Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1066

Volume 1 Chapter 1066 Business Talk?

Erina touched her jaw and frowned. She didn't expect that her mouth would be this sore the next day, but at the same time, she was also surprised that she could put that big thing in her mouth last night. She blushed when she thought about what she had done last night. Even though she had told him several times that she would do such a perverted act once, the taste of that white liquid was so unique that it made her decide to do it several times.

It tasted quite strange at first, but she couldn't stop tasting it.

Haru's stamina was unbelievable and it was as if he had a bottomless white liquid inside his body which made her a bit addicted to it.

'No, no, no!' Erina held her head and felt that her pride was being shattered by him, but well, he would become her husband after all. Her face was hot and wanted to taste it again tonight. The only thing that she wished at this moment was that she hoped that her mouth could recover faster.


"Hmm? What's wrong, Hisako?" Erina didn't really want to talk that much, but she could see that Hisako was worried about her health.

"Were you alright?" Hisako asked.

"I'm alright." Erina waved her hand and said, "Haru took care of me last night."

"I, is that so?" Hisako suddenly blushed.

"E, Erina, did you spend a night together wi---"

Alice who was by their side wanted to ask something, but her mouth was covered by Erina's hand.

"What the hell are you saying?!" Erina was furious at her cousin since this dumb girl didn't even realize that they were in public. It was alright if this girl asked this question in her room, but it was public after all and she was afraid for someone to hear their conversation.


Alice pushed Erina's hands away and said, "Tonight, I'm going to play in your room no matter what!"

Even though Hisako didn't say anything, she also wanted to play with Erina tonight.

Looking at both of them, Erina knew that she couldn't taste that white liquid for a while. She sighed and at the same time, she was wondering where Haru would play today.


It was early in the morning, everyone in the gym was looking at this person with amazement. They saw him doing pull-ups in a variety of ways, but that wasn't what they admired. They were coming from a bodybuilding community and they had constructed their muscles with a lot of dedication, but the muscle of this young man was so beautiful. It was as if his body was the Greek God itself. Some of them couldn't help but blush and wanted to touch his body.

But they didn't bother this young man since they knew that he was on the important routine and they shouldn't bother him, but it didn't stop them from appreciating his muscle.

Haru ignored all of the gazes on himself since he had gotten used to it. It wasn't that he was trying to be boastful or something, but he was handsome after all and the muscle lines on his body could make any girls feel weak.

There was a reason why he decided to do a work out this morning.

Last night was amazing, Haru had to admit it since Erina had used her sacred tongue to lick that part of him, but he felt that wasn't enough. His stamina was monstrous and he needed more than that to calm his anaconda, but he couldn't force Erina since he was afraid to wreck her mouth.

His high libido and stamina were very good things, but at the same time, it was also troublesome since he needed more time to calm himself.

Haru stopped his workout and wiped the sweat on his forehead, then noticed the glasses man who was working out beside him. He remembered that this man was one of the alumnus who became the lecturer on the training camp.


Haru thought to greet him since he was a bit curious about what Erina was doing during the test.


The man was a bit surprised, but greeted him politely. Then looking at Haru's appearance, he seemed to remember that this young man was the one who had a very close relationship with Dojima yesterday.

"If I'm not wrong, you should be one of the lecturers at the training camp, right?" Haru asked.

The man nodded and said, "Yes, I'm one of the alumnus of the Tootsuki Academy."

"Oh, right." Haru forgot that he hadn't introduced himself. "My name is Kasugano Haruka."

"Ka--" The man was tongue-tied, but then he looked closely and remembered that this young man was the richest man in this country. He looked around and asked, "Is it alright for you to be here?"

"Don't worry, a lot of my bodyguards are here." Haru pointed in some direction which showed his bodyguard who had been guarding him in this gym.

The man nodded and felt quite surprised since he didn't notice Haru's bodyguards for a while. Looking at Haru, he had to admit that this young man was very handsome, but at the same time, Haru was very low-key which startled him when he suddenly saw him in this place.

"Right, what's your name?" Haru asked.

The man realized that he was very rude and said, "My name is Shinomiya Kojirou. Nice to meet you, Kasugano-san."

"Shinomiya-san, can I call you that?"

Shinomiya nodded and said, "Sure." He didn't mind making friends with a billionaire and thought that it was a perfect chance to get an investment to build his restaurant in Tokyo.

"Do you know Erina?"

Shinomiya raised his eyebrow and asked, "The director's granddaughter?"

"That's right, have you seen how she was during training yesterday?" Haru asked.

Shinomiya suddenly felt that he had heard some big gossip, but it wasn't his problem and he also didn't really want to ask him rude questions. "No, I didn't supervise her class yesterday." Though, he knew that the relationship between Haru and Erina should be very close. Fiance? Couple? Well, it didn't really matter to him.

"Is that so?" Haru nodded and didn't really mind. "So do you own a restaurant or something?"

Shinomiya's eyes brightened and it seemed that it was his chance to get an investment. "Yes, I own a restaurant in France...."


Both of them talked to each other and their conversation was quite great.

Shinomiya told Haru about his restaurant in France and also his plan to build a restaurant in Tokyo.

Shinomiya's name was very popular in France and as long as he wanted to open a restaurant in France, it wouldn't be difficult for him to open one, but this time, he wanted to open it in Tokyo which made a lot of his patrons quite discouraged by his decision.

Haru knew that Shinomiya wanted an investment to create a restaurant in Tokyo, but he didn't mind since he was also interested in becoming Shinomiya's investor. There was a lot of benefit to owning a restaurant since he could use that restaurant for a date or business.

However, even though it didn't take him a lot of money to invest in Shinomiya, he couldn't agree directly.

"Let me taste your food first. I'm not trying to be rude, but we've only known each other for a short time after all." Even though Shinomiya's name in France might be very loud, this place was Japan and Shinomiya's influence wasn't big.

Shinomiya nodded and didn't mind. "Yes, if you're free how about you try my food later when the training is over later."

Haru nodded and said, "I'll bring someone with me later."

"Sure." Shinomiya nodded and looked at the clock. He knew that he was almost late for his lecture. "I'm sorry for being rude, but I'm almost late for my lecture."

Waving his hand, Haru said, "You should go now. Let's talk again after your lecture is over."

"Thank you." Shimominya excused himself and exited the gym.

Haru was about to continue his work out, but another person came toward him.

"Sorry for bothering you, but my name is Machio Naruzo, can I ask the secret of your muscle?"

Haru stopped and looked at the man who looked at him with a warm smile, but he could see a curiosity and obsession on his man's face. He wasn't sure, but after this trip, he might have other businesses to add.