Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1072

Volume 1 Chapter 1072 Bear?

The training camp became chaotic, even though the attack from the bear wasn't announced, but every student in this training camp knew that there was something wrong and the students who were in the same training class as Erina, Alice, Hisako, and Kurokiba also heard a roar of beast which caused them to know that something must be happening.

After that incident, every student on the hunting ground was gathered together and they were told to stay in the building until the matter was solved.

The lecturer knew what had happened, but he didn't tell anyone about it since it might cause damage to Tootsuki's name. He only told them that they didn't need to do a training camp today and they passed the training for today.

Those students were happy, but at the same time, they were worried since they didn't see Erina, Alice, Hisako, and Kurokiba at that moment. The four of them were very famous after all so they were worried when they didn't see the three of them, but the lecturer told them not to worry and told them to return early.

Some lecturers didn't say much and left the students after they had been told to stay at the hotel then left them since there was something more important to do.

The students didn't know what was happening and only talked to each other, wondering what was happening.


"You alright?" Dojima asked, looking at Haru who was wrapped in bandages.

"I'm alright." His appearance was a bit pale, but he had a calm expression on his face. Waving his hand, he said, "Though, I might lack blood. Give me meat or something."


Dojima gulped and said, "The ambulance will come soon, you shouldn't eat something strange first before the doctor comes." Even though there was a medical room inside the resort, there wasn't any doctor inside this resort which made him frustrated. If something happened to Haru, then even if he did a harakiri then his life might not be saved. The only lucky thing was that it seemed that Haru was alright and could even defeat a bear.

If Dojima didn't see the wound of Haru's body and the dead body of the bear then he might not believe it. Though, at the same time, he hurriedly gathered all of the hunters within the resort to protect the surrounding area since he was afraid that there was another bear who had entered the resort through the broken fence. He also thought that Haru might be the fiercest man that he had seen since the size of the bear was so large and Haru's method to kill it was very vicious since he could see that the eyes of the bear were destroyed without mercy by him.

"Y, you're really alright, right?" Erina's complexion was quite pale, but she didn't want to leave him.

"I'm alright. You don't need to worry." Haru tried to reassure Erina.

Erina gritted her teeth and asked, "Where's the ambulance!"

"T, the ambulance is here!"

Everyone sighed in relief and hurriedly brought him to the ambulance.



Senzaemon stood up from his seat and asked, "How are they? What about the students?" His complexion became pale when he heard what had happened. "What about Erina? Alice?" His complexion became better when he heard that his granddaughters were alright, but his expression became gloomy when he heard that Haru was wounded. "Damn, what the hell have you been doing?! How can you make such a mistake?! If something happens to him then you can't forget to see the sun tomorrow!" His complexion didn't feel better when he heard their apologies, but there was one thing which he needed to do.

"Where's the bear?"

The presence of Senzamon was very huge. He was known as the Demon King of Culinary World after all.

"It.. It's in the resort."

Senzamon took the katana to his office and was ready to slay it down. "Where it is, I'll slay it down myself." He clenched the katana tightly and he was ready to kill the thing which endangered the life of his grandchildren.

"D, director, the bear has been killed!"

"... Who has killed it?" Senzaemon thought that he needed to reward someone who had slain the bear.

"I, It's Kasunogo-sama. He used his bare hands to kill it."


Senzamon opened his eyes wide before he laughed. "As expected of my grandson-in-law!" But then he remembered that something had happened to Haru. "Hurry up and bring me to him! I need to see his condition!"



Hyakkou Academy.

The school was operated as usual, but when Haru wasn't there, the girls were quiet and they were a bit lifeless since they couldn't see him for a day. In their minds, Haru was their eye candy and even if he dated Kirari, it didn't mean that they couldn't watch him, right?

In the student council room, everyone was talking about the school festival which was about to happen soon, but suddenly Kirari's phone rang which stopped the discussion.

