Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1087

Volume 1 Chapter 1087 Trio Thives 1

"Alright, be careful. You don't need to be in hurry." Nezu smiled before he hung up the phone. He put down his phone and walked to the teacher's office. "Everyone, the new teacher is going to be a bit late since there is a villain when he is about to go to our school."

Everyone nodded when they heard Nezu's words, before they were teachers, they were heroes. If there was a villain or someone being troubled then they would do their best to help first before they went to the school.

"Principal, who is the new teacher?" Present Mic asked.

"Well, he's a very popular hero." Nezu smiled and said, "You'll be surprised when you see him later."

"Is it All Might?"

Everyone thought that it would be All Might since All Might was the most popular hero.

"Hehehe..." Nezu chuckled and said, "I'll tell you later when he has arrived."

The teachers became curious and they were wondering whether it was really All Might, who would be their new colleagues since half of them were All Might's fans.

Present Mic moved closer to the teacher beside him and asked, "Aizawa, who do you think the new teacher is? Is it All Might?"

Aizawa opened his laptop while browsing about something.

"What are you doing?" Present Mic asked.

"I'm looking for information about the villain which appears on the town."

"Oh! I want to see it! I want to see it!"

"Don't shout right beside my ears!"

Then Aizawa and Present Mic started to bicker with each other while wondering who was the new teacher.


"Hahaha, come on, Hero! Stop us!"

"How useless! Kakakaka!"

"Hey, if you have time to laugh then help me to put the money inside the car!"

In front of the three figures, no one could do anything. Just by the three of them, they had defeated a number of police and heroes who came to stop them.

"Mayday! Mayday! Hero, please come as soon as possible! The Volcano Thieves are here!"

Volcano Thieves.

It was one of the most famous thives groups in the country, they were famous for their strong members. Their members were Gust Boy, Konako Haizono, and Maguma Iwata. Even though there were only three of them, they had caused a lot of damage to various banks, stores, and a lot of places. Besides robbing and stealing, they had also destroyed a lot of public facilities because of their actions.

When the three thieves were stealing the money from the bank, there were a lot of police and heroes who kept coming to stop them, but they were easily defeated.

Maguma, Kanako, and Gutsy were very strong, even though they didn't use their Quirk, they could easily defeat the group of heroes and police.

"Kakaka! How weak! How weak!" Gutsy slashed his knife to defeat his opponents.

"Hmph! You can't even enter my eyes." Kanako slammed her club and made a lot of people pass out directly.

Maguma, who was the leader of the Volcano Thieves, was looking at them with disdain. "Is this a hero?! You're all too weak!"


The heroes and the police, who had been defeated, were gritting their teeth because of how helpless they were in front of them. Their situation turned into despair, the longer it became, and they hoped for a stronger hero to come.

"How boring, we should go now."

"Oh? Am I late for the party?"

Maguma, Kanako, and Gutsy turned their attention toward one direction and saw a man who was walking calmly. They raised their eyebrows since they knew this hero very well.


"Bruno has arrived!"

"We've been saved!"

When the situation turned dire, they saw their hope once again.

Looking at how easily everyone was defeated, Haru sighed and wondered whether those heroes were this weak. In his opinion, besides All Might, all heroes in this country were very weak. They were lucky that the villains were also weak or else they might lose their lives in this dangerous job.

"Kakaka!" Gutsy looked at Bruno arrogantly and said, "Do you think that you can stop us? Don't' dream bastard?!"

Looking at Gutsy, Bruno sighed since he knew that Gutsy might have had a bad childhood since Gutsy's appearance was similar to a duck, especially his mouth. Even though society had told everyone not to discriminate against someone who had a Quirk which made the appearance of someone become weird, the world didn't work that way and a lot of people kept discriminating against them. Even though it wasn't as serious in the past, it kept happening and there was even a cult who would blatantly discriminate against them.

Gutsy hated this handsome guy and used his Quirk directly. He raised his fingers which had a shape similar to fan blades before he rotated his wrists. "Kakaka, my Quirk is a Fan! I can produce a strong wind to attack someone! Now, be destroyed!" His wrist rotated very fast before it produced a strong wind, no, a tornado which wrecked everything apart. It was what was in his imagination, but suddenly he saw Haru's hand extended before it grabbed his clothes pulling him toward Haru.


Gutsy didn't have a chance to ask what had happened and he was punched right in the face!


Gutsy was hit and hit to the ground below, causing the ground to crack like a spider web.


Gutsy's mouth was almost bent and he showed his white eyes. He passed out directly after being punched by Haru.

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Everyone opened their mouths wide and didn't believe what had happened. Gutsy, who had caused a lot of trouble for the heroes, passed out directly after one punch from Haru. It was so easy that a lot of people couldn't comprehend what had happened.

Haru looked at Maguma and Konako and asked, "Is this all? How boring."

"Gutsy!" Konako was startled and glared at Haru. "How dare you!"

"Hahaha, interesting. Let's see whether you can keep that big mouth of yours after you can take our attack." Maguma laughed before his body started to brighten to a red color.

"I'll give you hell!" Konako started to use her Quirk.

Haru looked at Konako and saw her start to release an ash-like substance from her body. He scratched his head and wondered why this woman didn't run away after she had seen his attack. He felt that it was a waste of time to wait for this woman to surround the area with this ash-like substance. He smiled and used one of his techniques.

Magumi would attack Haru when this area was covered in ash which was released by Konako since he knew very well that Haru was very strong. Even though he was a thief, he wasn't stupid or else Konako and Gutsy wouldn't follow him. It was better to be safe rather than sorry, but suddenly....

"Cough! Cough! Konako, what are you doing?!" Maguma was furious when Konako sent her ashes toward him.

"I, it's not me! N, no, it's me, but I can't control my body!" Konako was scared since she couldn't control her body, especially when she kept attacking Maguma with her ashes.

Maguma felt it was very hard to breathe and his eyes turned red because of the ash-like substance, but suddenly his face was slammed.


Maguma staggered and looked angrily at Konako.


"Maguma, believe me! It's not me!"

Konako was crying and didn't know what had happened to her, but suddenly she jumped back when Maguma launched a punch at herself before running back toward the person who had been controlling her body.

"Cough! Cough! It's you!" Maguma's eyes were red and staring at the person who had caused his ally to attack him.

"Bastard!" Konako also roared since her body had been played by this man.

Haru only shook his head and moved his hands controlling this woman thief. Though, at the same time, it was quite fun to see this scene.