Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1081

Volume 1 Chapter 1081 Hero Business


It was a very simple name, and personally he didn't think too much when he registered his Hero's name. He had chosen this name because of the Quirk which he had registered with the government.

Each individual in this world needs to register their "Quirk" whether they want to or not.

Because of that it was very easy for him to gather information about various "Quirk" through the database of the government. It wasn't that he was arrogant, but there might not be something which he couldn't hack in this world considering how strong his hacking ability was.

Haru had a lot of ability from "Ocean", "Gravity Magic", "Pleasure Magic", "Kiss", "Light Magic", etc; but in the end, he had chosen his favorite ability.

Sticky Fingers.

Haru could generate and manipulate zippers. He could also shape zippers into various things to help his battle. It was a very powerful ability and it was a suitable ability to become a hero since the hero's job was to catch villains and not to kill them so he felt that "Sticky Fingers" was the most suitable.

Lastly, this ability was very catchy, and with this ability, he was sure that he could become popular very soon.

Haru also helped Tsunade to forgo her identity as a doctor. He had also asked her which ability she wanted to register with the government and she told him that it was a chakra. The description of this ability was quite simple and that was to manipulate an energy within one body to do a lot of things. The explanation didn't really matter and he also didn't want to show all of his and Tsunade's ability to the world.

They went to the hospital first to check the situation. It wasn't their first time coming here and bought the majority of shares of this hospital from the owner of the hospital.

The owner of the hospital welcomed them along with the executives of the hospital since they knew very well that Haru and Tsunade were the families of this hospital too from now on.

They didn't waste their time and started a meeting.

Haru told everyone that Tsunade would become a doctor in this hospital too and also introduced her ability along with her experience which amazed everyone at Tsunade.

Tsunade, at this moment, had changed her usual clothes that she wore in her world, her clothes were similar to the clothes which she usually wore in her world, but this time, she added a white lab coat since a doctor needed to wear it.

Then after that, Haru started to talk about the strategy to make the hospital better along with cutting some unnecessary cost on the hospital to make it more profitable.

Everyone was very interested in Haru's talk, but Tsunade decided to check out the hospital to see the situation while being accompanied by one of the female senior doctors in the hospital.

Their talk was quite long and it was very enjoyable since everyone had to admit that with Haru's idea, then the profit and the prestige of this hospital would become better.

It took them almost few hours before the meeting was over, Haru's spirit was good since he had solved the troublesome thing and the next thing which he would do was to make his debut as a Pro Hero in this city.

"You're done?"

Tsunade walked along with the female doctors toward him.

The female doctor was amazed by Tsunade's skill, but then her eyes were attracted to Haru since this guy might be the most handsome man that she had seen in her life. Unfortunately, Haru had married Tsunade which made her sigh.

Haru wasn't sure what the female doctor was thinking, but if he knew then he would remind her that she was a married woman since he saw a ring on the finger of this woman. "It's done. How about we check that place?"

"Alright, I'm also curious about that place."

Haru and Tsunade left the hospital together after they said goodbye to everyone at Haru's Hero's office.

Haru's Hero's office was located a kilometer away from their hospital. It was a four-story building with white color which gave off a futuristic feeling. The first floor of this building was a garage and the second floor where the receptionist was. The appearance of this office garnered a lot of people's attention and their eyes were attracted to the signboard which was written on this building.


It was the name that he had chosen for his office.

When Haru and Tsunade entered, the beautiful female receptionist which was being hired by Haru bowed their heads toward both of them and greeted them. Both of them only nodded before they went to the 4th floor where his office was located. Though, at the same time two beautiful receptionists sighed when they saw Haru and Tsunade had gone. In their minds, if their boss was single then they thought that it would be wonderful. Unfortunately, he was a married man.

Through the lift, Haru and Tsunade entered the 4th floor.

"What are you going to do with the 3rd floor?" Tsunade asked.

"I'm not sure. Let's think about it later."

Haru had to admit the price of land in this country was very expensive and since his office was located in the downtown area, it took him quite a sum of money and he understood why a lot of heroes decided to become sidekicks since it was simply impossible to pay the rent of the building for their office.

To open a Hero's office was expensive, there were lot of costs such as the wages of the sidekicks and employees within the office. There was also the cost of building rent, electricity, water, and damage from their activity.

It was also the reason why some hero didn't have an office and rather did a patrol on their own or better to join a hero's office as a sidekick since their income would be several times higher than becoming a hero by themselves.

It might seem that hero is profitable business, but that isn't the case.

The wage of hero itself isn't much from the government, it might be similar to the wage of the government employee, but they can get a lot of bonuses when they stop a disaster, help a lot of people, or catch a villain.

However, if they only help a grandma to cross the street, catch a cat, or clean the street then it is impossible for them to get a lot of money.

To become rich, they need to become popular so they can get a lot of sponsors from various businesses. They can even sell their merchandise or even become an actress or actor in a movie or tv show.

In his mind, being a hero was brand itself so even if his Hero's name was quite plain, he needed to have a distinctive so people would know about him.

"This isn't a hero, but a business!"

Tsunade, who heard Haru's explanation, was a bit speechless. She thought that a hero should be someone who helped people without asking for reward, but from his explanation why "hero" became a business itself.

Haru smiled and said, "No, it is a hero."


"What do you think of heroes?"

Tsunade thought for a while and said, "Someone who is catching the bad guys?"

"So based on your answer, they should be called heroes too, right? They're helping people after all. Even though they receive a wage, they're helping people."

"....That's true." Tsunade nodded, but somehow she felt uncomfortable for some reason since she felt that there was something wrong with society.

"Anyway, you don't need to think too much. In my mind as long as someone does a good deed, then they can be called a hero. Even the riches who are donating their money can also be called heroes too, right?"

Tsunade nodded and suddenly felt better.

Her mind was too fixed, and she felt that a hero was someone who helped people without asking anything, but actually, being a hero didn't need to be so extreme to not accept any money or remuneration for their acts nor to catch bad guys nor defeat super ultra villains, as long as someone could be helpful to society even a taxi driver or cleaning service was also a hero.

"There you're..."

Haru hugged Tsunade's waist and whispered. "This sofa is new, so why don't we try whether it is soft or not?"


Tsunade blushed, but she nodded shyly, especially when both of them had gotten married. Even though it wasn't her first time, it was her first time to do that kind of thing after she married him.

Both of them were about to kiss, but suddenly the telephone on his office rang.


Haru sighed and took the telephone. He felt annoyed and asked, "Is there something?"

"Boss, there's a signal from the police to come to 69 street since there are two people with "gigantification" Quirk fighting each other!"


Haru took a deep breath and said, "Yes, I'll be right there." Then he closed the phone while looking at Tsunade.

Tsunade sighed and said, "Being a hero isn't easy, right?"

"Yeah." Haru kissed Tsunade's lips deeply before parting their lips. "I'll be back shortly."

"Yeah, I'm waiting for you here."

Haru pressed the button on his table then a hidden wardrobe appeared. He changed his clothes to his costume and took a mask before going to the garage to start his debut as a hero.