Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1077

Volume 1 Chapter 1077 You're Not Seducing Her Right?

"Does it hurt?"

"It's not. Just quickly close it with new bandages, aunt."


Haru's head was slapped by Maki's mother.

"Don't call me aunt?!"


Kirari, Sora, Megumi, and Utaha didn't leave Haru and stayed with him even when his bandage was being changed to the new one. They hadn't seen his scars since they came, his wounds had been covered in bandages, but when they saw three large scars on his chest and back. They sucked a deep breath since his fight against bear was real and he had won at that. Though, at the same time, they had to admit that this scar was quite s.e.xy on him.

The one who changed his bandage was Maki's mother who was in charge of him in this hospital since Maki's mother was afraid a female doctor and nurse would be harmed by him. Maki's mother didn't believe in Haru's morals, especially when he had four girlfriends adding one more wasn't a problem, but she didn't want it to be the doctor or nurse on her hospital.

If Haru wanted more girlfriends then it should be her daughter and he should date her daughter with serious intent since she didn't want her daughter being played by him. Though, at the same time, she was wondering how to make her daughter became closer to him, especially when her daughter's personality was quite proud and he also had girlfriends beside him.

Maki's mother looked at Sora, Kirari, Megumi, and Utaha. She knew that it was impossible for them to do something dirty in this hospital since Sora was around. Sora was Haru's little sister and she didn't think that he would do such a thing with his little sister around.

Little did Maki's mother know that the five of them had a crazy night last time.

"Doctor, when can he leave the hospital?" Utaha asked.

"It should be a week. I need to check his body to see whether there are no problems with his body, especially when a wound from the animal might cause an infection on his wounds."

"You don't need to exaggerate it, aunt. I know that my body is very healthy."

Haru knew his body very well, but he also understood that Maki's mother was worried about him.

Maki's mother wanted to refute, but she could see that Haru didn't seem hurt and even joked with her which made her speechless. She knew that he almost died by fighting a bear to protect his girls which made her feel quite moved. She thought that it would be great to have him as a son-in-law, but when she saw four beautiful girls beside him.


Maki's mother knew that it was a bit hard. She looked at him and said, "It seems that you have a very healthy body." She looked at the thing which stood proudly between his legs which made him sigh and thought that youth was really good. If she was younger and didn't have a husband and daughter, then she was sure that she had already fallen on his arms.


Haru wasn't sure why, but he felt that sentence was quite weird. However, it was hard to hide his standing anaconda since it was morning and it was normal for him to have a morning wood.

"You should calm that down. You'll scare your girlfriends." Maki's mother glanced at the thing between his legs.

"You don't need to worry, doctor. We'll take care of it when you've gone out." Utaha wanted to tease this beautiful doctor.

As expected, Maki's mother blushed and pointed her finger at Haru, even pressed it on his cheek. "Y, you! You're still young! How can you harm a girl! If you grow up this bad, how can I explain to your parents in heaven!"


Haru was speechless and grabbed Maki's mother's finger which made her flinch for some reason. She knew from yesterday that the boy who she had known since childhood had grown into a man and she was afraid for him to do something which he shouldn't do since she had a husband and daughter. "L, let go..."


Haru felt weird by her voice, but he let go of her finger. "What's wrong, aunt?"

"As I said before, don't call me aunt?!"

Maki's mother huffed before calmed herself. "Anyway, you should take a rest." She looked at Kirari, Utaha, Megumi, and Sora. "Are you not going to school? Even though you might be late, you should go to school. I can take care of him here." She was in charge of Haru in this hospital since she knew him very well and she didn't feel comfortable leaving him to another doctor.


Kirari, Utaha, Megumi, and Sora felt weird when Maki's mother said this sentence to them. They looked at Haru and wondered whether he had seduced this woman.


Haru, who was innocent, was speechless when he saw their reaction and hurriedly shook his head.

"It's alright. It's not like the school will punish us with skipping a class for one day and I'm worried about him."

Utaha, Megumi, and Sora agreed with Kirari's words since they were students with the one of the best grades in their years and even if they skipped school for a week, it didn't really matter. It was also a rare chance for them to talk to each other since the four of them had only known each other for a while. They were also worried about Haru since his wounds were real and they wanted to stay by his side.

"Is that so? I won't force the four of you, but you need to report to your school and not bother with his rest, alright?"

"Yes, doctor."

Maki's mother nodded and sighed inwardly since she couldn't create a chance for her daughter to meet with Haru. After she had changed his bandages, she told him that there would be another check up in the afternoon and told him to rest in the meantime.

Haru nodded and told Maki's mother that he would do what she had told him, but somehow he could see her keep glancing at him. He felt weird since his anaconda had been calmed and there was nothing that should have attracted her to himself. He touched his face and thought about his "Lovers Spot."

"Is there something wrong, au-- I mean Nishikino-san."

Maki's mother raised her eyebrow and said, "Haven't you always called me Tsuki-san?"

(Nishikino Maki's mother's name is Nishikino Tsuki).


"....Yes, Tsuki-san."

Tsuki nodded and said, "Then take a rest now." She left his room and left him with his girlfriends.

"Haru, have you seduced aunt?" Sora asked. She knew the relationship between Haru and Tsuki was quite close, but didn't expect to be this close since it was very rare for her to come to the hospital since her body had become better. She didn't understand the reason, but it might be related to the protein which she drank from time to time.

"No, you know that if I don't have these wounds then I won't come to the hospital and I've known her since childhood. There's no way that I'll do such a thing." Haru couldn't believe that his credibility was very low in the eyes of his girls, even Sora too.

They nodded and believed in him this time, but they also knew how big this guy charm was and also needed to be wary.

"You really are going to wait for me here?" Haru asked.

"Of course, or do you want to spend your time flirting with that aunty?" Utaha asked.


"Of course not, I'm happy with all of you here." Haru was happy with all of them and decided to accompany him so he wouldn't be bored staying in the hospital.

They talked to each other while also playing a game until his smartphone was vibrating. Haru knew that Tsunade was ready and it was his time to go to another world.

"I'll go to the toilet first."

"Huh? I'll help you." Utaha brought a pisspot below the bed.


Haru twitched his lips and said, "...It's the big one." He felt a bit embarrassed when he said those words, but he knew that he needed to say it.


They nodded and told him to go to the toilet quickly.

Haru went to the bathroom and sighed in relief. Taking out his smartphone, he felt a bit strange to go on the quest from the toilet in the hospital. Though, he didn't think too much and quickly pressed the button to teleport to another world for his quest. His body was enveloped by a white light and the time stopped. This time, he was wondering what kind of adventure awaits him.