Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1069

Volume 1 Chapter 1069 Beauty Tips

The time moved so fast and soon the training camp would end in three days.

Erina wasn't in hurry, even though tonight, she couldn't taste her new favorite drink, but it was quite a fun night since she along with Haru, Alice, and Hisako were playing until midnight before they slept in the middle of the game. Though, she was annoyed when Alice was sleeping while hugging him, but it wasn't that she didn't understand since it felt very comfortable to hug him.

However, Haru was her fiance after all, and she didn't want to share him with her cousin. If it was other girls then she might close her eyes, but her cousin was off-limits, she couldn't let Alice get too close with him since she knew very well how perverted and charming her fiance was.

"You're going to follow us for today?" Alice asked.

Erina's thought was broken and looked at Haru, Alice, Hisako, and Kurokiba who walked together.

"Well, it is boring to wait in the hotel room. It is better to spend my free time fishing or something."

Their training today was quite similar to the training which was done by Souma and Tadokoro on the first day so he thought to spend his day fishing today since that way he could spend his time with them later.

"You can't bother us, alright? We're doing serious training." Erina reminded Haru, but her eyes were clearly telling him to leave Alice.

"Alright, alright." Haru decided to leave them and went to her previous spot on the first day during the training camp. He said goodbye and told them good luck on their training camp.

"Then, I'll go now."

Erina nodded, but then she saw him stop without moving. "What's wrong?"

"You're not going to kiss me?" Haru asked.

Erina blushed and pushed his back. "You...?! How can you ask such a shameless thing!" She didn't mind if there was only Hisako or Alice beside them, but this time, there were a lot of students in their surroundings.


Hisako and Alice rolled their eyes and wondered how this girl could say such a thing when both of them had seen Erina and Haru kiss each other.

"So... no?"

Erina continued to push him toward the quiet place where it was hard to see them. She kissed Haru's cheek and said, "Kiss me too."


Haru shook his head and kissed her lips directly.


Sitting on his lazy chair, Haru was fishing a fish and thought that such a lazy day was quite good. Though, it would be perfect if there was a girl who could accompany him, but he knew that Erina, Alice, or even Hisako were busy on their training camp.

Pondering about this location, Haru was quite amazed about the forest in the surroundings of the resort. In this resort, the guests were allowed to hunt the animals and vegetables in this area.

To protect the guests in the resort, there was a fence which surrounded the perimeter of the hunting area. It was a forest after all, and it wouldn't be weird if there was a dangerous animal such as a bear. Though, it was impossible to see it in this place since it was surrounded by a fence.

Haru was quite bored with fishing fish and thought that it would be good to hunt something such as a rabbit, chicken, duck, etc. There was also a venison, but he felt that it was too big and he didn't think that he was able to eat all of it, but if it was rabbit, chicken, then it was possible for him to eat it alone.

"Rabbit, huh?"

Haru gulped and thought to hunt a rabbit, but he heard a noise from the bushes. He turned his head and saw Alice who came out from the bushes.


Alice smiled childishly looking at Haru.

"Alice, how come you're here?" Haru asked.

"Hehehe, I'm going to get a fish. Give me one, the big one!" Alice walked toward him cheerfully and was about to take Haru's bucket. "You don't mind, right?"

"Take it."

Haru didn't really mind sharing his haul with Alice. He looked around and asked, "Who is your partner?"

"It's Kurokiba. He should be fishing on the nearby stream." Alice pointed her finger in some direction.

"So when your partner is doing work, you're playing around?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"I'm not playing around! I'm getting fish for our training! See?" Alice showed the bucket which was taken from Haru earlier.

"It's mine, right?" Haru said with a helpless expression.

"Don't worry, don't worry, don't sweat the small stuff." Alice waved her hand with a smile as if it didn't really matter.


Haru was speechless, but didn't think too much. He had to admit that this girl was very fun and cheerful which affected him because of her cheerfulness.

"So where's Erina?" Haru asked.

When Alice was being asked, she pouted and asked, "Why are you asking about Erina? Don't you feel happy that there is a beautiful girl beside you?"

"Beautiful girl? Where?" Haru looked around and didn't see anyone.

"It's me!" Alice roared and felt a bit annoyed by his reaction.

"Oh, it's you." Haru nodded and observed Alice from up to down. He had to admit that Alice's body had grown from the last time he had seen her.

"W, what? I won't do anything perverted with you!" Alice covered her body with her hands.


Haru was speechless since this girl was very narcissistic.

Alice thought for a while and asked, "Haru, can I ask you something?"

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"It is only me or Erina who becomes more beautiful somehow," Alice asked with a frown.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Haru didn't understand Alice's question.

"I've seen Erina's skin become very smooth and supple. I've asked her what is her secret or the brand of her skin care, but she has never told me. You're staying in the same room as her, right? Can you tell me?" Alice looked at Haru with a hopeful expression.

Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "Skin care?"

"Of course! I want my skin to become smooth and supple too!"

Alice was very annoyed since Erina didn't tell her about her skin care, and she was also annoyed since she was being left alone by both of them. Waving her hand, she continued, "Anyway, I will forgive you if you can tell me or bring me her skin care."


Haru didn't remember that Erina had changed her skin care and from his impression, she had never changed anything. He shook his head and said, "I don't think that she has changed her skin care or anything."

"Then why has her skin become more beautiful? Have you done something to her? If so, do the same to me!" Alice pulled Haru's arms and put a spoiled expression on her face.


Haru recalled that he had only taught Erina about perverted stuff and let her taste his white liquid. 'Is that a thing?' He felt that it was possible, but he didn't expect his white liquid to have such an effect, but at the same time, he also knew that Erina had become even more beautiful or rarther all of his girlfriends who had tasted that white liquid, their skin became better somehow.

"Hmm? It seems that you really have done something." Alice sat on Haru's lap and begged. "Haru, do the same to me."


Haru was speechless at this request. 'Does this girl want to be showered too?' He shook his head and hurriedly calmed himself.


But then it seemed that his luck was quite good since Erina and Hisako noticed both of them.

"Get up for me!"

Erina hurriedly told Alice to stand up, but Alice snorted and continued to sit on Haru's lap.

Both sisters started to bicker with each other, fortunately there weren't any people in their surroundings.

During their bickering, no one noticed that some part of the fence was broken and something or someone had entered this resort area.