Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1071

Volume 1 Chapter 1071 Disaster 2

No one in the office knew what had happened in the hunting ground and they were waiting for the students to return lazily to the office since there was nothing to do, but then there was one student with heavy breath and fierce expression suddenly came which startled them.

"What's wrong?"

One of the staff felt that there was something wrong.

"Hurry up and get your people! There's a bear!" Kurokiba shouted fiercely.



Erina, Alice, and Hisako realized that they hadn't escaped from the danger or rather they also implicated him into this danger.

"Hurry up and get away." Haru looked at them and said, "I've told Kurokiba to bring someone, for now, you should run while I stop this bear."

"S, Sorry.. I, I can't move Haru..." Alice grimaced and her body couldn't move very well.


Haru stared at Alice and had to admit that this girl was very brave earlier. He stood up and said, "Then try to get away as soon as possible, I'll defeat this bear as soon as possible."

"D, do you want to die?! D, don't do something stupid!" Erina shouted and said, "Y, you can't defeat a bear! J, just get away from this place, Haru..."

Haru ignored Erina and faced the bear ready for a fight. He raised both of his fists and if someone saw him then they could tell that it was an orthodox stance from boxing.

"The bear should have a speed of at least 60 km/h. Do you think I can run away while bringing the three of you? I've to fight at least wait for Kurokiba to bring help or else, we, all, are going to die."


The bear looked disdainfully toward Haru. Its height was five meters and Haru, who was only around 1.84 meters, was only an ant in front of it.

"H, Haru... Y, your back..."

Alice only realized it, but when she saw him facing the bear, she could see the large wound on his back. She could clearly tell that it was caused after he had saved her before.

"J, just run, alright?" Erina was crying looking at Haru's wounded back.

"Arato!" Haru said.

"Y, yes..." Hisako, who couldn't utter a word for a while, answered him unconsciously.

"If possible bring both of them away from here since it'll get messy."

Haru started to move, moving from right to left, if a boxer champion saw him at that moment, they would be startled. He could see that the bear disdained him and of course, he was angry, but he held it. He knew that this move might be manipulative, but he could use this to closer the relationship between his girls by using the beast in front of him.

'Since you've appeared then let me use you...'


The bear started to move and even though its body was very huge, its speed was very fast. It appeared right in front of Haru and swept down its claws.

Haru dodged that attack and counterattacked the bear with a solid one-two punch.

*Baam!* *Baam!*

The punch hit the head of the bear which made it frown, but it didn't stop its attack, rather it made it angier. It used its other claws to sweep him down.


The power of the bear was so powerful that it blew him away into a tree with a very loud impact.


Haru coughed up blood and large wounds appeared on his chest. He felt that if he became an actor, it would be very easy for him to get the best actor in an Academy Award.


Erina wanted to get him, but she was stopped by Hisako.

"D, don't do that, Erina-sama! W, we need to get help right now! The faster the better!"

The bear didn't stop its attack and launched toward Haru with opened its mouth which was filled with razor sharp teeth.



The bear thought that Haru was dying in only a matter of seconds and it should eat this hateful human before those three useless things, but then....


Suddenly a punch appeared and hit the chin on the bear which closed its mouth forcefully. Then, before it realized what had happened, something poked one of its eyes which made it roar painfully.


The roar was so loud that it caused everyone to notice.


Kurokiba's expression became paler and along with the staff of from the resort, he hurriedly ran toward the direction of that noise since if someone happened to the lady from Nakiri clan then their heads wouldn't be saved.

"Hurry up!"



As the bear roared in painful cries, another solid one-two punch hit right into its temple.

*Baam!* *Baam!*

The bear staggered and felt that punches caused a shock on its brain.

Haru stood up and used this chance to fight back.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

Haru kept punching right into the head of the bear since he could see that it was its weakness. He calmly analyzed his opponent and attacked when there was an opening, he didn't hesitate to attack it.


Erina, Hisako, and Alice opened their mouths wide since they didn't expect to see this scene. The large bear with a size five meters was being beaten by Haru, but at the same time, it gave them a sigh of relief and also amazement.

"Haru, beat this stupid bear!!!" Alice couldn't hide her excitement.

"You.. Shut up! Don't let him lose his focus!" Erina hurriedly closed Alice's mouth since she knew that Haru was fighting against a dangerous beast and one wrong mistake would lead to death, especially when she saw his bloody body. She knew that if this fight continued then he might lose because of blood loss.

Alice hurriedly realized her mistake and closed her mouth, but it was too late.

The bear seemed to be angrier and its mind was cunning than they had thought. It had grown to five meters high and it was impossible to stay alive without being able to fool those foolish prey.

The bear could see that those three girls seemed to be very precious to the young man in front of them. At the time, it didn't see Haru as another prey, but rather an opponent. However, because of that, it was going to give him a painful memory.

In a single moment, when Haru was about to send out his punch, the bear turned and ran toward the direction of the three girls.


The three girls lost their voices and the shock from earlier made them unable to move their bodies. They could see the cruel expression from the bear which was about to give them a death, but then...

"You... I want to give you some honorable death, but it seems that I've to change it now."

Suddenly the bear realized that someone had latched onto its back when it was trying to throw this person, its other eye was poked once again.


But that wasn't over, and the bear's head was being bombed by a powerful punch several times in one spot. It kept being hit before part of its skull was broken.


The bear fell down on the ground, dripping in blood, before dying.

Haru sat tiredly on the top of it. His body was full of blood, but his eyes were fiercely looking at the bear below him. Then he turned his gaze toward the three girls in front of him.

When they were being gazed at, it felt that their were opened wanting him to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e them. It was their instinct as a woman to choose the most powerful man as their mate which was the man in front of them.

Haru smiled and said, "What are you dumbfounded for? Hurry up and call an ambulance for me."


"Haru, Haru, are you alright?" Erina hurriedly woke up from her stupor and her face was covered in tears asking him in worry.

"I'm alright..." Haru patted Erina's head.


Erina hugged him, ignoring the blood on his body.

Haru sucked a deep breath and said, "Lighter, lighter, don't hug me so tight, I've a lot of wounds on my body." Even though it didn't hurt, he needed to act after all.

Erina didn't seem to hear him and kept hugging him.


Hisako and Alice were looking at Erina in jealousy, before they heard a shout from some direction.


Alice hurriedly stood up and shouted, "Come here! We need an ambulance, hurry up!"

Kurokiba along with the staff of the resort came with their weapons and ready for the fight, but then they were stunned when they saw the scene in front of them. They saw the fierce bear lying with bloodied head and on the top of it, there was a man which was riddled with wounds sitting on the top of it with a girl who was hugging him tightly.


They didn't expect someone to be able to defeat a bear which caused them to be dumbfounded.

"What are you dumbfounded for! Hurry up and get me an ambulance or I'll fire all of you!!!"

Erina roared which woke all of them hurriedly. She was full of anger and kept complaining about what had happened to this resort and if something happened to him then she wouldn't mind razing the resort.

Looking at Erina, it seemed that his plan might be a bit too much.