Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1078

Volume 1 Chapter 1078 Let's Buy Hospital


Tsunade rested on the passenger seat inside the car while looking at Haru who was playing with his hologram computer.

Haru didn't need to go to the internet cafe after he had gotten a hologram computer from Tabane. With this hologram computer, his activity in this world became easier, especially to do something which was illegal since the security of this computer was very suberb.

After teleporting to this world, Tsunade and Haru arrived at a quite deserted place and didn't cause a commotion. Haru used his light magic to turn them invisible until they arrived at the location where there weren't any people before taking out his car which he kept on his zipper storage.

The process was quite fast and swift before both of them went directly to the parking park which was located on the department store. Fortunately the car design in this world didn't have that much difference with the design in his world, but there was something which had been bothering both of them.

"Why are there a lot of people who are similar to Korosensei?"

Tsunade had been bothered by this question. Along the way, she had seen a lot of things such as a man with appearance similar to a bear, women with full hair on her body, walrus which stood with two legs, pink skin woman, etc. If she didn't see the "Japanese words" along the way, then she thought that they were on another planet.

Though, at the same time, Haru and Tsunade thought that they didn't need to worry if Korosensei was the one who did this quest since an octopus appearance wasn't that uncommon in this world.

"Well, I've found the answer."

"Really?" Tsunade moved closer to press her large b.r.e.a.s.ts on Haru's arms.


Haru took a deep breath to calm himself since this woman was too alluring. It might be because she was older than him which gave him an immoral feeling that made him very excited when he was with her.

Tsunade snorted and could see what this bad guy was thinking. She felt amused and whispered, "Be patient."

"I know." Haru nodded and knew that he shouldn't think about using his anaconda all the time.

"There is something more important to do after all."

Then Haru started to tell Tsunade about this world since this world was more amazing than he had thought.

"First, let me tell you about Quirk."

Haru suddenly remembered that it was one of the rewards which Korosensei had received in the past, but he didn't expect the origin of that reward to be in this world.


"Yeah, Quirk is the reason why we have seen a lot of people with different features."

"Oh? So that's Quirk!" Tsunade nodded and felt very interested. She was wondering what it was and what its origin was. She shook Haru's shoulder and urged him to tell her.

"Hurry up and explain it to me!"

"Well, in simple terms, a Quirk is a special, superhuman ability that a person can have."

Haru explained that the first person in the world to manifest a Quirk was a newborn baby in Qing Qing City, China; the baby had the ability to emanate light from their body. After that phenomenon, many people around the world began to manifest different kinds of superpowers. While the cause of the Quirk phenomenon is unknown, it has been theorized that the development of Quirks was caused by the spread of a virus carried by mice. These superpowers were first referred to as Meta Abilities before later being called Quirks.

Tsunade listened to Haru's explanation from history of Quirk, the number of people who possessed Quirk, and various things, but he only explained about the general knowledge which was being known by everyone.

"So how can we tell if someone possesses a Quirk or not?" Tsunade asked.

"The easiest way to tell is to see whether there is presence or absence of an extra joint in their pinky toe. People with only one joint will develop a Quirk while having two joints indicates that the person is Quirkless (non-ability user)."

"It's interesting. I want to learn more about Quirk..." Tsunade was a doctor and she was quite curious how there was such a change happening to humans in this world.

Haru looked at Tsunade and wanted to say that the people in her world were also different since the people in Tsunade's world owned a chakra unlike the people in his world who didn't possess any power.

"You want to learn?" Haru asked.

"Of course!" Tsunade nodded and said, "I wonder whether I should work as a doctor in this world." She thought that it was a good thing to learn the difference between the people in her world and in this world.

"Then how about we buy a hospital?" Haru asked.


"B, but a hospital?!" Tsunade twitched her lips.

"Well, buying a hospital might be quite troublesome, but it should be easier for us to buy shares of some hospitals."

Haru thought that it was too troublesome to manage a hospital and it was better to own shares of the hospital so the previous owner would manage the operation of the hospital while Tsunade could use that hospital to gather information about Quirk.

"Do you think it is easy to buy a hospital?! Do you have that money?!" Tsunade knew that Haru was rich, but they were in different worlds. Even though they might have gold or diamonds, she knew that it wasn't easy to sell such things without authority from this world and its price was also lower than the market if they decided to sell it in random places.

"It's easy."

Waving his hand, Haru said, "You might not know, but there are a lot of hospitals which are trying to develop aggressively without thinking about the cash in their hands so when they have developed their hospital bigger, they realize that they don't have enough cash to maintain the operation of hospital."

"I know that much, but do you have enough money to buy shares at the hospital?! We might cause a lot of trouble if we decide to sell too much gold or diamonds!"

Tsunade knew that they shouldn't sell too much gold or diamonds since they might be mistaken for embezzlement. She was smart since if she wasn't smart then it was impossible for her to become the best doctor in her entire world nor became a Hokage in her village.

"If it's money that you're worried about then you don't need to worry." Haru showed the thing which he had been doing when he arrived in this world.

"This.... what is this?!"

Tsunade wasn't sure what appeared on Haru's hologram computer, but she saw a lot of numbers which changed in every second which made the blood of gambler on her body boil in excitement. She wasn't sure what it was, but she felt that it was a very interesting thing.

"This is the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX)."

Haru knew that in every world the economy had always remained the same and everyone loved to speculate. The fastest way for them to get money was through a FOREX, and he happened to be very good at it.

It had been an hour since he had arrived in this world, and there was at least 5 billion yen on his account.

Haru thought that it was too wasteful to keep his money and since Tsunade wanted to become a doctor in this world then as her boyfriend he must do his best to help her. Though, there was one thing which he regretted that he shouldn't introduce FOREX to Tsunade since this woman was simply a fat sheep which was being loved by God of Misfortune.