Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1086

Volume 1 Chapter 1086 Being A Hero Is Pretty Good

Haru was looking at Tsunade who helped him tie his tie inside his office.

Tsunade squinted her eyes since tying a tie was harder than she had thought, but she was naturally gifted and a minute later she had learned how to tie a tie. She sighed and patted Haru's chest.


Haru looked at a number of ties which were disembered on the ground, but he didn't say anything. He took his black striped suit and mask to hide his identity.

"You're going to school soon, right?" Tsunade asked.

"Yeah." Haru nodded and said, "I'll recommend it to you later."

"As I said before, I don't have that much interest in joining that school."

Tsunade snorted, but in truth she felt a bit lonely when he would leave her. She thought for a while and wondered whether she should go to mahjong or pachinko parlor which was owned by Haru to wait for him to go home.

After coming to this world, Haru bought both mahjong and pachinko parlors or else, his wife might be betting on their hospital sooner or later.

Haru also knew that he needed someone who could accompany Tsunade all the time, but it was difficult to search for such a person. He decided not to overthink, kissed her forehead and grabbed her butt forcefully.

"You...?!" Tsunade blushed and felt that this guy was a bastard.

"Wait for me, I'll mess you up later when I've gone back."

Hearing his deep voice, Tsunade blushed and couldn't remember how many times they had done the deeds. However, she wasn't ready to have children and had always used contraception justu to stop her from getting pregnant.

A few days ago, Tsunade had tried to get Haru's tadpoles and didn't expect that it was very aggressive. If she let them enter her w.o.m.b then she would definitely get pregnant.

Though, Tsunade didn't really need to worry since Haru also had contraception ability so he wouldn't make his girls pregnant.

Tsunade moved closer and sniffed his body for the last time before nodded. "Hmm..." She thought that she had become younger, well, her body really became younger since Haru had turned her body back in her 30's.

Haru also sniffed Tsunade's hair and his anaconda couldn't calm down. "Tsunade..."

Tsunade could feel something stiff on her stomach and knew what this guy was thinking. "No! No! You're going to be late!"

"It's alright. I can tell them that there's a villain along the way. Just two, no, one hour!"

"Do you want to get fired from your job?!" Tsunade roared, but then her body was honest.

Caressing her butts, Haru moved her hand on Tsunade's place and could feel that the place was very wet. "Well, well, your body is more honest than your mouth." He took the liquid and licked it on his tongue. "Hmm.. Delicious."

His actions caused Tsunade to shudder. Her body was being pressed on the sofa and her hole was waiting for him. "Hurry up! Otherwise you'll be really late --- Mmnh!" She quickly used her contraception jutsu, but he entered so suddenly. Her face was reddened and she glared at him. "Y, you...!" She bit her lips trying to hold her m.o.a.ns. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sis-con-with-dimensional-chat-group_13659672406768405/being-a-hero-is-pretty-good_47425999628991891 for visiting.

Haru moved his waist in rhythm while smiling since he really loved to tease her. He moved closer and whispered, "I love this side of you."

"You....?!" Tsunade had a hard time calming herself, even though they had done this act several times, but it had always felt very good.

Both of them were having a fierce fight on the sofa, but suddenly...

*Ring!* *Ring!* *Ring!*

"H, Haru... stop... T, there's a telephone!" Tsunade tried to stop him, but even so, her legs had never left him.

Haru rolled his eyes, but then he thought of something interesting. He looked at Tsunade and said, "I'll take the call, be quiet, alright?"

"What?!" Tsunade was startled and wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

"What's wrong?" Haru's voice was calm even though he kept pounding Tsunade mercilessly. He had a smirk on his face and made a gesture for her to be quiet.

'T, this guy...?!' Tsunade bit her lips, but Haru kept attacking her weak spot. Even though she tried to hold her voice, her heavy breath was quite loud.

The receptionist was about to tell him something important, but she heard a strange noise. "Boss, what's with that noise?"

"Oh, my wife is working out." Haru looked at Tsunade with a smile and said, "She feels that her body is slightly fat lately."

"You...?! Mnhm...!" Tsunade wanted to complain, but the pleasure kept hitting her body which made it hard to stop her m.o.a.ns!

"Shh..." Haru told her to be quiet again.

Tsunade glared and wanted to have revenge on him later. Though, at the same time, it felt really good.

"...Really?" The receptionist felt doubtful.

"So what's wrong? Why did you suddenly call me?" Haru changed the topic of conversation since he knew that his beautiful receptionist wanted to tell him something.

Haru's patrol schedule was only 3 hours a day and after that his job was over. He might work more if there was a danger which couldn't be handled by other heroes in the city.

It wasn't that he was lazy, but he was alone after all and there were a lot of heroes in this city. If he saved all of the people in this city then those unpopular heroes would lose their job sooner or later because of him.

It was also the reason why there were a lot of heroes who applied to become his sidekicks, but he rejected all of them without hesitation since he didn't need them.

It might seem strange, but his schedule might be similar to a famous doctor in the hospital, the famous doctor only worked for few hours at the clinic and mostly did an operation by reservation.

Haru was the same, he would do a patrol for a few hours before spending his time with his wife since he knew that she was a bit lonely when he left her for a job, but if there was something critical such as a large incident, a strong villain, etc; then he would come if there weren't any heroes in the area who could stop it. If someone could manage them then he wouldn't come.

Haru's quest was pretty simple and he did almost all of them, though, he hadn't found "Hero Killer", "All-For-One", and "Nomu".

That's why he didn't work too hard since he knew that it was quite impossible to find them until the plot started and Haru had been accepted as a teacher at U.A. High School, which was also the reason why he decreased his working time.

"Boss! There's a bank robbery in the 13th area! The police have informed me to tell you to come to that place as soon as possible!" The receptionist only remembered about this matter and hurriedly told him what had happened.

"Out or in?"

"What?" The receptionist lady was confused.

"Nothing, I'll come as soon as possible." Haru hung the phone and let out his white liquid inside Tsunade since she had told him so.


Tsunade let out all of the thing which had been suppressed and reached an orgasm. She arched her back and her face was full of sweat which made her even more beautiful. She was tired and didn't want to move for a while. Her forehead was kissed which made her smile.

"Ha... Ha... Ha..."

Tsuande breathed very heavily and felt very sleepy at that moment.

"I'll work first."

"Go first, I'll play at panchinko parlor after this."


Haru felt a bit speechless, but he advised. "Alright, don't forget to take a bath since there might be someone with a Quirk that makes them have a very keen sense of smell."

Tsunade blushed, but nodded. Though, she decided to take a nap first since she was very tired. She understood that it was simply impossible to fight this beast alone in a duel and she might need a help, but not in this world since in this world, she wanted him to be her alone.

Haru stood up and cleaned his anaconda before closing the zipper on his pants.


Haru felt a bit refreshed and ready for work, but before that. He took his phone and it was connected to someone.

"Oh, Bruno, what's wrong?"

"Mr. Nezu, I'll be late. I need to stop villains....."

Haru thought that being a hero was pretty good.