Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1079

Volume 1 Chapter 1079 There's One Thing That We Need To Do In This World

Fortunately, Tsunade didn't have that much interest in FOREX or rather Haru tried really hard to make her lose interest in FOREX. Even though he was rich, it didn't mean that he was able to pay for his girlfriend's expensive hobby if this woman took an interest in FOREX, even he couldn't do anything about it.

If it was a normal gamble, then he should be able to pay it, but it would be different if it was on FOREX since there was something which was known as leverage. If Tsunade dared to leverage the transaction for a hundred or more....

"Let's get to our house first."

Haru decided to change the topic of conversation since the more he talked about FOREX, the more dangerous it was.

"Oh? You've bought it?" Tsunade asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, it's in Musutafu city."

"Musutafu City?"

"It's a city where U.A. High School is located."

"Huh? U.A. High School?" Tsunade frowned when she heard it.


Haru was speechless and asked, "Y, you haven't read the quest?"

"Tehe..." Tsunade smiled cutely looking at him.


Haru took a deep breath and somehow he needed to punish this woman somehow.


It only took him an hour before Haru had gotten another 3 billion yen on FOREX and he directly bought an entire building for him and Tsunade.

"Don't you think that this building is a bit too big?" Tsunade twitched her lips at her man's ability to make money. It felt that money was similar to water which was generated from faucet. His way of thinking about money was different from normal people. Though, she was the same since she used most of her money on gambling.

The building had three floors with a land size of about 1,000 m2. It had a similar design to Villa Tugendhat to Haru's world.

"If you feel too lonely then how about we make a child?" Haru looked cheekily at Tsunade.

Tsunade snorted, but there was a blush on her face. "Well, we can rent one of those rooms within for the students at U.A. High School." She knew they needed to enter U.A. High School and felt that it might be good to rent one of the rooms on their house to those students.

"...Is it alright?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... we're going to do that kind of thing a lot, right? Don't you think that it'll be troublesome if there are students within this house?" Haru wanted to have a lovey dovey life with Tsunade in this world and felt that renting his house to the students was troublesome.

Tsunade blushed and slapped Haru's head. "Is your head always filled with something perverted?!"


Haru rubbed his head and sighed. If Tsunade used her chakra to slap him earlier then he might be blown away. Luckily that didn't happen. He looked at her and caressed Tsunade's butts tenderly. "Who makes you have such an alluring body? If I don't show a reaction then I'm not a man!"


Tsunade was speechless, but she didn't hate this part of him. "Let's enter the house."

Haru nodded and entered their new house.

This house had only been lived in a few times by its owner and the reason why it was sold was because the owner needed money as soon as possible.

Haru didn't think too much about money and used two billion yen to buy this house directly. The process of transaction hadn't ended, but he could live in this house directly with Tsunade.

After they felt satisfied touring around this place, they went to the living room to talk about their quest.

"So let's talk about the first quest."

Haru nodded and said, "Our first quest is to become a Pro Hero."

"Pro Hero?"

Tsunade had heard these words before and along the way she also had seen a lot of people with strange customs trying to help the people around. "Is that a hero?"

"Yes, the one with the strange costume is a hero."

Tsunade frowned and said, "I don't want to wear that kind of strange costume."


Haru sighed and said, "It's alright, you can become a doctor after I've bought a hospital. I'll become the hero."

Tsunade smiled and asked, "So how can you become a hero?"

"To become a pro hero, we need to have a Hero License."

"Hero License? How do we obtain it?"

"In order to obtain a Hero License, one must complete all three years of heroics education in high school." Haru seemed calm when he mentioned this matter.

"What?! We can't stay that long in this world!" Even though Tsunade didn't mind staying with him for a long time, she didn't want to stay in this world for a long time.

"Don't worry, I can solve that matter."



"Money?" Tsunade twitched her lips.

Haru sat beside Tsunade and smiled. "Most of the things in this world can be solved with money."

"Then what if it can't be solved?" Tsunade asked.

"It means that we need more money."

It was a universal truth no matter where they were that money was necessary. Even though it wasn't omnipotent and there was also something more important than money such as his lovers, without money there would be a lot of trouble.

"I can buy a Hero License later. You don't need to worry."

Tsunade nodded and felt that this guy was really reliable. "Then how about gambling? Let's go and gamble first!" She didn't need to worry too much about the quest since she was sure that this guy was able to complete it. The night was still long and she wanted to tour around the city after they had bought the house.


Haru was speechless and said, "Wait! Wait! You can't do that!"

"Huh? Why?"

"Because gambling is illegal in this country."


Tsunade couldn't react for a while before she was startled. "WHAT?! HOW IS THAT HAPPENING?! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE?!"

Haru didn't talk anymore and showed her the truth on his hologram screen.

Tsunade's face became gloomy when she read the regulation about gambling in this country. "This..." She was dumbfounded and she felt sad.

"Don't worry, there's a gambling den."

"Then...?" Tsunade's eyes brightened up when she heard it.

"But it is illegal." Haru also added, "Please remember that we need to become heroes. We can't do something illegal."


Tsunade sighed at that moment.

"But don't worry, if you want to gamble then you can do it in a pachinko parlor."

"Pachinko parlor?" Tsunade raised her eyebrow since she had never heard such a thing before.

Haru thought that he needed to buy a pachinko parlor so this woman could relax herself in this world.

Hearing about the pachinko parlor, Tsunade smiled and hugged him. "Thank you!"

Haru sighed and wondered whether he was too soft, since he knew that this woman would lose a lot of money after all.

"So what should we do after this?" Tsunade knew that it was impossible to gamble now and was wondering what they would do after this, but suddenly her hand was being held and he stared at her eyes directly.


Tsunade was stupified since this action was so sudden. "W, what are you doing?!" However, she didn't escape from his hand.

"Tsunade, there is one thing that we need to do after this.."

"What?" Tsunade blushed, but also looked at him curiously.

Haru took a deep breath and knew that he needed to say this.


"Y, yes!" Tsunade wasn't sure why she felt nervous. She wasn't young anymore, but why did she get shy in front of this guy?

"Let's get married."


Tsunade couldn't wake up for an hour after she heard that sentence from his mouth.