Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1065

Volume 1 Chapter 1065 Curiosity 2

"Erina, can you help me use your mouth?"

"My mouth?"

Hearing his request, Erina didn't understand what Haru meant by helping him using her mouth. Even though she knew about the intercourse between male and female, it didn't mean that she understood everything.

Haru smiled mischievously and whispered something to Erina's ears.


Erina couldn't help but point her finger at him. Her feelings were mixed with shame and curiosity. If someone heard what he requested her to do then everyone would think the same. Her tongue was special and there were a lot of people who worshipped her because of this tongue. With this tongue, she was able to create various delicious dishes perfectly, but this demon suddenly asked her to use that tongue to lick the dirty thing between his legs.

No one could blame Erina for thinking that part of Haru was dirty since that place was used to let out urine after all.

Erina also had never thought to use her God of Tongue to lick that part of body, not, in her wildest dream, that she would ever think so....

But at the same time, Erina was curious.

In her childhood, she had been educated and she also had tasted various dishes from various ingredients in this world. If she counted it then the number of ingredients which she had tasted might reach a hundred thousand in number, but then she had never tasted the thing between his legs.


Erina shook her head and wondered what she could think of such blasphemy. She looked at him and rejected his request. "No!"

Haru sighed and felt a bit disappointed, but he didn't give up. "Then how about your hands?"

"My hands?" Erina looked at Haru in surprise.

Haru nodded and said, "Use your hand to help me."

Erina pondered for a while and she didn't really mind it. "Well... if it hands..." She nodded and asked, "But how should I do it?"

"I'll teach you slowly."

Erina nodded and asked, "So what should I do?"

"Take it out of its nest first."

"I, its nest?!" Erina blushed, but then followed his instructions to take out his anaconda from his pants. It was her first time and she was quite clumsy at it. It might be because his size was also the cause it was quite hard to take it out.



Erina looked at the big thing in front of her. She couldn't look away and stared at it for a long time. Her face was very hot and she didn't expect that his anaconda seemed to have a power which made her unable to look away. The smell was quite special and there was small crystal liquid on the tip of the anaconda which made her lick her lips unconsciously. She wasn't sure, but she felt that this thing was very delicious somehow. She wondered how it tasted, before shaking her head furiously since she couldn't do such blasphemy.

Haru had to admit that he might be addicted to bullying this girl since it was very exciting to see Erina's reaction thinking that she was very cute.

"What should I do?"

"Start to stroke it slowly from the shaft."

Erina followed Haru's instructions as if a good student. Her soft, smooth hand touched the shaft of his anaconda and she could feel the temperature of it. "It's hot..." Then she started to move her hand from up and down.


Looking at Haru's expression, Erina felt that it was a bit interesting. She slowly stroked his anaconda then looked at the tip of it. She wasn't sure, but she really wanted to lick it, however, her pride wouldn't allow her to do such a shameful thing.

"Erina, faster."

Erina nodded and started to stroke him faster.

The process was quite long, but his anaconda didn't seem to have an intention to gush out the white lava.

"Not yet...?" Erina asked timidly. She would be lying if she wasn't nervous, and at the same time, she was wondering when this anaconda would calm down.

"If you use your mouth then it'll be faster." Haru decided to ask once again.

"You...?!" Erina glared at Haru, but then bit her lips. She showed her arrogant expression and said, "Listen! I'm doing this because I have a training camp tomorrow so I need to rest early! And I won't do this again in the future!" It quite damaged her pride when she would use her precious tongue to lick such a dirty thing.

"I know, this is the last time."

Haru nodded and answered with a very light tone. He was sure that Erina might forget about what she was saying tonight in the future.

Erina glared at him for a bit before tucked her hair behind her ear before licking the tip of Haru's anaconda.

Haru had a shudder when he saw this prideful woman would use her precious tongue for such a thing, but at the same time, he was happy that one of the wishes in his life had been granted.

Licking it slightly, Erina felt strange since she didn't feel disgust, but it was quite an interesting taste. She licked it slowly before gobbling it since the taste of Haru's anaconda was quite unique, but it was too big which made her mouth stretched.

Erina, who tasted Haru's anaconda, could taste that it was quite salty, but at the same time, there was some taste that she had never tasted before that made her want more. She was so focussed on sucking his anaconda before she felt that her head was being patted and carressed. Her gaze slightly upturned and she looked at him while continuing to lick his anaconda, stroking it with her hand.

Haru had to admit that this scene was very amazing. He helped Erina by holding her hair in a ponytail since he could see that she was quite troubled by her long hair.

Erina looked at Haru and felt a bit grateful that he grabbed her hair since her long hair made it hard for her to do this act.

Erina stopped for a while, took a deep breath, then continued. The sound when she sucked Haru's anaconda was so lewd which made him think that this woman was born an enchantress.

"How is it?" Haru asked with a smile.

"It's bad!"

Erina snorted, but then continued to suck Haru's anaconda. It might be because she was the owner of God of Tongue that her skill was simply magical along with the expression that she showed at this moment, it made him about to release his white lava soon.

"Erina, stop, I'm going to let out something."


Erina was confused, but then something burst out from Haru's anaconda. She, who didn't have any preparation, was being shot down mercilessly. Her beautiful face and hair were covered in white sticky liquid.

"Erina, I'm sorry!"

Haru apologized, even though he did it deliberately, but he needed to apologize after all. However, he didn't expect Erina's response to be quite surprising.

Erina frowned because it was quite uncomfortable when her face was covered in this sticky liquid, but then the smell of this liquid was quite strange. It was slightly fishy, but she didn't hate it. By chance, she tried to lick it with her cute tongue before she was surprised by its taste. She had never tasted this taste, and it seemed that she liked it.

Her face was being cleaned by Haru using a tissue, but he knew that Erina needed to take a bath once again to clean the mess which he had caused on her face and hair.

"You still haven't calmed down?" Erina suddenly asked while looking at Haru's anaconda.

Haru looked at Erina and sighed. "Yes, I can't calm down with only one time."

"Then it can't be helped, I'll help you again, but this is the last time, alright?"

"Alright, alright, thank you, Erina. I love you." Haru kissed Erina's forehead to show his affection.

"I love you too."

Erina smiled sweetly, but then she wanted to taste the white liquid which came out from Haru's anconda again since its taste was very unique.

Caressing Erina's head tenderly, Haru felt that he was really blissful to have such a fiancee in his life.