Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 1089

Volume 1 Chapter 1089 New Teacher 1


Kanako knew that she couldn't escape, especially from a hero who was able to defeat two of her partners easily and because of that she didn't try to do anything, especially when he could control her body. She wasn't sure where he would bring her, but she could only accept her fate. However, she didn't expect him to bring her to this place.

The most prestigious high school to nurture a hero: U.A. High School.

"Why did you bring me here!?"

Even Kanako was dumbfounded and startled, but suddenly something was thrown at her face so suddenly. She was furious and complained, "What the hell, are you doing?!"

"Get n.a.k.e.d."


Kanako was dumbfounded but then blushed. "You pervert!?" She didn't expect that a hero could be this perverted. She hurriedly covered her chest with the things which were being thrown at her, but she knew that she was a lamb which could be eaten by this bad wolf anytime, and when that happened, she was wondering whether she should just accept her fate or fight back to show her resistance. Looking at his appearance, she felt that it wasn't that bad an idea to be attacked, however, she hurriedly shook her head.

'You can't!!!'

"I was wrong. I mean change your clothes."


Kanako realized that Haru had thrown her a white female shirt, gray pencil skirt, and a silver wolf mask which had a similar design to Haru's mask. "What is this?"

"It's clothes." Haru looked at Kanako and said, "Hurry up and change your clothes."

"Why do I have to change my clothes?!"

"If you keep wearing your costume then someone might notice that you're a villain."

"....This?!" Kanako looked at Haru with a dumbfounded expression and asked, "You're not going to catch me?"

"I'm not, but you need to follow me, alright?"

Kanako looked at Haru and wondered whether she should enter a jail or follow him. She knew that she only had two options. She sighed and said, "I'll change my clothes, but you need to get out of your car."

"Why?" Haru asked.

Kanako blushed and complained. "I'm going to change!"

"You're only wearing panties and a bra after all, what are you embarrassed about?" Haru was speechless.

Kanako wore light purple panties and a low-cut black sports bra. Even if she decided to change her clothes, Haru didn't think that there should be something to be embarrassed about since she had been wearing an undergarment in public after all.

"Get out first!" Kanako shouted.

"No, you might run away after all. I'll stay here and watch over you. If you feel uncomfortable then I will close my eyes."

Looking at Haru's serious expression, even though he wore a mask, Kanako knew that she couldn't bargain anymore. She gritted her teeth and said, "Don't peek!"

"I won't," Haru said simply. Even if Kanako was beautiful, he had seen a lot of more beautiful women in his life after all.

Kanako sighed, but then she looked at Haru, who closed his eyes. She felt a bit tired, and looked at the clothes on her hand before made up her mind. She hurriedly changed her clothes, but then she heard his voice.

"Right, do you need help?"



All teachers in the teacher offices of the U.A. High School continued with their job as usual, but there was one thing which had been bothering them.

The new teacher hasn't arrived!

Even though they knew from Nezu that the new teacher was a bit late, they didn't expect to be this late. It was already afternoon and the new teacher hadn't come.

"That guy... does he have an intention to become a teacher here?" Midnight complained. She was one of the teachers in this school and she couldn't help but complain.

"Calm down, didn't you remember that the new teacher encountered a villain? The villain might be very strong that the new teacher needs a lot of time to deal with the villain." Present Mic thought that there must be a reason why the new teacher was late.

"I wonder who the new teacher is? I hope that he's a handsome guy..." Midnight started to imagine herself married to a handsome guy. She was already in her 30's, but she hadn't found someone who could take her into a marriage.

"You haven't given up your goal to marry?" Aizawa looked at Midnight with a lifeless expression.

"What do you mean by that, Aizawa?! Are you telling me that it is impossible for me to marry someone? I'll kill you bastard?!" Midnight grabbed Aizawa's collar and shook it furiously.

"Calm down! Calm down! Don't fight!" Present Mic tried to stop Midnight.

Aizawa's face became even more lifeless and he was wondering why he started to provoke this crazy woman.

The three of them had known each other since high school and their relationship was very close to each other.

Midnight snorted and folded her arms. From her expression alone, everyone could tell that this woman was very furious.

"You should apologize." Present Mic whispered to Aizawa.

Aizawa sighed and felt tired. He felt that woman was very troublesome and it might be reason why he didn't have any relationship with the opposite gender until now and he wouldn't change his opinion soon.


Hearing Aizawa's apology, Midnight felt better, but she couldn't hide the worry in her heart. She was in her 30's, but no one was going to take her to marry. She was wondering whether she would be alone in the future. She wanted to marry a handsome and young guy, but around her, there were only both Present Mic and Aizawa.

Staring at Present Mic and Aizawa, Midnight let out a long sigh.


Aizawa and Present Mic weren't sure, but they felt that they were being insulted by Midnight. However, they didn't say anything since they didn't want anything troublesome to happen to themselves again.

Present Mic felt uncomfortable by this silence and said, "Well, how about we play a game?"

"Game?" 2x

"Yeah, let's guess who the new teacher is!" Present Mic smiled and said, "The new teacher hasn't come and we don't know about his/her identity so isn't it fun to guess his/her identity?" Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/sis-con-with-dimensional-chat-group_13659672406768405/new-teacher-1_47444303722634521 for visiting.

Midnight smiled and said, "Interesting! Let's do that! But let's add a bet! The loser needs to pay for tonight's drink!"

"Oh! I agree!" Present Mic agreed without hesitation.

"So Aizawa, who do you think is the new teacher?"

"....." Aizawa was speechless and said, "I haven't agreed to join your game."

"Don't be such a loner, hurry up and tell us your answer!" Midnight stared at Aizawa and it seemed that she would make him join this game no matter what.

Aizawa sighed and said, "Gang Orca."


"Really!?" 2x

Present Mic and Midnight were startled.

"It is just my guess." Aizawa felt a bit sleepy, but he was also curious about who the new teacher was.

"Hmm... I think it should be Selkie since we need to train the students on the water battle." Present Mic was smarter than his appearance.

Hearing the answer of Aizawa and Present Mic, Midnight twitched her lips and wondered whether both of them deliberately told her to give up to marry the new teacher since two heroes that were mentioned by the two of them had an appearance similar to an animal.

"So what about you?" Aizawa asked and didn't care about Midnight's remark.

Midnight smiled and said, "Of course, it is Bruno!" She didn't know much about Bruno, but she had seen him often appear in the newspaper. Even though she hadn't seen his face, from his contour, she could tell that he was a very handsome guy.


Aizawa and Present Mic rolled their eyes and sighed when they thought how eager this woman was to marry someone.

"Ugh... I really hope that it is him..." Midnight hoped that it was Bruno, but she also knew that possibility was a bit low, especially when Bruno's career was going upward and soon, he might even overtake the popularity of the second rank hero, Endeavour and she didn't think that he would apply as a teacher.

Then suddenly the door was knocked on and everyone's attention was gathered in the direction of that noise. They saw Nezu along with one of the most popular heroes who appeared recently. When this man appeared, everyone took a deep breath since his aura took away their breath.

"Everyone, I'll introduce you to our new colleague in this school."

Nezumi smiled and said, "His name is Bruno and he's going to be a new teacher at our school."

"Hello, everyone, nice to meet you."

Haru smiled while looking at everyone, but he noticed that someone had been staring at him with a very gaze full of eagerness. He turned and saw a woman with very skimpy clothes and for a moment, he wasn't sure what to say.