice right beside her ears.

"Then how about I do this to you every time that we're together?"

Erina smiled sweetly and rested her back on his chest. "I'll leave everything to you."

"Good, leave it to me."

Erina relaxed herself and felt very good since Haru's hands were very skillful to dry and brush her hair. She could see that her hair became even more beautiful somehow, but at the same time, it was hard to relax when there was a pillow which separated both of them. "Why is there a pillow here!" She wanted to pull it away so she could rest on his chest in a more comfortable way, but...


Haru's reminder was too late and Erina saw a very large bulge right on his pants. If his pants weren't loose then it might tore his pants apart.


"I'm sorry. I can't calm myself..." Haru sighed and really felt that he was too l.u.s.tful somehow, but who made Erina's body so s.e.xy which made him unable to calm himself.

Looking at his expression, Erina bit her lips and her voice was trembling. "D, do you want to do it?" She knew that sooner or later, she would be eaten by him, but she didn't expect to be eaten in this situation. She had thought about a lot of romantic scenes when she lost her first time, but she didn't expect to lose it during training camp.

Shaking his head, Haru disagreed. "No, you have a training camp tomorrow. If we really do that then you might not be able to go to the training camp or rather you won't be able to stand up tomorrow."

"R, Really?" Erina was a bit startled.

Haru nodded and said, "My stamina is very strong so...."

Erina blushed but then looked at him. "T, then is there something that I can do to calm you down? I can do anything!"

Looking at Erina who seemed to be very eager to help him, Haru gulped, especially when he looked at her beautiful lips. He would be lying if he didn't have an interest in it and he was wondering whether there was a difference between normal tongue and God's Tongue.

Erina could see that Haru seemed to have something on his mind. "Tell me anything, I can do it."

"Then... I won't hold back." Haru stared at Erina and asked, "Erina, can you help me using your mouth?"