Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1076

Volume 1 Chapter 1076 More Girls?

Tsunade's life was pretty good, at night, she could go to the casino which was owned by her boyfriend. Even though she had lost a lot of money and also owed a lot of money, no one would chase after her since that casino was owned by Haru.

Although Haru was crying when he found out that the number of losses was caused by Tsunade. Fortunately, his casino was profitable since it had the backing of Hokage and his other industries were very good.

Haru often went to Tsunade's world, even though it wasn't written in the chapters, but the relationship between the two of them was really good, especially in that area.

But then Tsunade had a dream. It was the dream which she realized after she had gone on her first quest on the world of Toriko. Her dream was to go to every casino in various worlds. She wanted to leave her trail to every casino in various worlds in the Group Chat.

However, Tsunade knew about her limit. Even though she wanted to do that, she didn't have the money and even if she didn't want to admit it, she was very bad at gambling. If it was in her world, she wouldn't care much when she lost a lot of money since she had a lot of inheritance and her boyfriend was very rich. But it was different when she was in another world since she didn't have any backing. The only thing which she could do when she couldn't pay the money was to run away.

Tsunade believed in her ability and it was possible for her to run away, especially when she had mastered a number of abilities from the Group Chat.

This time she is going to another world again with her loved one and it is time to enjoy the casino in another world!

"Tsunade-sama, where are you going?" Shizune looked at Tsunade, who kept a number of things on the scroll.

"Don't worry too much, I'll return quickly without you knowing it."

"What?! What do you mean by that?! Are you going somewhere? Where are you going? Do you want to escape from your work? You can't do that Tsunade-sama!!!"


Hearing her disciple's nagging, Tsunade sighed and chatted Haru to quickly go to the quest since she wanted to enjoy the casino in another world.


Kirari opened her eyes and felt quite tired. She also felt that place was sore after what she had done last night, but she had to admit that it felt really good. If possible, she wanted to do it again, but she knew that she needed to take a break since she didn't have that much stamina. However, her spirit was very good. She felt the stress which she had acc.u.mulated for the past few days when he had gone had disappeared without trace, and at this moment, she understood that this guy was very good at making women feel good.

"You've woken up?"

Hearing his voice, Kirari turned and looked at his face as she lay lazily on the bed. Even though they were in the hospital, she didn't need to worry for someone to suddenly enter their room since Haru was a VIP patient and his privacy was guaranteed.

"Are you happy now?" Kirari asked while looking at him with an expressionless expression.

"Yes, I'm happy. Thank you for accepting them."

Haru kissed Kirari's forehead telling how grateful he was.

Kirari was very greedy and she wanted him to be for herself, but since she had done this act together with everyone which meant that she accepted their relationship and she didn't mind this relationship.

"I agree with your relationship with the heir of Nakiri Clan, but what about them? Can the three of them help you with your business?" Kirari asked.


Sora, Megumi, and Utaha, who happened to awaken didn't move, but eavesdropping on their conversation. They also realized that they couldn't help him in his business unlike Kirari and Erina who were coming from rich families.


"Ouch! It hurts!"

Kirari's forehead was flicked by Haru. She looked at him and didn't understand what he was doing. "What are you doing?!"

"Kirari, do you think that I've decided to date you because of your family?"

Kirari didn't say anything since she knew that since his purpose to date her wasn't because of her family.

"I've decided to date you because I like you. Not because of your family, you also know yourself even without your family's help, I can grow by myself."

Haru hugged Kirari and put his forehead on her forehead. "Remember this, I love you not because you're a Momobami, but because you're Kirari. You're a calculating, manipulative, psychopathic individual with little regard for anything other than yourself...."

Kirari frowned and asked, "Are you mocking me?"

"Let me continue." Haru didn't look away and said, "But I accept that. I like you from the bottom of my heart and that is the reason why I've decided to date you." He grabbed her soft little hand and put it onto his chest which was right on the top of his heart. "The same goes for Sora, Megumi, Utaha, and Erina. For me, money is nothing, I can get it as much as I want, but the five of you are different. I love the five of you. Please remember this." He felt very shameless for someone who had a lot of girls, but there was nothing he could do in this situation besides coaxing this girl.

Kirari smiled and snuggled into his arms. She knew that she chose the right man and felt very content. Her gaze turned an upturn and said, "You're very good at making a girl love you, right?"

"Don't say such misleading things. It's as if I'm a sc.u.mbag who has experience deceiving hundreds of girls."

"You're!" 3x

Utaha, Sora, and Megumi said at the same time. The three of them had woken up from earlier and their mood was very good after hearing what he had said to Kirari earlier.

"Cough! Cough! Ugh.. the wounds on my body hurt..." Haru tried to change the topic of conversation and it seemed that he was successful since the four of them looked at him in worry and asked the doctor to check after them.

Haru agreed, but they needed to clean up their room first since it would be terrible if someone knew what they had done. He took out a cleaning robot which he often used in his house to clean everything along with the unique smell which lingered within this room.

Kirari looked at the cleaning robot and asked, "This robot... where did you get it?"

"I've made it myself."

"...." Kirari stared at Haru and nodded. She wasn't that surprised by her fiance's talent. "That's right, remember my question earlier, right?"

"What? What question?"

"It's about you who is very good at deceiving a lot of girls." Megumi interjected in their conversation.


Haru was speechless while looking at Megumi.

Megumi only folded the blanket of on his bed ignoring Haru's speechless expression. She also felt slightly sore, but her spirit was very good.

"If possible then you should also get the girl from Shinomiya family since with that girl, you can conquer this country easily." Kirari thought with her fiance's ability it was possible to take down the girl from the Shinomiya family. She believed with the girl from Shinomiya family, it was possible for him to conquer this country even the whole world with his ability and allies beside him.


Haru blinked his eyes and couldn't utter a word for a long time since he didn't expect his fiancee to want to sell him out to another rich girl.