Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1070

Volume 1 Chapter 1070 Disaster 1

After catching some fish on the stream, Kurokiba was about to come back.


Kurokiba looked around with a lifeless expression, but he didn't see Alice anywhere. He sighed and knew how naughty Alice was. He walked around the stream then he saw Haru who was sitting lazily while fishing a fish.

"Oh, Kurokiba?" Haru noticed Kurokiba who walked toward him.

Kurokiba nodded and looked at Haru with a respectful gaze. In his childhood, he lived a very harsh life and everyday was survival. He needed to be strong to be able to live and he didn't fear anyone, but this guy was different. He could see even though Haru seemed to be very lazy and seemed harmless, but he knew very well that this guy was hiding something within his body. It was like a sleeping beast, and once this guy was awoken then he would shake the world.

Though, at the same time, Kurokiba also knew about Haru's identity since Alice often collected news about Haru at home.

"Kasugano-san, do you know where Ojou is?"

Kurokiba needed to go back since he wanted to cook as soon as possible so he could end the training camp early.

"She should be with Erina and Arato." Haru pulled his fishing pole and caught a fish swiftly. His movement was so swift and efficient that the fish entered the bucket without being able to fight back. "You should wait here, they might come back soon."

Kurokiba didn't seem surprised, but rather sighed when he thought about Alice. He nodded and sat beside Haru since it seemed that Haru brought another folding chair with him. He was also about to fish, but suddenly he heard Haru's voice which made his body tense.

"Kurokiba, can you call security?"


"If possible tell them to bring a shotgun or a gun." Haru's expression became serious and stood up from his chair before running in some direction.

Kurokiba didn't have a chance to ask Haru, but his brain quickly drew a conclusion which might happen from Haru's sentence. His expression became serious and he hurriedly ran toward the direction of the office.


Erina, Hisako, and Alice walked together to hunt for ingredients within this hunting ground.

"Why are you here?" Erina looked at Alice with a displeased expression.

Waving her hand, Alice said, "Don't worry, don't worry, I'm going to help you to get ingredients."

"I don't need your help!"

"But you want to catch a rabbit, right? It's very hard to catch one, you should bring Haru too." Alice thought that Erina was too stubborn since Erina wanted to hunt a rabbit alone.

For some girls, they might be very hesitant to catch a rabbit, but they're different since they're a chef.

Alice, Erina, and Hisako had eaten various dishes from various ingredients and rabbits were quite normal ingredients in their minds.

Rabbit was also frequently eaten in European countries which made Alice quite familiar with this animal and she also knew how hard it was to catch this animal.

"No, I'll do this myself." Erina was very stubborn.

"Erina-sama..." Hisako had to admit that Erina, who was stubborn, was very cute.

"Even if I can't catch it, I can get a fish from Haru..." Erina wanted to try and even if she failed to hunt one, it didn't really matter since there was still a lot of time before the training was over.

"Well.. That's true." Alice nodded and knew that Haru had caught a lot of fish.

"Erina-sama, I'll gather herbs around..."

Hisako thought that it was necessary to gather herbs to garnish their dish.

"Thank you, Hisako." Erina nodded with smile, and continued to look for a rabbit, but she didn't move far away from Hisako since she wouldn't leave her secretary here alone.

Alice was following Erina and Hisako with a bored expression, even though she wasn't confident that Erina could catch a rabbit, but there was a possibility that Erina could catch one.

Erina loved to use venison meat and she also often went to follow a hunter to get fresh meat from the hunting ground or mountain directly so she knew how to hunt an animal and rabbit was one of them. She was looking at the surrounding area, and heard a noise from the bushes.

"Over there!"

Alice was very excited, but her collar was caught by Erina and she was almost choked by Erina. She was annoyed and complained. "What are you doing, Erina?!" She turned and was about to start her complaint, but she felt that Erina's expression was a bit wrong. She followed Erina's gaze then her heart stopped beating.

Not only Alice, but Hisako and Erina felt that their hearts stopped beating when they saw the thing in front of him.

It appeared so suddenly from thick bushes before looking at them silently.


Hisako, Erina, and Alice didn't dare to let out their voices and their bodies were shaken from fear when they saw the thing in front of them.

"No..." Alice's voice was trembling, but because of that voice.


The beast in front of them stood in all four and showed its sharp fangs. Its large body could give anyone a scare as long as they saw it.

That roar reverberated through the hunting ground which could be heard by some people within, but some people didn't know what it was except three girls who faced this beast directly.

Hisako's body was shaken, but she hurriedly looked at Erina. "E, Erina-sama, please run..."

Erina ignored Hisako's words since she also couldn't move her body very well since the beast which appeared in front of them was a bear.

Usually it would be impossible for a bear to appear in this hunting ground within the resort since this place was surrounded by a fence which would repel any dangerous beast such as a bear.

The bear walked slowly toward them, it could smell the hormone which was secreted from those three girls. It could feel their fear and they were about to become another meat in its eyes. It let out a drool and imagined how delicious the meat of those three girls was.

Even though Erina was known as a queen in the world of culinary, she was still a normal girl. She had never practiced any martial arts nor she had a super power which was able to destroy a planet in a single attack. Though, if she had that power then she would use that power to monopolize Haru for herself.

However, Erina knew that if this continued that she might not be able to meet him again in this life.

When the bear was two meters away from them, it stood with its two legs which made them tremble even more.

"Y, you stupid bear! J, Just go away!"

Alice was crying and stood up in front of everyone.

"A, Alice, what are you doing! Get away!" Erina's heart was beating very fast and panicked.

"Hehehe... I, I don't know... b, but I won't let this stupid bear do anything to you..." Alice raised her two small fists and looked at the bear with fear, but hidden there it was full of hostility. If she came back later then she wouldn't hesitate to tell the people to hunt down this stupid bear and make it into a bear stew. She had made a vow and she would do it no matter what.


The bear seemed to be able to feel the hostility from Alice. It felt insulted since by Alice's gaze, since in front of its eyes, they were only prey, they were meat, and they would be eaten by it soon, but it didn't mind giving them painful death before it ate them. It raised its paws, which were fully armed with sharp claws and were about to shred Alice apart.


Erina panicked and felt fear, even though Alice was annoying, but Alice was her cousin and even if she tried to hide it, she loved Alice as her friend.

"H, help... help... Haru, help!!!"

Erina shouted Haru's name unconsciously since in her mind, he was her knight in white worse.

Alice was about to welcome her death, but suddenly someone caught her waist along with Erina and Hisako escaped from the attack of the bear.


Even though the bear didn't hit Alice and the girls, its claws caused the ground to sink and some dirt was scattered.

Alice's heart was beating fast and her adrenaline was fully secreted, but she didn't expect that she would be saved.

"You alright?"

Alice couldn't let out her voice since she was in shock, but she knew him very well.

"Haru!!!" 2x

Hisako and Erina hugged Haru immediately since they felt that they had been saved.

"If you're alright then hurry up and get away from here since the danger isn't over yet."

His voice awoken them, especially when they heard this loud roar again.