Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1085

Volume 1 Chapter 1085 Job Interview 2

Hearing that question, Haru smiled. "Is it strange to apply as a teacher in the most prestigious school in this country?"

"No, no, I didn't mean that, but I mean...." Nezu smiled and said, "I mean that your career is on the right track and before long you might enter Top 10 Hero Billboard Chart JP if you keep working as hard as you can." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sis-con-with-dimensional-chat-group_13659672406768405/job-interview-2_47400932857670100 for visiting.

"Well, that's true, I can do that."


Nezu didn't expect Haru to be this confident, but he didn't hate this confidence. "If you want to become a teacher at our school then I don't mind, but what kind of things can you teach the students?"

"There are a lot of things, I have a teacher license to teach mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry."

Nezu nodded since he knew about that information when he read Haru's resume.

"I can also teach them management."

"Management?" Nezumi looked at Haru and seemed to be very interested.

"I've done my research on all of the hero schools in this country that no one has taught their students about management in their hero's office, and they can only learn it by internship in the hero's office, but I feel that isn't enough...." Haru started to explain what he wanted to teach the young heroes in U.A. High School. He felt that school was too brainless to teach them a normal lesson along with teaching them how to fight, but had never taught the young heroes to manage their hero's office in the future.

Being a hero was very hard, they were lucky that if they met a very dependable manager, but there were a lot of cases where a hero was being cheated into a very large loan to buy a land which was located on the remote places which made them stopped became a hero.

Haru wanted to prevent that and he also wanted to teach them how to manage their employees, offices, their money, and various other things. It might seem complicated, but being a hero wasn't as simple as it seemed. If they wanted to maintain enough wages to live then they could become a sidekick in the famous hero's office, but if they wanted to make their own office then it was a different matter.

Haru also wanted to teach them how to minimize the damage by their actions since he often heard "Mountain Lady" one of the rising heroes often destroyed a lot of buildings which made her often needed to pay that damage.

Hearing Haru's suggestion, Nezu realized that there might be a lot of things that needed to be added to the education of the young heroes in his school. He nodded and said, "Your suggestion is very beautiful and I feel that it is necessary for them to learn it."

"Thank you, but any of that is useless if those young heroes don't have a strong heart." Haru looked at Nezu and asked, "Is there someone who is able to strengthen the hearts of those young heroes in your school?" In the end the job of hero was to catch a villain and to save civilians from danger, so even if he taught them a lot of necessary things to manage their hero career in the future, if they didn't have a strong heart to continue their career then it was useless.

Recalling the teacher who dropped out of the entire class to make those students realize how important self-sacrifice as a hero was, Nezu grimace. "Don't worry, we have such people in our school."


Haru felt strange by Nezu's expression, but nodded.

Nezu thought for a while and asked, "Is there something that you can teach?"

"Hmm.... I can teach manners, health and physical education....."

"Wait! Wait! Wait!"

"What's wrong?"

"Health and physical education?" Nezu blinked his eyes innocently.

Haru nodded with a smile and said, "I'm very good at that area."


Tsunade, who was drinking by Haru's side, slapped his head with a blush on her face. "Don't teach the children of someone else with something stupid."

Haru caressed his head and said, "But I feel that health and physical education since they might need to marry someone in the future and if they're clueless about that matter then what can they do during the real thing?"

"..." Tsunade was speechless.

Nezu nodded with serious expression and said, "Interesting, what else?"


Tsunade rolled her eyes and thought that this mouse was perverted.

"Hmm... I'm not sure whether you've realized that most heroes haven't gotten married in their life."

"Oh?!" Nezu was startled, but it seemed that he realized that it was the case.

"I know that being a hero requires someone to have self-sacrifice, but even so, do you think that it is alright for them to sacrifice their life? You only live once and should you sacrifice all of it to become a hero?"


"Well, for some people, being a hero is their happiness itself, but Mr. Nezu, you also know that once someone becomes a hero, it isn't that simple, right? There are a lot of matters which need to be thought about. Then slowly their pure intention starts to change unless...."


"That person is special." Haru smiled and said, "There has always been one or two people in this life who can keep doing what they love without complaining no matter how heavy it is and big smile on their face, right?"

"Hmm..." Nezu nodded, but then smiled when Haru made him remember the person, who had always wanted to become a hero even though that guy was wounded. And at the same time, he felt that there were a lot of loopholes in the education of his school. He looked at Haru and thought that this guy could become a super teacher at any school. He wasn't sure, but he had a feeling that this guy would be able to do something big in today's society. Looking at Haru once again, he took a deep breath and said, "Bruno, I will hire you as a teacher. He looked at Haru and asked, "So what kind of subject do you want to teach those students?"

"Hmm...." Haru thought for a while and wondered what kind of subject that he should teach. 'Counselors are good..' Though, he felt that it was a bit troublesome to manage the problem of children in puberty. He thought for a while and said, "Biology."

"Biology? Not a counselor?" Nezu was a bit surprised.

Haru nodded and said, "There are a lot of things which can be learned from biology, though, it is better for me to teach the new students since the students in 2nd or 3rd year might not accept my lesson."

Even if he bullshitted from the beginning to the end and told Nezu that it was necessary to learn management or something, but in conclusion what those students needed was to become stronger since without power it was simply impossible for them to do their justice and help people. Being strong also could help them to save themselves from danger for the other things, he should let other teachers do it since he wasn't going to spend all of his years in this world.

His intention to become a biology teacher was to test whether his theory was working and whether all of those students could become stronger by hearing his theory.

"Hmm... so you want a guinea pig?" Nezu asked with a smirk.

"Is that not okay?" Haru didn't deny it.

"Why not? As long as we can educate those students into being the best heroes then everything is possible."

"Thank you very much...." Haru nodded and said, "I know that it is a bit presumptuous but I might not spend all of my days as a teacher since I also need to do my job as a pro hero." He thought that it was too wasteful to spend all of his time as a teacher and he didn't want to stop his activity as a hero. He knew that his request was a bit unbelievable since he was in front of his employer, but who cares? There's nothing wrong with asking anyway.

Nezu nodded and said, "It's alright, I believe in you." He walked toward Haru and gave his hand to him. "I'm waiting to see you at school."

"Thank you very much."

Haru smiled and shook Nezu's hand. He thought that his bullshitting skill was working, even on the smartest animal in this world.

"Right, can I ask you a question?" Nezu asked.


"I've smelled something delicious from your fridge, what is inside your fridge?" Nezu looked at the fridge with an expression full of desire.

Haru didn't think too much and opened his fridge. "There's cheese inside."


Nezu started to salivate looking at the cheese inside Haru's fridge.

"Do you want some, Mr. Nezu?" Haru asked.

"I, is that alright?" Nezu asked.

Haru smiled and said, "Why not? It's more enjoyable to eat it with wine. Why don't we enjoy our meeting here?"



Nezu knew that it was his working time, but he couldn't help it. His ancestor was Jerry Mouse after all.

Though, Haru and Tsunade sighed in relief secretly since they thought Nezu was smelling something different in their room.