Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 107

Volume 1 Chapter 107 Bromance

Haru and Tsunade walked to the counter seat of this bar.

"Is this your friend too, Toriko?"

Toriko nodded, "Yes, they're Haru and Tsunade."

"Hello, my name is Moriji, I'm the owner of this bar," Moriji said.

"Give me the strongest drink," Tsunade said.

Moriji sweatdropped when he heard it, "Sure...."

"Give me ice tea," Haru said.

Moriji, who also heard it, had sweatdropped: "We don't serve that kind of thing."

Haru frowned, ".....Give me water."

Moriji nodded and prepared their order.

Luffy was eating meat on the table and Takimaru only looked at him with a helpless expression.

"Are you also going to join this expedition?" Moriji asked while asking both of them.

"Yes, we're a group of three," Haru said while pointing his finger at Luffy.

Luffy smiled in response.

Moriji nodded, "The client didn't really care about your reputation, he only wants every Gourmet Hunter in this town."

"Good," Haru nodded and glad since they didn't have an identification in this world.

"But still, three of you, I have never seen you before, are you a Gourmet Hunter?" Moriji asked.

"No, they're pirates, ninjas, and novelists," Toriko said while drinking a beer. He thought it was a joke and didn't think much of it. He only thought that they were an interesting group.

Moriji, who heard it, twitched his lips and wasn't sure how to respond, but he could tell that they were quite strong.

Haru was drinking mineral water while looking at a group of Gourmet Hunters. He looked around and saw a few interesting people.

"Did you find someone interesting, Haru?" Luffy asked.

Haru nodded, "Probably."

Luffy nodded and didn't say anything again. He continued to eat the meat while waiting for the client to come.

The arrival of Toriko and his group made the bar quiet but it wasn't long before it became rowdy again.

Suddenly the door opened by force and a lot of people wearing a black suit entered the bar in the group.


Everyone stopped talking and eating, they were looking at the entrance of the bar waiting for their client. They saw a short old man with a gaudy coat enter the bar. He snickered at everyone and said, "I will give you 10 billion to any of you dogs who can carry out this job."

"H - he is Colonel Mokoi!"

"His company makes trillions a year!"

"T - ten billion!"

Haru knew that this person was one of the antagonists even though it was minor but this person was probably the one who sponsored the villain's organization. He remembered that this person had a space tourism industry or something. He also knew that this old man was the one who would give them a clue about the location of the Century Soup.

"I don't like him," Tsunade said.

"It's okay, we only ask for a free ride to the location," Haru said.

Luffy continued to eat while looking at the old man.

Colonel Mokoi smiled and turned his body, "Do I hear a doubt? Who do you think I am? I will turn no one away! I want a Century Soup! Anyone who is up for a challenge follows me!"


Every person in the bar was excited similar to the kid who heard that they would get an allowance. They couldn't hold themselves and wanted to go to this place. Their only aim was one and that was the Century Soup.

Haru looked at the bodyguard of Colonel Mokoi and started to explain about their destination.

"Frozen Tundra, is it really that cold?" Tsunade asked.

"Hmm, Haru is it really the same level as Freezing Hell?" Luffy asked.

"Probably, I don't know but let's go follow them, they will give us equipment," Haru was glad that they would give them equipment, "Takimaru, do you want to follow us?"

"Yeah, Takimaru, you should stay with us," Luffy said.

"I don't mind," Tsunade said.

Takimaru had only stayed with them for a short time but he had a good impression of them. He nodded and said, "Yes, but I will be the one who will get the Century Soup."

"Hahaha," Luffy laughed.

"No, I will be the one," Toriko said.

"Toriko-san!!!" Komatsu followed him.

Haru shook his head and followed the group. He knew that this journey would be dangerous. He could imagine that this trip would be similar to his trip in Impel Down Level 5 Freezing Hell but it was more dangerous since the monster was stronger and more durable. In the Impel Down, he only needed to fight a wolf but in this world it was different. He remembered there was a monster that its breath could even make a hole in the earth.

"Haru, Luffy, how old are both of you?" Takimaru asked.

"I'm 17 years old," Luffy said.

"I'm 15," Haru said.

Takimaru was surprised but he was only 18 years old.

"YOUNG!!!" Komatsu, who heard it, was startled.

Toriko looked at them and didn't say anything. He felt that his group would become the main competitor of this journey.

"Komatsu-san, are you going to be okay?" Haru asked worriedly. He knew that he was very weak and his fighting power was similar to that of a child.

"I - I will be okay!!!" Komatsu nodded and said with a confident smile, "I believe that Toriko will protect me."

"Don't worry, Komatsu, no matter what, I will protect you," Toriko said.

Haru felt weird when he heard both of their conversations. He didn't really want to think about it but someone asked them a rude question.

"Are you gay?" Tsunade asked both of them.

Toriko and Komatsu frowned at the same time, "We're not!!!"

'It's a bromance,' Haru thought inwardly but didn't intend to join their conversation.


Colonel Mokoi walked in front of everyone.

"Boss, don't we need to screen them?"

Mokoi shook his head, "There is no need, we can bring everyone, the more people the better chance that I will get this soup."


Moriji smiled while looking at their backs. He was happy to see a lot of Gourmet Hunter who was hungry for the adventure and food, "Good luck."