Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1088

Volume 1 Chapter 1088 Trio Thives 2

In the past year, Haru didn't spend all of his time flirting with girls, but also trained and developed his ability on the "Training Ground" within the Group Chat. He had an application which made him able to enter that "Training Ground" without paying so it was wasteful to not use it.

Haru had gotten various abilities from rewards which he had received after he completed his quest on the group chat and of course, he needed to train it or else, he couldn't use his ability efficiently during the battle.

Out of all of his abilities, Haru didn't forget to train his oldest ability which was "Sticky Fingers".

It might seem unfair, but his favorite ability was "Sticky Fingers" since it was a pretty simple ability. With this ability, he could generate and manipulate zippers. The most basic use of this ability was to create a zipper on anything which he had touched, but then he kept developing this ability and this ability had become more interesting.

Let's answer the question, how can he control the body of Konako?

The answer is simple, he is using the power of "Sticky Fingers" to control Konako's body.

His inspiration was Doflamingo who had eaten an "Ito Ito no Mi" which made Doflamingo able to generate and manipulate a thread. He felt that zippers and threads were similar. He could generate zippers and of course, he could control how big the size of the zipper was which he wanted to generate. He then attached the zipper targets' spine at the base of the neck and manipulated their movements like marionettes.

The controlled target could still control their head, but everything below the neck was manipulated by Haru.

It was the same thing which happened to Kanako.

"You bastard!! I'll slam you with my club!"

Kanako kept screaming, but she couldn't control her body. She kept walking toward Haru even though she wanted to stop. Even though she was screaming, inwardly, she was scared since Haru was stronger than she had thought and she knew that her body was being controlled by him!

Kanako was right in front of him and saw him wanting to do something. Then her face turned red when his hand was about to reach her chest. Her voice became shy, and showed an unwilling expression and blush on her face.


Kanako's voice was a bit seductive, but when she thought that Haru was about to touch her chest, she felt that her lips were being touched.

"You're beautiful, but you should shut your mouth for a bit."


Kanako wanted to say something, but a shout made her startled.

"You bastard!!!"

Maguma, who was being entangled by dust, had escaped from that dust and he was furious. He had a hard time breathing, but it didn't stop him from taking his revenge.

Quirk would affect the personality of someone, and Maguma's personality was also being affected by his Quirk.

Maguma's Quirk is "Eruption" which allows him to produce an incredibly hot lava-like substance from his body by burning his fat cells. Because of this Quirk, he was easily angered and when Kanako attacked him, he didn't think too much and thought that this woman had betrayed him.

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Maguma raised his palm and sent out a lava-like substance to Haru's direction ignoring Kanako, who was right beside Haru.

"Maguma, what are you doing!?" Kanako panicked when that lava-like substance was being shot in her direction. She could feel the hot temperature was about to hit her which made her scared, but her waist was being hugged and she felt and at the same time, she was able to escape from Maguma's attack.

Maguma had lost control and he kept shooting lava-like substances into the surrounding areas.

"Hide behind a car or building! If you don't want to be hurt." Haru's voice could be heard by everyone and it woke them up.

Everyone hurriedly hid to avoid Maguma's attack since it wouldn't be a joke if they were hit by a lava-like substance.

Maguma lost control and caused a lot of chaos in this place. The lava-like substance which was shot by him had a very hot temperature and it caused some buildings to be ablazed by his attack. However, he didn't feel satisfied and decided to use his strongest technique. With his hand full of lava-like substances, he hit the ground with his right hand.


"This...?!" Kanako, who was in Haru's arms, was startled when she saw Maguma's action.

"What's wrong?" Haru asked.

"You need to stop him or else, we might die from his attack!" Kanako was Maguma's partner, but it didn't mean that she wanted to die from Maguma's attack.

But it seemed that it was too late, Maguma picked the concrete street which was cracked by his punch then concentrated a large amount of lava on piece of huge concrete street before he threw it out to several directions.


The building was in ruin and it was set ablazed by Maguma.


Maguma had lost control and kept attacking.

The civilians who were caught by Maguma's attack were screaming in panic and some of them were wounded.

Maguma didn't care, but he didn't realize what had happened before was only happening to his imagination.

When Maguma was about to use his strongest technique, his body was pulled by something and before he reacted, his chin was being slammed by a knee.


The force behind the pull added more damage to the knee attack, Maguma coughed up blood and he almost lost consciousness, but in that moment, he wanted to blast the person who had attacked him. His palm turned red and he was ready to shoot out his lava-like substance, but before that happened, both of his hands were touched and a zipper appeared on both of his arms and caused his arms to be parted from his body.


Maguma's face was bloody and stared at the man in front of him hatefully.

"Good night."

Haru slammed Maguma's face on the ground and caused the ground to crack.



Everyone, who was hiding, looked up and saw Maguma, who had caused trouble and even almost burnt this place to chinder by his Quirk had lost against Haru. They couldn't hide the excitement on their faces and came out from their hiding places.



"Thank you for saving us!"

They knew that the situation was saved and they were grateful to Haru.

Haru looked at the time and said, "I know that I need to report this, but can you help me to handle the report, Mr. Police? I've got something urgent to do."

"No problem, leave everything to us, Bruno."

"Thank you. I'll handle the report after I've returned to my office. Then I'll have to go first." Haru left while bringing someone along with him.

The group of police nodded and smiled while looking at Haru's back. "Hurry up and catch them!" He was annoyed by this group of thieves, but suddenly his subordinates told him that they had missed one person.




Kanako was startled and looked at Haru, who was sitting on the driver seat beside her inside the car. She was being caught, and thought that she would enter a jail, but she didn't expect him to bring her to his car silently. Looking at him, who was driving a car, she was wondering what this guy wanted to do with her. She couldn't understand her situation and wondered whether this hero was attracted to her beauty.

'Well, I will give him a chance if he wants to...'

Kanako was quite narcissistic at that moment.