Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1068

Volume 1 Chapter 1068 Underground Shokugeki 2

In this Shokugeki, Haru didn't really do anything. He didn't intend to grab his friend's girl and became a spectator. Though, during this Shokugeki, he talked together with Erina along with the alumnus of Tootsuki Academy. It seemed that all of them had their own restaurant and each of them was very famous. In the past, he had also gone to Hinako's restaurant and that place was also where he met Erina for the first time.

Erina and Haru also fell into contemplation when both of them thought about their first meeting. Their first meeting was quite normal, or rather Erina's impression of Haru was good, but it slowly turned into bad when she knew that he had a lot of girlfriends. From Utaha, then that girl who brought a lot of medicines in her bag, she was wondering what that girl was doing now.



"What is that girl doing?"

"....." Haru looked at Erina with a strange expression and asked, "Which girl?" It wasn't that he forgot, but there were a lot of girls on his side and Erina didn't mention the name or the features of the girls which made him confused for a while.

Erina moved her mouth closer to Haru's ear and whispered, "The one who you've told that her grandmother is dying."

"Oh..." Haru remembered that he had told a lie to Erina in the past about Sakura Yamauchi's condition. He hadn't met Sakura for a while, and even thought both of them often talked or messaged each other. It seemed that the last time he had met Sakura was two weeks ago, but after that he hadn't met her. 'Is her condition worsening?' It seemed that he needed to ask about her condition later and thought about bringing Sumire to his world as soon as possible.

"She's alright, you don't need to think too much, rather what do you think of this Shokugeki?"

"What do I think?" Erina looked at Tadokoro and Souma. Even though Tadokoro was quite slow at first, it seemed that she had talent, but Souma's assist was also very noticeable on this Shokugeki. However, she shook her head and said, "They're good, but the distance between them and that Shinomiya Chef is too big."

"I don't think so." Hinako suddenly interrupted their conversation and said, "I think that there is a chance for Tadokoro-chan to win this Shokugeki and I don't like Shinomiya."

"Hey, I heard that Hinako!"

Shinomiya, who was cooking, glared at Hinako.

Hinako only stuck out her tongue looking at this man.


Haru looked at the interaction between the two of them and shook his head. His gesture didn't mean anything, but he somehow hoped for them to go out together already.

Then Shinomiya didn't make them wait too long and served his dish.

"Here you go, please taste it." Shinomiya had a confident smile on his face while giving his dishes to the three judges along with Haru and Erina.

"Hey, where's mine?!" Hinako complained.

"There's nothing for you!"

Everyone ignored Hinako and Shinomiya who fought each other then looked at the dish which was presented by Shinomiya.

"Chou Farci, huh?"

Chou Farchi is one of the European dishes, the filling is traditionally based around meat, often beef, lamb, or pork and is seasoned with garlic, onion, and spices. Grains such as rice and barley, eggs, mushrooms, and vegetables are often included. Pickled cabbage leaves are often used for wrapping, particularly in Southeastern Europe. In Asia, seafood, tofu and shiitake mushroom may also be used and Chinese cabbage is often used as a wrapping.

Haru didn't think too much and ate it together with Erina.


Erina and Haru who had eaten this food realized the ability of this "Magician of Vegetables", both of them had to admit that this normal dish from Europe could become so delicious under Shinomiya's hands.

Erina suddenly felt that she had become a magical girl, but right in front of her, there was her nemesis who had caused her a lot of trouble.

"Take this, White Lava!"

Erina didn't expect this attack and she was covered in the sticky white liquid. She quickly opened her eyes and hit Haru's arm.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked with confused expressions.

"N, nothing..." Erina blushed and couldn't tell the truth since there were a lot of people here, but she could talk with him later since they were in the same room.

"What do you think?" Shinomiya asked.

"It's good." Haru nodded.

"Right?" Shinomiya smiled looking at Haru's reaction.

"But is this your best?" Haru looked at Shinomiya which caused Shinomiya to frown.

"What do you mean?"

"It's good and if you open a shop then without doubt it'll become popular, but that's all." Haru felt that it wasn't Shinomiya's best dish. "I've eaten a lot of delicious foods, and if you tell me that this is your best then I can only say that I'm a bit disappointed."


Shinomiya held his anger since no chef loved when their food was being criticized.

"But don't worry, this dish is worth investing in." Haru smiled and said, "But if you want me to take back my words then come out with your best when your restaurant has been opened."


Shinomiya raised his eyebrow and nodded. "Don't worry, I'll create a dish that'll make you say that it is the best dish that you've eaten in your life."

"I can't wait for it."

It seemed that everyone was startled by the interaction between Haru and Shinomiya, except for Erina, Dojima, and both students who faced Shinomiya in this Shokugeki.

Before long Tadokoro and Souma also served their dishes. The number of dishes were only four, even though Haru and Erina weren't judges, Tadokoro also decided to prepare a dish for them, though, they needed to eat this one dish together since the number of the dishes wasn't much.


It was a dish which was prepared by Tadokoro during the training camp earlier and it was the dish which was being judged a failure by Shinomiya.

However, Erina and Haru didn't think too much and also tried this dish. The moment the dish was put into their mouths, they could feel a gentleness which made their heart warm.

"This...?" Erina was quite surprised. Even though Shinomiya's dish was better, there was something special about Tadokoro's dish.

"I've decided."


Everyone was looking at Haru at that moment.

"Tadokoro, if you're being expelled then you don't need to worry. You can be my private chef in the future and I'll treat you gently."

Haru had to say sorry to Souma, but Tadokoro's dish was gifted since it really warmed him. If he worked really hard that day then when he returned there was such a warm dish then his day would be very blissful.

"E, Eh..?!" Tadokoro was blushing and didn't expect this invitation.

"You can't?!"

Everyone in this place loved Tadokoro, and they had aimed at her at the beginning. Even though Haru was a billionaire, it didn't mean that they were going to give up Tadokoro.

"Haru... do you like this girl that much?" Erina asked.


"Cough! Cough! Let's talk about the result of the Shokugeki."

Haru decided to change the topic of conversation.


Without doubt, the winner of this Shokugeki was Shinomiya, but Tadokoro's dish was also special which also made her receive a vote from Dojima, Hinako, Haru, and Erina which reversed the situation and turned her into the winner which caused Shinomiya to frown.

However, Shinomiya didn't say anything since Megumi's dish gave him a special feeling and made him remember why he had become a chef.

Haru and Erina didn't stay too long and decided to return to their room, before that he also told Tadokoro to come to his cafe anytime since he was really interested in Tadokoro's cooking.

"You don't have that kind of feeling towards that girl, right?" Erina asked again.

"No, my friend seems to be aiming at her so I won't disturb their relationship."

Erina nodded and hugged his arm tightly.

Haru smiled and whispered, "Do you want to drink again?"

Erina blushed and her ears turned red. She looked at this demon king, who had done a blasmephy act to her tongue. She wasn't going to deny it, though. She nodded quietly and moved closer at him.

Haru sighed and wondered how his fiancee could be this cute. He hugged Erina's slender waist and decided to teach her a lot of things tonight. He also thought to give her some pleasure later.

Both of them returned to their room calmly so they wouldn't arouse a suspicion, but it seemed that it wouldn't be that easy.

"Erina, Haru, you're late!"

Alice and Hisako stood up in front of Haru and Erina's room and it seemed that they had an intention to give them trouble tonight.

Haru and Erina looked at each other before sighing.