Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1075

Volume 1 Chapter 1075 New Quest?

As expected when he opened the Group Chat, there was an announcement for a quest. It made him sigh since he didn't expect the quest would happen so soon. It wasn't that he hated it, but it had only been few weeks since he had returned to his original world. In his previous quest, he needed to spend at least a few months before he succeeded on his quest. Or rather, the average time for him to complete the quest (beside fighting quest) would be at least a few months.

In the world of Hundred, Infinite Stratos, Accel World, Black Bullet; he needed to spend few months to finish his quest after all.

Even though time didn't move on from his original world, of course, he started to get older during the quest. If he didn't receive the ability from "Jewelry Bonney" then his girlfriends might notice the change in his appearance.

'Well, let's see what this quest is about.'

Yajima: "Quest, again, huh?"

Yajima: "Is it a quest in my world again?"

Kouha: "No, it is not a quest in your world Yajima-san."

Kouha: "But what is this? Become a professional hero"


Haru then looked at the content of the quest.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1 : Become a Pro Hero]

[Quest 2 : Join the U.A. High School]

[Quest 3 : Defeat Nomu]

[Quest 4 : Catch Hero Killer]

[Quest 5 : Catch All-For-One]

[Quest 6 : Invite one person]

[Participant : Two people]

[Reward : 2000 points and a random reward]

[System Note : The time will stop in the participant world]

[Countdown : Before the defeat of All-For-One]


Everyone had read the quest and couldn't help but frown.

Gintoki: "Kuroneko, do you know what kind of world this is?"

Kuroneko: "No, I'm sorry. I don't know what kind of world this is."

Kuzuha: "But becoming a hero, huh?"

Shinobu: "You're interested in this quest Kuzuha?"

Kuzuha: "Me? No, no, I can't do this. I'm not confident."

Sumire: "It isn't that I don't want to do this quest, but I've just come back from a quest after all."

Charlotte: "It took at least a few months for us to complete the quest."

Tabane: "Hero? So I guess in this world, there should be a lot of heroes and villains?"

Heroes and villains, it should be the normal setting of this world according to their discussion. It was one of the most common settings in the story, but even so, they weren't sure about the details of that world.

Kuroneko: "But Esdeath is impossible to do in this quest."

Esdeath: "Huh? Why?"


Everyone agreed that Esdeath wasn't suitable to do this quest.

Kuroneko: "Esdeath, can you not kill someone?"

Esdeath: "It's possible, but that depends on each person. If that person is annoying then I'll kill them without hesitation." In her view, human life was very cheap and weak and they didn't have a right to choose how they died and lived.

Tsunade: "Yeah, I agree. Esdeath can't do this quest."

Everyone nodded at the same time and agreed that Esdeath shouldn't do this quest since her personality wasn't fit to become a hero.

Then Esdeath chatted to Haru in private: "Dear..."

Haru: "Sorry, Esdeath. I also feel the same since you might not be suitable to become a hero."

Haru: "There are a lot of missions in the future, you don't need to worry. Be patient, alright."

Esdeath: "Alright, dear~~"

Haru and Esdeath continued to flirt together, ignoring the discussion which happened on the Group Chat.

Korosensei: "It should be my chance, right? I'm very fit to become a hero."


Gintoki: "Can you change your octopus appearance?"

Korosensei: "How can you say that?! Do you hate octopus? It is racist!"


Luffy: "Me! Me! Me! I'll become a One Piece!"


Teppei: "Korosensei and Luffy are impossible. We need a normal person."

Teppei: "Kouha, how about you?"

Kouha: "I don't mind, but I can't live in a small place and I need to have a lot of things which...."


Everyone was speechless when they heard what Kouha wanted before he went for the quest, but they weren't that surprised since Kouha was a prince. Though, at the same time, they knew that it was very hard for Kouha to be in this quest unless there was someone who could take care of him.

Tsunade: "Then how about me?"


Everyone was surprised when Tsunade suddenly decided to do the quest.

Tsunade: "Don't worry, I'll bring Haru with me later. I can become a doctor or hero on this quest later."

Tsunade thought that she should enjoy the gambling den at this new world and wondered how good it was, but to enjoy that gambling den, she knew that she needed Haru beside her since this new world would be an unfamiliar place and beside him, she didn't think that anyone would be suitable to accompany her.

Haru had also told her that both of them should go on the quest previously and thought that it was a chance to go together.

Tabane: "But Haru has just come back from the quest after all." She was a bit worried that Haru was tired since he had just returned from the quest. Their relationship had changed after all and of course, she was worried about him.

When his name was mentioned, Haru stopped his chat with Esdeath and wondered whether he should do the quest. He would be lying if he wasn't tired and if possible he wanted to let someone else do it, but he was worried whether they could complete the quest or not and the one who had invited him was his lover, Tsunade.

Haru: "I don't mind, but I've been doing most of the quests after all. Is there anyone who wants to do the quest beside Luffy and Korosensei?"

Luffy: "Oi!"

Korosensei: "Oi!"


Yajima and Gintoki were too lazy.

Charlotte, Tabane, and Sumire were tired from previous quests.

Esdeath wasn't suitable for this quest.

Kouha was too spoiled.

Kuroneko, Kuzuha, Teppei, and Shinobu were passive. They didn't care much whether they should go on the quest or not.

Luffy was too unpredictable and Korosensei was an octopus.

Haru: "Then let's do it, Tsunade."

Tsunade: "Alright, I'll go and prepare myself."

When it had been decided that Haru and Tsunade would go for this quest, everyone continued to talk about this quest, but there was one thing which made them interested.

New member.

In the previous quest, they didn't invite a new member into the Group Chat and this time, a new member would be introduced.

Teppei: "Haru, if possible get a male member."

Korosensei: "But don't force yourself. Depending on the situation, you're free to choose a female or male member."


Korosensei was a bit uncomfortable when everyone suddenly turned silent. "W, what?! Why you all become silence?!"

Kouha: "Nothing, I can't believe that you can say something normal beside something perverted or stupid."

Korosensei: "What do you mean by that?!"

Haru sighed and put down his smartphone before he decided to sleep. He might have gone too wild earlier with his girlfriends, but he felt he could do more. Looking at the satisfied and tired expression of his girlfriends, he decided to sleep after he calmed himself using a Ripple which he learned previously.