Kirari raised her eyebrow and opened it. "Hello?" Her expression became pale and she stood up hurriedly leaving all of them behind without saying anything.


Everyone was stumped and dumbfounded while wondering what had happened.

"K, Kirari-sama!"

Sayaka, Ririka, Runa, and Yuriko hurriedly followed Kirari leaving everyone in this room with worry, curiosity, and dumbfounded since it was their first time to see Kirari with such an expression.

"What happened?"


Sora was inside the classroom, but suddenly someone knocked on the door of the classroom.

Everyone inside the classroom was looking toward the direction of the door and saw Hiratsuka who seemed to have a pale expression.

"Sora and Megumi, you two come with me. There's something happening." Hiratsuka was very rude, but she didn't care since something important was happening.

Sora and Megumi weren't sure, but they nodded and followed Hiratsuka after they took their bags.

Everyone seemed to start to get worried, especially those who were close to Sora and Megumi, but they didn't have a chance to ask since the three of them had gone away.


Hiratsuka brought Sora, Megumi, and Utaha to her car hurriedly which made the three of them wonder what had happened and they also felt a bad feeling inside their heart.

"What happened?"

When they were inside the car, Sora couldn't help but ask.

"Haru is wounded."

"What?!" 3x


They didn't understand how Haru could be wounded with his bodyguards and his power.


"Bear?!" 3x

"I'm not sure about the details, but we need to go to the hospital."

They didn't hesitate and nodded, even telling her to hurry.


There were a lot of doctors in his surroundings checking his body to see whether there was something wrong or not. Though, at the same time, they were amazed since Haru was able to fight against a bear. They could see that his muscle was very strong and the wounds which were caused by the bear were closed down by the movement of his muscle, but even so, they needed to check him since they were afraid for an infection to happen.

However, the female doctor and the nurse seemed to get wet when they saw his n.a.k.e.d body, especially with that bloody body, causing them to remember what was the charm of man.

"Haru, you alright?"

"I'm alright. I've only suffered from ripped skin, torn muscles, and loss of blood. You don't need to worry too much, aunt." Haru looked at Maki's mother who looked at him in worry. He was in Maki's hospital after that incident since he was more comfortable in this place and he also believed in their credibility.

"You... You've just fought a bear! Do you want to die?!" Maki's mother roared since she had always thought of him as her own child. Her eyes were red and shouted, "Also, don't call me, aunt?!" Though, at the same time, she realized that he had grown so big.


Haru was speechless and asked, "Then should I just leave my girlfriend being eaten by a bear? I've won, that's all that matters." He laid lazily on the bed without caring about his n.a.k.e.d body being seen by a lot of people. They were doctors and he didn't think too much since it was their profession.

"...Girlfriend? What about Maki?" Maki's mother stared at him.


"Is this something that we should discuss now?" Haru asked.

Maki's mother calmed herself and nodded. "Your body seems to be alright, but I'll have to see whether there's something wrong or not for the past few days."

"So can I wear my pants now?" Haru asked.


Maki's mother snorted and slapped Haru's thing. "What are you afraid of? I've seen it several times when you're a chi...." She stopped when Haru's thing stood up proudly.

"I'm not a child again, aunt." Haru reminded Maki's mother and took his pants.


Maki's mother blushed and coughed. "Then wear your pants, but you shouldn't wear your shirt since we need to see whether there's something wrong or not with your body."

Haru nodded and wore his pants which somehow he could perceive that some female doctor and nurse sighed in disappointment. He shook his head and glared at Maki's mother telling him that he wasn't a show.

Maki's mother nodded and told all of them to get out, leaving two of them inside. She looked at him and said, "There are a lot of people who have been waiting for you."

"I know."

"....Don't hurt, Maki, alright?" Maki's mother stared at Haru.

Haru looked at Maki's mother and said, "I won't."

"That's good to hear." Maki's mother looked at the thing between his leg and said, "Calm that down or else, you'll scare someone with it."