Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1073

Volume 1 Chapter 1073 Meeting Of Harem

Maki's mother let the people who had been waiting for him enter.

Erina, Dojima, Alice, Kurokiba, and Hisako entered. They sighed in relief when they saw him alright.

Dojima and Kurokiba didn't bother him again since they could also see that the three girls seemed to want to be alone with him.

Maki's mother looked at Erina, Alice, and Hisako. Out of the three of them, she could see that the three of them seemed to care very much about him. She was wondering whether one of them was his girlfriend.

Erina looked at Alice and Hisako wondering how long the two of them were going to stay in this place. Though, in the end, she didn't say anything and helped to feed Haru since he was hungry. She didn't think too much about the doctor and thought that she was here to take care of Haru.


Suddenly the door to his room opened and a silver haired beautiful girl ran in his direction.

"Kirari? Why are you here?" Haru was surprised.

Kirari's eyes were red and it seemed that she was crying. "You're alright?"

"I'm very healthy," Haru said.

"That's good..." Kirari sighed in relief then she noticed Erina, Alice, and Hisako. Then before long, there was another girl who came to his room from Runa, Sayaka, Yuriko, and Ririka, but somehow the four of them could perceive the situation was a bit wrong, especially when they could see three beautiful girls beside Haru. They didn't know who they were, but they could see that the relationship between Haru and those three girls seemed very close.


Then another person came in this time, it was Utaha, Sora, Megumi, and Hiratsuka.

Utaha, Sora, and Megumi ignored all of the girls and asked Haru directly. However, they gave a nod to Erina, Kirari, and Ririka since they knew each other.

"You're alright?" Hiratsuka asked.

Everyone looked at this woman who seemed to be in her late 20's.

"I'm alright."

"But how the hell have you fought a bear?!" Hiratsuka asked. She was really afraid to lose her nephew after all.


Sayaka, Ririka, Runa, and Yuriko didn't know what was happening, however, they didn't expect that Haru would receive the wounds on his body because of fighting against a bear.

"Did you really fight a bear?" Runa asked curiously. She could see that Haru was alright and didn't feel that worry anymore.

"Of course! He even killed it using his bare-hands!" Alice seemed quite proud as if she was the one who did it herself.


Alice looked at Haru and said, "Don't worry, I'll bring the meat of that bear and make a beer stew for you later!" She had vowed to make the bear meat into a beat stew before and of course, she would do it.

"Oh, I can't wait for it."

It wasn't Haru's first time eating a bear since he had also eaten one during his stay in the world of Black Bullet.

"So how is this happening?" Runa couldn't help but ask.

Everyone was also curious how the hell Haru could fight against a bear so suddenly.

Alice, of course, was more than happy to tell everyone what had happened before and how he had fought a bear.



Listening to the story from Alice's mouth, they weren't sure what to say for a while. It seemed unbelievable, but they were inclined to believe it since they had a feeling that Haru might really able to defeat a bear using his bare-hands.

Maki's mother, who was inside his room, also confirmed that the wounds on Haru's chest and back were being caused by a bear.


Everyone took a deep breath and felt that it was unbelievable. Though at the same time, they really wanted to be in the place of Erina, Hisako, and Alice who saw the fight between Haru and the bear, protecting them with his body. They felt that it was so romantic somehow.

Kirari seemed to believe what Alice had told everyone, but at the same time, she wanted to see him when he snapped. She had seen him helping her to escape from her enemies, but she had never seen him fighting.

"Alright, alright, let him rest. He needs to have a quiet environment." Maki's mother told everyone to get out.

"Can we stay here? I'll take care of him." Sora looked at Maki's mother.

Maki's mother looked at Haru unconsciously.

"I'm alright, but some of you really need to return." Haru looked at Runa, Sayaka, Ririka, Yuriko, Alice, and Hisako.


Everyone who was being gazed at by Haru knew what his gaze meant which made them sigh. Looking at Utaha, Megumi, Sora, Kirari, and Erina, of course, they felt quite jealous since they could see that they were special in Haru's eyes. They nodded and went back, even Hiratsuka glanced at Haru, but she knew that he needed to take a rest. Though, she would come tomorrow and ask him some questions.

Maki's mother, who also went out with everyone, noticed that her daughter was in front of Haru's room. "Maki!"

Maki looked at her mother and asked in concern, "Is he alright?"

Maki's mother nodded and said, "He's alright. You should enter to see him."

Maki could see that there were a lot of girls who had entered his room which made her quite uncomfortable.

Maki's mother could see that Maki was quite uncomfortable. She patted her daughter's head and said, "He's sc.u.m, you know that?"


Maki looked at her mother in surprise.

"I mean, he has a lot of girlfriends and if you decide to follow your heart then you'll only become one of those girlfriends.


Maki bit her lips and wasn't sure what to do.

"But if you want him, then I won't stop you."


"He has the ability to take care of you and he's an amazing man. If you want the best then it should be him, but you need to prepare your heart since you need to share him with other girls."

Maki blushed and refuted. "I, I don't like him!"

"Yes, yes..." Maki's mother patted her daughter's head and said, "If her girlfriends have left then I'll tell you."



When everyone left with Haru leaving with his five girlfriends. Only Sora, Utaha, and Megumi seemed very calm, but Kirari and Erina weren't that comfortable.

"So have any of you had s.e.x with him?" Utaha suddenly asked.

"Utaha!" Sora was speechless.

Megumi only shook her head when she heard such a question.

"I have." Kirari nodded and looked at Utaha with a smile.

"It's good, right?"

"It's unforgettable."


Erina blushed hearing their conversation. "How can you say such a thing in this place?!"

"What are you afraid of? There's no one beside us here." Utaha looked at Erina while shaking her head. She looked at her and asked, "You haven't done it."


Erina's face was red and even though she didn't say it, it was clear that she had never done it with Haru.

The four girls looked at Haru in surprise since they thought that this girl might have eaten by him, but it seemed that he hadn't done it yet.


Haru was speechless by their gaze and asked, "Do you think that I'm that sc.u.mmy?"

"Yes!" 5x

They looked at each other before laughing at each other. Then they started to talk to each other about how bad this guy was and whether there was something good about him beside his anaconda.

Haru frowned, but he sighed in relief since their relationship was quite good and he could see that it wasn't fake either.

Little did he know that since they had decided to make a relationship with him, they had prepared themselves and they also knew that Haru was an incarnation of lewd beast, it was impossible to defeat him duel and because of that it was better to work together.

Erina, who hadn't tried that kind of thing, felt very embarrassed by their conversation and her ears turned red, but she listened to their conversation intently while asking some question whether there was something which she needed to watch for.


Haru sighed and wondered whether he should write a manual about himself in the future.