Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1082

Volume 1 Chapter 1082 Debut

Walking around the street, there were a lot of people greeting him with smiles.

"Ingenium, good work!"

"Thank you, hero!"

Ingenium nodded and waved his hand with smile, but even so, it was hard for people to see his smiling face since his face was covered in helmet.

Why does he wear a helmet?

It is because he is a hero.

Turbo Hero: Ingenium was doing patrol work on Hosu City since his office was within this city and since he was a hero, he needed to protect everyone and also did a patrol around htis city.

Ingenium loved to do this job since he could protect everyone's smile in this town, but suddenly he received a report from his office that there were two people with gigantification Quirks fighting to each other and caused a lot of chaos on 69 street. He took a deep breath and nodded, quickly said, "I'll get into the location as soon as possible! Also, report to everyone! We need to do this together!"

Ingenium was weak and he knew that, however, he had a lot of partners beside him.

"I'll be waiting at street 69!"

The author might have forgotten to mention it, but there were two propulsion jets on Ingenium's elbows.



Ingenium shot forward at turbo speed to save the peace in this city as soon as possible!



"Don't get close!"

"Hurry up and get away from this place!"


A lot of people were in fear and they were running away from the street which had turned into a large brawl arena.



If people from Haru's worlds saw what had happened in this place then they would think that they were dreaming. Unfortunately, what had happened in this place wasn't a dream nor imagination, but it really happened in front of them.


The building was ruined when a humanoid figure of at least 10 meters slammed into a random building, but he stood up in hurry and sent a counterattack at another humanoid figure of 11 meters in size.


Two giants brawling with each other caused chaos in this place.

Before long a large number of police cars were moving toward the location of brawling and hurriedly rescued the people who were wounded because of the impact of brawl between two giants.

"Hero! Hurry up! We need to call a hero as soon as possible!"

The police hurriedly sent out a signal to the hero in the nearby area to stop this chaos. They also created a barrier to stop anyone from entering this dangerous location since they didn't want anyone to be wounded because of the fight between two giants.

"Damn, I need to wait for another hero!"

Then before long a number of people with funny costumes appeared one after another, but it seemed that they couldn't move forward or rather they were scared.

The reader might have noticed it, but they were heroes, even if their job was to save people and defeat a villain, but it didn't mean that they would really do that. They had a family and they were working for their families. If they were wounded or died from to stop the brawl between two giants then their families would lose their bread and butter.

The heroes didn't move and waited for a stronger hero to save this situation.

"Hero, please save us!"

"Don't let that monster destroy our store!"

"Please help us, hero!"

The people who were living in this area were crying when their houses, buildings, apartments, and stores were destroyed by the brawl of two giants, especially when some of them didn't buy insurance for their buildings.


But the heroes only calmed down the crowd and told them that everything would be alright and soon another hero would come to stop the two giants.


But then the situation became worse when the fight between two giants started to expand to another place. Even though the police had placed a barricade to stop someone from entering this place, it didn't mean that it could stop two giants who were about to move toward them.


No one knew who was screaming, but all of them ran away unconsciously when a danger was moving toward them.

Everyone was running away and the situation was very hard to control, or rather it had become uncontrollable. Everyone was panicking to save themselves from this disaster.

But then a little girl, who ran with everyone suddenly, stumbled and fell to the ground. The teddy bear which she held in her arms was dropped and on her knee was bleeding.

"It hurts..."

The little girl started to cry loudly and held her knee, but then everyone was screaming when two giants who were fighting with each other were about to hit the little girl.

"Watch out!"

"Someone save her!"

The little girl was stunned and couldn't move when she saw a 10 meter giant was about to fall into her.


The little girl saw a giant shadow had enveloped her and soon....


But suddenly someone grabbed the little girl's waist and escaped from that spot as soon as possible.


One giant slammed into that spot and another jumped into him to continue their fight.

The little girl opened her eyes and felt excited. "Hero!"

"Don't worry, you'll be alright." Ingenium carried the little girl in his arms before putting her in a safe location.

Everyone screamed Ingenium's name since he was a very famous hero in Hosu City.


"Please stop those two giants!"

Ingenium nodded and told them not to worry. He looked at the heroes who had come to this place along with the sidekicks from his office. "Everyone, please follow me! I'll lead everyone to stop the two giants!"


Ingenium was famous for his leadership and everyone followed his instructions since they knew that Ingenium was the best hero in this city. Though, if there was an All Might then this problem would be solved easily. Unfortunately, All Might wasn't here and the only one who could stop the two giants were them.


Then one giant sent out a powerful punch toward another giant, but the giant, who was about to be hit, suddenly did something inexplicable. This giant grabbed the arm of the giant who sent out a punch and threw him out into the air.


The 10 meter giant suddenly flew in the air, but of course, it didn't mean this giant could fly since soon this giant was about to fall toward a group of people.


Everyone was panicking and they didn't know what to do.

Ingenium gritted his teeth and he was ready to sacrifice his life to save everyone, but then...

"Zipper Web!"

Suddenly a huge web which was made from zippers appeared on the top of everyone and caught the giant in midair.


Everyone was confused, but then they saw someone with a trench coat, black shirt and suit, black pants, black leather shoes, white scarf, but more importantly a golden wolf mask which only covered half of his face showing only the lower part of his face stood in midair before touching the body of the giant which was trapped into the web made of zippers.

But suddenly the man moved very fast and touched the body of the giant several times before...


*Srrt!* *Srrt!* *Srrt!*

The 10 meter was suddenly divided into several parts. His head, hands, legs, body, and various parts of his body were separated by something before falling on the ground.


Then another giant who saw had happened suddenly ready to run away, but it was too late and his body was being divided into several parts too by this mysterious man.


No one could believe what they had seen since it was so easy for this mysterious man to defeat two giants.

"Y, You... why did you kill them?!" Ingenium roared. Even though he knew that two giants had done a lot of chaos, it didn't give this mysterious man a right to kill two giants.

"Kill? What do you mean?" The mysterious man looked at Ingenium with a confused expression.

"Didn't you kill them?" Ingenium asked. He calmed himself and it seemed that he saw the movement in the giant's eyes which had been disambered by this mysterious man.

"No." The mysterious man shook his head and stepped into midair again.

No one knew how this man was able to step into midair nor how this man was able to take out a loud speaker.

"Everyone, please calm down!"

The mysterious man's voice was very nice and it made everyone calm down instantly.

"Don't worry, I didn't kill the giants and I've only divided their bodies using my Quirk."

Everyone sighed in relief when they heard it then the giants who had been disambered also noticed that they didn't lose their life which made them sigh in relief, but at the same time, the two giants were scared whether they were able to return back.

"I know that you're all curious about me and let me introduce myself."

His figure was similar to a gentleman and smiled charmily toward everyone before introducing himself.

"My name is Bruno and I'm the new hero in this city. Please take care of me from now on and if the same thing is happening in this city then don't worry, I'll protect all of you here."

Bruno bowed his head in a gentleman's way and before he raised his head, he could hear the screams of everyone.




Bruno jumped down from midair and took the teddy bear down the street before giving it to the little girl.

"T, thank you..." The little girl blushed looking at Bruno.

"Take care of your friend, alright?"

"Y, yes!"

Bruno patted the head of the little girl before he was surrounded by a lot of reporters.




It seemed that his debut was successful, it was what Bruno (Haru) was thinking at that moment.